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Honey massage for weight loss of a stomach: how to do, a photo, video

Each girl dreams to have a slender waist, smooth and elastic skin and the tightened muscles. Usually in time or after weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth the stomach looks not in the best way. Even, if under flabby skin the rolled and strong muscles of a press disappear - appearance all the same remains unsatisfactory. Therefore skin needs food, tightening, strengthening and to restoration of the former elasticity.

Honey massage for weight loss of a stomach: how to do, a photo, videoTo tighten and relieve from superfluous hypodermic fatty deposits will help - honey massage for weight loss of a stomach. Of course, it needs to be done in a complex with other means - exercises, healthy nutrition, a contrast shower and it is regular, especially at first.

Honey massage of a stomach has the expressed tightening effect. Vitamins, enzymes and a set of other active agents which natural bee honey contains possess effective properties for acquisition of beautiful and elastic skin.

After procedures of honey massage for weight loss of a stomach there are surprising changes:

  • The fatigue leaves and immunity becomes stronger, the organism comes to a tone
  • Digestion is normalized
  • Significantly flabbiness of skin decreases
  • Figure contours improve
  • Extensions on skin turn pale
  • Symptoms of cellulitis disappear
  • Leaves excess hypodermic and fatty deposits and hypostases
  • Blood circulation and lymph flow improves
  • Skin becomes elastic, tightened, smooth and gentle

What contraindications can be for honey massage of a stomach:

  • Allergy to honey and products of beekeeping
  • Rashes and damages on skin
  • Oncological diseases, violation of work of a thyroid gland

Honey massage for weight loss of a stomach: how to do, a photo, video

How to do honey massage for weight loss of a stomach

Of course, such massage can be done not only on a stomach, but also on other problem parts of a body: buttocks, hips and even chin.

  1. Before procedure skin is cleared of all pollution: it is possible to take a shower or to clear skin by means of a napkin and lotion, it is also possible to use a srub.
  2. Honey massage for weight loss of a stomach: how to do, a photo, videoNow it is necessary to take a tablespoon of liquid honey - this quantity quite will be enough for one session of honey massage. If honey zakristallizovatsya it it is necessary to kindle to a liquid state on a water bath or in a microwave (15-25 seconds). It is possible to add essential oils which will only strengthen action to honey: include in mix of 5 drops of essential oil of a lemon (it is possible to use orange, rosemary, mandarinovy, oil of a peppermint, a lavender).
  3. Evenly to apply warm honey on all surface of a stomach, taking sides and to leave for some minutes. During this time the part of honey will be absorbed in skin.
  4. Now it is necessary accurately to start warming up skin quiet movements: around (clockwise) and to a zigzag within 1-2 minutes. So we prepare skin for stronger further influence.
  5. Further massage of a stomach honey becomes thus: the palm is completely pasted to a surface to skin and the sharp movement rises up. For sensitive skin and the first session it is possible to paste at first small pillows of fingers and to tear off from skin the smooth movement up. Such movements can be painful and to leave small sinyachka therefore the first session of honey massage it is necessary to spend no more than 5-6 minutes. Then skin adapts, to become more elastic and easier transfers massage.
  6. In the course of massage honey changes the consistence and color, becomes more viscous and gray, the part of honey is absorbed in skin. The honey remains after procedure need to be washed away warm water and to apply the moisturizing cream. Skin some time will remain red is a good sign of that honey massage works and renders the medical and correcting a figure effect.

Video how to do honey massage:

How it is often necessary to do honey massage of a stomach?

Sessions need to be carried out every other day, all the quantity of sessions has to be not less than 15. I.e. the whole month every other day it is necessary to carry out such procedure that it yielded notable noticeable result. The first week can be done honey massage every day.

It is obligatory to combine with physical exercises, healthy nutrition, a contrast shower. But, after the first session positive changes are well noticeable. For prevention and maintenance of result honey massage for weight loss of a stomach can be done 1-2 times a month.

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