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How to get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions

Cellulitis - a problem which girls quite often face. Formation of a so-called orange-peel in hips and buttocks testifies that is a high time to take care of the own life. Especially actual the question becomes with approach of hot summer days when so there is a wish to get out on a beach, to luxuriate on the sun and to be refreshed in a cool reservoir. However the discomfort caused by formation of cellulitis doesn't allow to enjoy life to many ladies. In the presence of a problem you shouldn't rush to extremes, addressing to such procedures as lifting of skin or a liposuction. Instead, we advise to consider recommendations of our site %hostof %which will prompt as quickly and without serious consequences to get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions.

How to get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions

Prevention of cellulitis

There is a number of professional recommendations which will prompt how to clean cellulitis problem zones or at all to prevent development of a problem at early stages of its formation. It is about the following preventive measures.

Full refusal of smoking

Substances that get to blood at absorption of a tobacco smoke, lead to vitamin C destruction. This microcell plays an important role in exchange processes of an organism, and its shortcoming conducts to loss by skin of the elasticity.

The use not less than 1,5 liters of water a day

So much liquid has to come to an organism in days, besides the use of coffee, tea, juice, other drinks. Following of the recommendation allows to relieve body tissues of toxins and excessive reserves of stagnant liquid.

Healthy nutrition

To get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks, it is worth stopping using abundance sweet and flour. The daily allowance a diet is recommended to make on the basis of vegetables, fruit, and also wholegrain cereals.


It is better to conduct initially active life, before formation of a problem, than later to exhaust own body with complexes of special exercises for elimination of an orange-peel on hips and buttocks.

Avoiding of stresses

Excessive nervousness conducts to violation of exchange processes and as a result - to formation of cellulitis. For this reason the body should trying to keep regular life, not to work too much, give have a rest, and to consciousness to get off negative mind. 

How to struggle with cellulitis by means of exercises?

Physical activities - one of the most effective decisions at fight against formation of an orange-peel in problem zones. Fast, the expected result is given, first of all, by anaerobic loadings, such as run, fast walking, a driving by bicycle, other.

So, if rudiments of formation of cellulitis on hips and buttocks are noticed how to get rid of trouble? It is recommended to carry out the following exercises:

  • High jumps - not less than 50 times for approach;
  • Knee-bends with a back support on a wall, since 30 times;
  • Circular rotations of feet in prone positions, like a driving by bicycle - from 50 times;
  • Serial raising and lowering of feet lying ("scissors") - from 30 times.

Regular performance of the above exercises gives the chance to receive noticeable results for a month. Such physical activities, as are suitable for elimination of an orange-peel from area of hips, and buttocks.

Video "Training against Cellulitis in House Conditions"

Massage procedures

To claim that massage is absolute panacea from formation of an orange-peel in problem sites of a body it would be wrong. The method is effective only in case of application of an integrated approach to elimination of a problem. The effect from massage has to be supported with healthy nutrition, physical activities, cosmetic procedures.

It is expedient to carry out anti-cellulite massage in several ways: not only manually, but also by means of specialized semi-automatic adaptations. The main thing - to resort to study of sites where the orange-peel, with regular frequency is formed.

To massage area of hips and buttocks it is recommended at slow, measured speed. Over time intensity of impact on the specified sites it will be necessary to increase. It is necessary to resort to such movements as strokings, easy poshchipyvaniye, grindings, not strong pats.

To carry out the massage directed on elimination of cellulitis it is necessary, at least, once a week. Duration of performance of procedure has to make about 20 minutes. On the termination it is desirable to make the warming wrappings of the worked areas food wrap or dense fabric. Within an hour on completion of massage you shouldn't go outside. With technology of massage it is possible in detail will examine here.

Pay attention! It is strictly forbidden to resort to anti-cellulite massage to persons who suffer from heart diseases or a varicosity of blood ways.

Wrappings against formation of cellulitis

How to get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions

Regular wrappings will allow to eliminate effect of formation of an unattractive orange-peel. For this purpose it is worth stocking up with food wrap thoroughly. The last needs to cover well warmed skin. As it was already noted above, the effect will amplify if to carry out procedure after anti-cellulite massage.

Warming up and having worked problem sites, it is necessary to wrap up densely skin food wrap, without blocking thus a free blood-groove. Zones are recommended to be warmed in addition, having wrapped up with dense fabric or having got under a blanket. The peeling is well combined with a wrapping.

To feel effect, it is enough to carry out procedure for half an hour. Then it is worth washing out skin under warm flowing water then to apply the nutritious and calming cream on its surface. It is necessary to carry out anti-cellulite wrappings about 2-4 times within a week. You watch recipes of wrappings against cellulitis here.

Here we also found out, what effective methods allow to get rid of cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions. Perhaps you already managed to test one or several ways? Share in comments to article about the impressions and leave opinions on the most effective decisions for fight against cellulitis!