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How men treat a silicone breast?

These notes and impressions of the man meeting not one owner of a false breast are intended for women.

What bad in silicone implants? They are scary far from reality! The man can't understand, what horror a false breast until will appear with her owner in one bed. Such breast juicy, roundish and appetizing. As fruit from plastic. But it is as if magnificent it I looked, the delusion dissipates at the first touch to them a hand.

The real breast warm, to the touch elastic and soft, it moves, it human and live. Fake lifeless and rigid. Couple of bubbles should descend from pages of glossy magazines as at once it becomes clear – from the imitated object they are separated by some millions of light years.

How men treat a silicone breast?

The best that it is possible to do with a fake of a female breast is to look not it, but not to touch. Probably, in it the main idea of artificial breasts also consists: they are done not to kiss, caress, iron and feed children. They are intended in order that to photograph them, to discuss, wish and adore. At the first to them a touch charms disappear. And it belongs to all false breasts irrespective of the enclosed woman of the sum in the act of fanatic mutilation. 

In the last ten years in the world is carried out a huge number of operations on increase in a breast (only in the USA in a year nearly half a million operations). In magazines the sea of photos of women with tremendous implants that together it leads to that society already forgot as the real female bust looks.

These magnificent beauties with a silicone breast on pages of magazines do harm the huge: they strongly lower a self-assessment of women with a natural breast. It pushes women on operation on increase in a breast. Operation such in the future almost guarantees to the woman of a problem with health. Laying down under a knife, women put themselves at risk to catch an infection, decrease in sensitivity of a nipple, chest pains, wrinkles, violations of a lactation.

Besides, despite the beautiful name - "mammoplastik" - these procedures are devilishly painful. All women doing such operation unanimously say that anything won't be compared to this pain, including labor pains. But here only the beginning of problems. The container with silicone can tear, leak and slip. Nipples can be turned in different directions. Often the breast loses sensitivity, and pains can come within long years – can be, all life. Implants complicate diagnosis of a cancer. The payment for vanity is too high.

To avoid terrible temptation, it is necessary to love himself simply. Small can be darling and darling, but the forgery – is always awful.The false breast – an insult of a female body, it is wrapped against loving the woman, and then will turn back and against her.To keep the health, self-esteem and the man, they have to return to reality.

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