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How to braid a rim from hair, a photo and video

Braids don't hand over fashionable positions which year. How many different pleteniye, combinations of styles and various technician of weaving of braids. There are also difficult hairdresses subject only to the real master but also there are also very simple hairdresses with braids. They can be done themselves every day independently and that they simply become doesn't deprive a beauty hairdress.

Today we will braid a stylish braid round the head in two options. After reading of article you learn as to braid a rim from hair and you will be able easily to repeat and please yourself with a new and fashionable hairdress.

For creation of a hairdress it will be required:

  • Hairbrush
  • Invisible beings for hair
  • At will hairspray

It is possible to braid a rim from hair in the different ways - a usual unary braid, a double braid and on equipment of the French braid. If to spin on equipment of the French braid that is also some options. It is possible to take new locks from two parties, it is possible only in front or to spin the twisted French braid and then to fluff up it, having extended locks.

Step 1 For a start it is necessary to brush well hair that there were no small knots and it was possible to do an accurate plait easily. Then to separate a small lock over an ear, to divide into it on three parts and to start spinning a usual braid from three locks. It is necessary to braid it from all lock up to the end, the longer to turn out the braid, the better.

Step 2 it is necessary to throw a braid through the head Now as rim on other party and to fix a braid tip the invisible being. To cover with hair from lump and the remarkable hairdress - a braid rim from hair will turn out! It will be even more beautiful, if free hair to twist the curling iron or in a different way.

How to braid a rim from hair, a photo and video

It is possible to leave a hairdress in such option, and it is possible to braid an additional braid from the opposite side. I.e. it is necessary to separate one more lock behind an ear on the other hand, to braid a braid and also to throw it on other party, having strong fixed the invisible being. The place of an attachment of braids needs to be hidden under hair.

How to braid a rim from hair, a photo and video

Other option of creation of such darling and charming hairdress is weaving of the French braid. This way of weaving of a rim from hair will be more difficult and demanding training. But if you are already able to braid a cone from the French braid - the hairdress won't cause difficulties.

Separate a lock at a temple, divide into three parts, make cover, so, if you spun a usual braid. Further it is necessary to add a lock from the lump of hair to an extreme lock. Weaving needs to be continued on a head circle, interweaving into a braid new locks from free hair.

It is possible to watch video in more detail: how to braid a rim from hair the French braid

Apparently, difficulties any aren't present. The hairdress with a usual unary or double braid will be suitable for girls with long or average hair. If to do a rim of hair by the French braid - a hairdress it is possible to execute and on the truncated hair if to use a varnish or gel for laying. It will allow not to be scattered by locks, and strong to keep in a braid.

If you very much liked this hairdress, but for any reasons it is impossible to braid a rim from the hair. In that case it is possible to buy an elastic band braid for hair. It is necessary to choose it under color of the hair that it coincided on a shade and I looked naturally.

How to braid a rim from hair, a photo and video

How to braid a rim from hair, a photo and video