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How to get rid of black points on a nose in house conditions

Black points make impression of not well-groomed person. Besides, dirt, getting to skin pores, promotes an inflammation and appearance of eels. That black points didn't appear on a face, it is necessary to clear and narrow it regularly pores. The open black eels who are formed in skin pores of dust, fat and the become lifeless cages call comedones. They are a consequence of the raised salootdeleniye at the fat or combined skin, at hormonal frustration and improper feeding. Possibly to remove black points not only in beauty shop, but also it is independent in house conditions, using inexpensive make-shifts. As to make it will tell % %host

How to get rid of black points on a nose in house conditions

Recipes of disposal of black points in 1 day in house conditions

The option of cosmetic face peel with a rasparivaniye and expression is cardinal, and some cosmetologists don't recommend to resort to this way because of emergence after it of reddenings and hems on a face. If such prospect doesn't frighten someone, it is necessary to follow rules of hygiene carefully.


For painless removal of black points on a nose, the face needs to be steamed out that a time extended. For this purpose apply both house preparations and purchased masks and srubs. One of popular house procedures is the steam tray:

  • In small ware to boil water, with the herbs of a camomile, a calendula, sage or linden added to it.
  • To add a drop of oil of a tea tree (orange, a lemon or an eucalyptus) to broth
  • To steam out a face over a pan. Similar procedure can be carried out in a sauna or a ban.
  • Under the influence of hot steam of a time on skin extend and carrying out cosmetic cleaning is possible.

The cosmetic industry lets out ready masks with the steaming-out effect. Masks with color clay, special srubs and strips concern to them.


To process hands an antiseptic and it is possible to start removal of black eels. It is necessary to squeeze out only those comedones which are removed easily. If any black points don't give in, it isn't necessary to use force to avoid further hems.

Completion of procedure

After procedure it is important to wipe skin the tonic having the pulling together and disinfecting effect.

Attention! It is necessary to remember that steam cleaning with expression shouldn't be carried out more often than 1 time a week. For those who needs instant result, it is possible to try the clearing plaster. Strips of a plaster paste on a nose and, having sustained time according to the instruction, sharply remove. Black points remain on a strip.

House means for disposal of black points on a nose

The good result of removal of black eels is yielded by use of house srubs:

  1. In a cosmetic bowl to squeeze out gel for washing (for one procedure), to add soda and sea salt to proportions 1:1. Carefully to stir and to apply with the massing movements on area of eels. To rinse a face with warm water and to smear nutritious cream.
  2. To mix sea salt and honey before receiving dense paste. To apply a srub on a nose and to mass some minutes. To wash a face cold water, to humidify with cream.
  3. Perfectly usual baking soda fights against black points. To take water and soda in proportions 1:3. Dense paste has to turn out. To apply mix on problem sites of the person and accurately to massage. To take a srub on a face minute and to wash away.
  4. Well the mask from oat flakes with honey and salt clears of pollution. A method of application, as well as in the previous recipes.
  5. The structure in a proportion 1:1:1 of oat flour, a citrus dried peel and blue clay, stirred in water to a sour cream consistence very delicately deletes pollution. Skin after application of this mask velvety and gentle.

Removal of black points by means of masks:

  1. To prepare mix from 1 part of juice of a lemon and 1 part of bee honey. To smear a mask on the person and in half an hour to wash away.
  2. Slightly to beat egg white and 1 tablespoon of sugar in foam. A brush to put a half of weight on a face and to wait so far will dry up. Then to put the second half of mix. To take before full drying. To wash away warm water and to humidify with tonic.
  3. On a water bath to dissolve 1 dessertspoon of gelatin in 1 tablespoon of milk. To apply mix on a nose. After drying sharply to take off a gelatinous mask. To wash and wipe a face the tonic narrowing pores.
  4. Second option of this mask. For its production to take 1 tablet of coal of akvtivirovanny, to 1 tsp of milk, 0,5 tsps of gelatin. To crush a tablet and with gelatin to pour out in milk. To put the received weight in the microwave oven for 10 seconds. For further procedure the person has to be prepared, and skin steamed out. To put a warm mask on a face in some layers: when the first layer dries up, to put the second and further while all weight doesn't end. After full drying to unmask.
  5. To heat mix from 2 tsps of oil of grape seeds, 0,5 tsps of oil of a tea tree and 3 drops of oil of a lemon on couple. To apply a mask for 30 minutes on the steamed-out dry skin. To blot surplus with a napkin. To wipe a face the narrowing tonic without alcohol. A mask essence that essential oils dissolve fatty pollution on skin.
  6. Removal of black points acids. To mix in a cup: 1 tsps of powder of aspirin (acetilsalicylic acid), 2 tsps of strawberry puree, 1 tsp of honey. To put a mask on the steamed-out and dry face for 10 minutes. To wash away everything.
  7. To prepare structure from cinnamon and juice of a lemon, in a proportion 1:1. To take means on a face no more than 10 minutes and to wash away. To moisten a face with cream.

There is a set of ways of removal of black eels in house conditions in 1 day but as each person has a different face skin, therefore, and not any way equally quickly will be able to remove black points and will suit you.

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