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How to drink ginger for weight loss - how to prepare and on how many kilogram it is possible to grow thin

Ginger became very popular product recently. And it not with it is simple, after all ginger really unique root which is applied to health, beauty and treatment of many diseases. In the east ginger tea is called - "the drink warming blood".

Thanks to the unusual structure ginger tea is capable to improve blood circulation and to accelerate a metabolism, to bring toxins out of an organism. It is accepted often at catarrhal diseases and to lose excess weight. Today on the % site %host you learn as to drink ginger for weight loss and how many unnecessary kilograms it is capable "to burn".

How to drink ginger for weight loss - how to prepare and on how many kilogram it is possible to grow thin

That represents ginger

Ginger is a root of a plant of pharmaceutical ginger which is brought to us from the countries of the Southern Asia. Ginger can be got in shop in the form of a fresh root or the processed dry powder. Has burning taste and specific sharp mint and spicy aroma. It is considered that the aroma at ginger is stronger, the its properties are stronger and more active.

Contains in the structure rather big percent of essential oil (to 3%), and also burning substance - gingerol. Besides these main components ginger is vitamin-rich groups B, vitamin C and necessary amino acids. The saturated mineral structure also does this root by a unique and useful find.

Advantage of ginger and action on an organism

  • Ginger accelerates exchange processes, improves a fatty exchange, promotes removal of excess fatty deposits and cholesteric plaques from blood vessels. It clears an organism in general;
  • Improves digestion. If often to drink ginger in the made look, digestive processes go better and quicker, in an organism remains only necessary, and superfluous won't be postponed and late;
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory and antiviral action;
  • Strengthens sweating that promotes removal of excess liquid and toxins through skin pores;
  • Tones up and sates with vitamins, microcells and amino acids;

How to drink ginger for weight loss, recipes for preparation

Tea from ginger needs to be had before food in 20-30 minutes prior to meal to 3-4 times a day. The first portion in 150 ml needs to be drunk in the morning, then to drink the next portion in 150 ml before a lunch, to drink the third portion of ginger tea before a dinner. The last fourth portion of drink can be drunk in the evening, but not later, than in 2-3 hours before going to bed. Since ginger affects an organism excitingly and well invigorates - if to drink before going to bed, it won't want to sleep.

It is possible to drink ginger for weight loss, as from the made root, so from powder. How it is correct to make it?

How to drink ginger for the weight loss made from a fresh root.Choose a good and fresh root in shop. Ginger very quickly spoils even in the refrigerator and becomes covered by a mold, essential oils disappear and the root becomes less sated with useful substances. The root has to be dense to the touch and have a pungent specific smell. You don't keep a root in the refrigerator more long than week and try to buy every time a fresh product.

  1. Take 30 grams of a root (a slice approximately in 4-5 cm), a peel it isn't obligatory to clear at all.
  2. Rub it on a small grater.
  3. Place in a mug or a thermos and fill in with boiled water (300 ml of water) thus having densely closed a cover.
  4. It is necessary to draw polished ginger 30-40 minutes.
  5. After that drink needs to be filtered and it is possible to drink.

How to drink ginger for weight loss - how to prepare and on how many kilogram it is possible to grow thin

Such quantity will be enough for two portions. It is possible to make necessary amount of ginger that this quantity was enough for the whole day. In that case it is necessary to take a root twice bigger and to fill in 600 ml of boiled water.

How to drink ginger if to make it from powder. With powder everything is simpler, it is already ready to application and it isn't necessary to grate it in addition. Powder often is on sale in department with spices. Minus at powder only one - it can be not so effective as the fresh root, but nevertheless possesses excellent action.

  1. It is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of dry powder of ginger and to pour out in a mug or a thermos.
  2. To boil water and to fill in 300 ml of boiled water.
  3. It is necessary to insist 30 minutes. After that drink needs to be filtered from the powder remains, to allow to cool down a little and it is possible to drink.

It is possible to add to drink in addition lemon slices, it is a little honey, mint leaves. It is necessary to drink ginger for weight loss several times a day the first week. Then the daily dose is reduced gradually and it will be necessary to drink 200 ml in the morning and 200 ml within a month in the late afternoon.

How many the kilogram leaves if to drink ginger for weight loss?

If to drink ginger for weight loss in a month it is possible to send to 10-20 kg. As much as possible in a week leaves to 5 kg. But it is necessary to remember that only one drink will be insufficiently here, surely correct food and lead more an active lifestyle: the daily gymnastics and physical exercises together with ginger tea will help to grow thin and achieve the maximum result. Exclude from food of sweet and flour products, use more vegetables, proteins, fish and salads.

It is also necessary to watch the health, it is possible that ginger drink won't suit you because of an allergy or an individual adverse effect on an organism. But, usually ginger drink is very well transferred and perceived. You can notice and other positive changes in yourself besides weight loss: digestion improvement, removal of a headache and nausea, happens immunity increase. You will notice that you feel more vigorously, than earlier.