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How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other means

The women striving for appeal and ukhozhennost are ready to feel pain and somehow to facilitate procedure of removal of undesirable hair special anesthetics to the aid come. So than to anesthetize skin before an epilation?

Similar means of anesthesia exists much, each of them has the features. We will tell you about the main methods of anesthesia at an epilation, and you will be able to pick up the most optimum option.

It is important to know: The "epilation" and "depilation" procedures cardinally differ from each other. Depilation procedure which actions are directed on removals of the hair. During an epilation there is a removal of a hair together with a bulb.

How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other means

Lidocaine for an epilation

This anesthetizing freely is on sale in drugstores. It is applied often by dentists. And here for removal of hair, it is applied in the following cases:

  • laser epilation;
  • photoepilation;
  • wax epilation;
  • phytoepilation;
  • electroepilation;

Lidocaine which can be used for painless carrying out procedure of depilation and an epilation, happens several types:

  • Spray;
  • Cream;
  • Injections;

Most often for anesthesia before an epilation use local anesthesia, for example, of cream or sprays. The main component of these preparations is lidocaine. In general lidocaine is used in medical practice long ago, and as local anesthesia, and at introduction of injections. Lidocaine can be got freely in any drugstore. The main advantage of lidocaine is simplicity in use and locality of action. Let's consider in more detail forms of production of lidocaine, each of which has the pluses and minuses.

Lidocaine before an epilation in the form of spray

The anesthetizing spray for an epilation with lidocaineHow to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other means the most convenient way of anesthesia in house conditions. It isn't necessary to do injections with lidocaine to you and in principle it isn't recommended to be done. Only the expert having certain skills can do injections. Lidocaine can be got spray for an epilation in a drugstore. If spray isn't present, it is possible to buy ampoules and to pour them in capacity with a spray.

Anesthesia by lidocaine in the form of spray is applied in armpits, feet and hands.

Lidocaine at an epilation of bikini is also widely used. It isn't recommended to apply spray on a face as the probability to get to eyes and to airways is great.

Action of a preparation begins some hours later. Before dispersion of lidocaine on the processed site, carefully steam out skin, and then dry wipe it. After putting spray on the processed sites cover skin with food wrap and leave for 10 - 15 minutes. You will feel cold on skin. Now it is safely possible to start procedure of an epilation. Morbidity of procedure considerably will decrease.

Cream with lidocaine

The anesthetizing cream with lidocaine can absolutely apply on all sites of skin, including on a face.

Cream doesn't concede in efficiency to spray in any way, but at How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other meansthe price he is dearer. Cream in difference from spray won't spread up to skin and not to cause any problems when drawing. Besides this means economic, is enough to apply cream with a thin layer on skin. Anesthesia cream at an epilation, as well as spray quickly dry therefore for bigger efficiency it is necessary to use the bandage holding moisture. Such bandage among doctors is called okklyuzionny, and it doesn't allow cream and spray to evaporate quickly, blocking contact of a preparation with air. The simplest type of an okklyuzionny bandage — is a polyethylene film. Cream starts working only some hours later.

Lidocaine injections

As we already told, injections of lidocaine aren't recommended to be used in house conditions and in the absence of certain skills.

Nevertheless this type of anesthesia is applied quite often. How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other meansDo injections by means of an insulin syringe with very thin needle. The drug is injected under skin on depth to 2 mm, at distance of 3 cm from each other. Initially on a site to skin small hillocks which pass over time are formed. The main plus of an injection method is speed of influence in comparison with cream and spray. But you shouldn't exceed an admissible dose, and to carry out injections better under supervision of other person. Also it isn't recommended to carry out a lidocaine injection on a mucous membrane of small vulvar lips. This procedure quite unpleasant, but a choice always remains for you.

The main advantages of preparations of lidocaine is efficiency of anesthesia and simplicity of application. But, as well as any medicine at lidocaine has also shortcomings which are reduced to its contraindications. Not to do harm to health, before application study the list of contraindications:

  • And feeding use of lidocaine it isn't recommended to children, pregnant women.
  • Diseases of a liver and kidneys
  • Diseases of nervous system
  • The lowered pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Allergic reactions.

As you can see the list quite serious therefore it is worth treating lidocaine seriously and after careful consideration. Besides at lidocaine also big list of side effects, for example, migraine, vomiting, nausea and many other things. There is a preparation — prilokain which has no such pobochek list, its influence slower, but not less effective. Anyway if cause fears in you these preparations, consult with the doctor.

Other ways of anesthesia


Tablets is the idle time and economic option of anesthesia at an epilation. In a drugstore it is possible to get any anesthetizing preparations which kill pain and spasms. Here some of them: How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other means

  • Analginum
  • Pentalgin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Diclofenac
  • Andipal
  • Ketoprofen

* The price of these preparations varies from 1 to 7 USD for 20 tablets.

Take a pill for half an hour prior to procedure that the preparation started working.

Before reception of a preparation study recommendations, contraindications and side effects.

It is recommended to use preparations which were applied earlier, to the prevention of undesirable reaction. If you didn't accept the anesthetizing preparations earlier, it is necessary to consult with the doctor who will help to make a right choice. We won't hold back negative impact of tablets on internals. For this reason frequent reception of medicines can badly be reflected on health.

The use of aspirin before procedure since it dilutes blood is undesirable. And at injury of skin, blood will go more intensively.

Cream and ointment

Practically all of cream and the ointments intended forHow to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other means anesthesia at an epilation contain lidocaine in the structure. For example, Emla cream consists of lidocaine and a prilokain. This cream became popular among means for anesthesia at an epilation. Cream has no large number of side effects and can brag of longer term of influence. Anesthesia comes in an hour and about two hours last. But at Emla cream is nevertheless to steam of shortcomings.

  • First, it is the price.
  • Secondly, if you have an allergy to lidocaine, this cream will definitely not suit you.
  • And the third, at pregnancy isn't recommended to use this cream.

Further, proceeding from Internet responses, the preparation DeepNumb gets to a rating of the best anesthetics. This means is more often used at a bikini zone epilation as besides lidocaine contains also other active components. One more anesthetizing cream which was widely used is a LightDep cream. Most often use it in that case if there are allergic reactions to components of Emla cream or high sensitivity of skin.

The main operating component in Laytdep cream is – anestoderm.

It is the anesthetizing complex which enter:

  • lidocaine,
  • prilokain,
  • tetrakain,
  • эpinefrin.

LightDep cream has no contraindications, doesn't cause an allergy and irritation. Rules of carrying out anesthesia at all creams the absolutely identical. Application of an okklyuzionny bandage obligatory in order that cream was absorbed in deep layers of skin and the effect amplified. LightDep cream is issued in several forms: for the person (15 ml) and for a body (30 ml). As for cost, It should be noted here that Emla cream is many times more expensive than Laytdep cream.


Also as the anesthetizing ways use plasters. How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other meansPlasters are especially convenient for area of armpits as their action is limited to a small site. There is one rule of use of plasters: it isn't recommended to use more than 3 plasters. The most popular plaster is considered a plaster of Emla firm.

Application of special nozzles on an epilator

If you for removal of undesirable hair use the special How to anesthetize an epilation lidocaine and other meansdevice called by an epilator, besides the main ways of anesthesia pay attention to special nozzles which reduce pain. Treat such nozzles: the massage and cooling nozzles. The massage nozzle is some kind of distracting "maneuver". Massage forces down giving of painful signals and process of removal of hair becomes easier and more comfortable.

The cooling nozzle has a bit different principle of action, and it is based how many on reduction of pain, how many on prevention of emergence of irritation. The epilator with the cooling nozzle has some capacity in which pour water and put in the freezer before formation of ice. Such epilator carries out procedure not only less painfully, but also prevents emergence of irritation on the processed site.

It would be desirable to mention one nozzle on an epilator which has some thinned-out disks, thanking than for time less hairs are pulled out, therefore, and pain it is less. Only such epilator it is necessary to pass on a site several times.

The following video will tell you and about other ways of anesthesia of skin before an epilation, and also on the example of men, it is possible to be convinced as far as to women nevertheless it is heavy to us to bear burden of beauty, and the man even minutes can't suffer any of the procedures of an epilation offered them. We look! It will be interesting!

Councils and recommendations

We told you about the main methods of anesthesia of an epilation, and finally we want to make to you some useful recommendations which, of course, completely won't relieve you of pain, but will make procedure easier and comfortable:

  • Cycle. Very often women are excited by a question when it is better for epilation to carry out procedure. Many even don't suspect about existence of natural protection of an organism. For example, during periods the organism increases the level of a pain threshold to lower pain. If to take this feature in attention, better to carry out an epilation for the second or third day after the monthly. The sharpest pain arises during an ovulation and some days before the beginning of the monthly.
  • Time drain. Also it is worth selecting correctly time of day for procedure. Most often since morning skin is more susceptible and sharply reacts to pain. The most optimum is the afternoon. But, it is worth noticing that this moment strictly individual. Try to carry out on yourself procedure at different times of days and pick up for yourself "the" time.
  • Preparation. On the eve of alleged procedure carry out peeling of skin. It is possible to do it by means of a srub or a peeling. After peeling skin will become softer, and hairs are more pliable. Besides it will relieve you of the grown hairs.
  • Massage. Before an epilation carefully massage a skin site where will be procedure is carried out. Massage reduces pain.
  • Tablets. For half an hour to an epilation take the anesthetizing pill.
  • First time. If you the beginner, use at first an epilator at small speeds.
  • Before procedure. Before removal of hair skin needs to be steamed out carefully. After a rasparivaniye of a time extend and the epilator deletes undesirable vegetation more simply.

Important: Alcohol-containing solutions don't reduce pain but only complicate process. As when wiping by alcohol vessels are lent. Also you shouldn't use ice for anesthesia before an epilation. It promotes tension of muscles and narrowing of a time.

  • Leaving after. After an epilation skin too demands due leaving. For prevention of irritation, after removal of hair up to skin it is necessary to carry out cubes of ice and to apply the calming lotion.
  • Length of hair. Remember that it is easier to take away short hairs. Admissible length of 0,5 cm if your hairs are longer, use depilation procedure, that is the razor or special cream with a shovel.

And there is some useful information:

  • Take a shower or a hot bathtub just before procedure. The relaxed muscles are less sensitive, and hairs will be last upward that removed them.
  • Before an epilation skin has to be dry. After a shower, carefully wipe skin.
  • During the work as wax or an epilator surely pull skin, so excess hairs are removed more effectively.
  • If you can't carry out procedure of removal of hair independently, choose the expert with a wide experience of work. Morbidity of procedure will depend on clearness and coordination of work of the master.
  • Caffeine and alcohol before procedure you influence all women differently. Someone undergoes pain after the use of those better, and someone on the contrary, becomes very sensitive.
  • Sometimes the respiratory technique helps. So for example, pull out a hair at peak of a deep breath.
  • If you have a low pain threshold, you can use some ways of anesthesia. For example, to apply lidocaine or other anesthetic on skin, and for half an hour to take the anesthetizing medicines.

And what opinion doctor about it?! Let's watch the following video!

For modern women the epilation — is an integral part of personal care. Pain shouldn't frighten women and force down them from a way to perfection. Exactly the anesthetizing preparations were for this purpose created. As your task it is necessary to choose correctly what way of anesthesia suits you, proceeding from your specific features. You can combine methods, and you can use something one. The main thing that procedure of an epilation took place comfortably.

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