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How to choose a face powder: 5 main features. Types of powder

Powder has to be in a cosmetics bag of any girl. Correctly picked up, she will become the irreplaceable assistant to the hostess: hiding small and large shortcomings of face skin, neck and breast, leveling its color, texture, helping to correct quickly a make-up during the day. Today the site %hostof %will tell as correctly to choose a face powder.

We choose ideal a face powder

How to choose powder as skin

The first and key point at a choice of powder is the type of skin of future hostess. So, existence of fat skin dictates need of a choice of the matting cosmetics. It includes components which absorb moisture in the structure, hiding a greasy luster. Often the antibacterial substances resisting to skin inflammations are its part. If skin dry, it is important that on packing there was information on the moistening effect of cosmetic.

Powder as protection against the sun

Producers of cosmetics took care of girls and created powder with sun-protection effect. In the spring and in the summer a choice of such wonderful means – the reasonable decision. It isn't obligatory to choose high extent of protection if stay in the city is planned. Value to 15 units will be sufficient.

How to choose powder on tone

Having come to shop, surely use testers, having applied a small amount of various shades on a wrist or if it is possible, on the lower part of a cheek. Color has to merge with tone of skin. Color of future powder has to approach a tsvetotip. To owners of light skin, a hair and an eye will be ideally suited powder in pink and gentle beige tones. This color scale will naturally look. Very light tone, cold will make the person unhealthy. The same rule extends and on brunettes with light skin and eyes.

Brown-haired women and ryzhenky representatives of a warm tsvetotip have to stop the choice on powder with a gold or yellow shade.

How to choose powder on structure

At last, it is worth paying attention to composition of cosmetic. The ideal, in them shouldn't contain substances which can inflate from moisture (for example, rice flour). Presence of toxic substances is also not desirable. Before purchase it is very important to examine that the industry of cosmetics offers modern girls. 

So, what happens powder?

The friable

It is applied in an ideal only for a resistant make-up. It is popular among professional makeup artists. This type of powder, owing to the consistence, leaves a scope in a way of drawing (it is possible to gather any desirable quantity on a brush and to apply a layer of desirable density on skin). From minuses It should be noted rather volume size and obligatory existence of a brush that will technically complicate process of completion of a make-up during the day. At the same time it is the safest therefore it is good to use it for daily application.

The compact

In this case the name speaks for itself: such cosmetic is intended to accompany the hostess everywhere, helping out at the necessary moments. The small volume, a strong case, a mirror and a special sponge in a set – everything that is necessary, near at hand. However, in comparison with friable on ease of uniform drawing, it significantly loses. That the shade in compact packing is presented one, choosing suitable means, it is necessary not to be mistaken with tone. As a rule, optimum option is the choice one tone lighter, than skin color as when drawing the person to become more dark.

Powder in balls

Very economic option. Possessing characteristics friable, this look is convenient when using, for example, on the way. It happens monophonic and multi-colored. The last will become excellent alternative to blush. Multi-colored balls will help to place truly accents – pink will make skin visually more healthy, white – will add gloss and will help to hide shortcomings, gold and beige will create a flickering, but natural shade of skin.

How to choose a face powder: 5 main features. Types of powder

Bronze powder

Fills counters of shop closer by a warm season. Will help to create effect of suntan and to give blinking to skin. When using accuracy is necessary – you shouldn't cause it too much, it is possible to create feeling of an unnatural bronze surface instead of effective suntan. Therefore bronze powder only with a brush and in small quantity is applied.

Cream powder

Successfully carries out functions of the moisturizing cream. Is suitable for skin, problem and inclined to fat content, as excludes need of overlaying of an additional layer of cream, so, won't make a make-up layer thick and noticeable. Thanks to the dense consistence it is simply applied on skin. Correctly picked up powder will become a lifesaver for girls. In case of difficulties of an independent choice you shouldn't hesitate to ask for the help the consultant in shop.