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As will get rid of a stomach without diet: 7 ways

All of us perfectly know that the fat located under skin can spoil a female figure. Certain exercises on a press and exercises on strengthening of oblique muscles of a stomach will help to gather in such stomach. If to carry out exercises periodically, it is possible to achieve a flat stomach in fast terms, and also to make it tightened and elastic.

As will get rid of a stomach without diet: 7 ways

How to get rid of a stomach without diets?

It is necessary to carry out the following exercises 3-4 times a week:

1) Straighten a bearing, bend hands, press area of elbows to sides, and put feet on width of shoulders. On a breath you make the twisting exercise in a waist, at an exhalation it is necessary to accept a basic position. At first twist a trunk in a waist on the left then to the right. It is necessary to repeat this exercise 20-25 times.

2) The palm need to be put on a waist, and feet to arrange on width of shoulders. At an exit it is necessary to make an inclination to the left, and to extend the right hand over the head. At a breath to return to a starting position. The following exhalation needs to be done along with an inclination to the right and a pandiculation of the left hand. Repeatability of exercise equals 20-25.

3) You lay down on a back, palms you have under a gluteus, and slowly you raise feet. On an exhalation it is necessary to raise hips from a floor and to keep in such situation within 3 seconds. Then we make a breath and slowly we lay down all over on a floor. It is necessary to repeat exercise not less than 20 times.

4) We bend feet and we put palms for the head. We make a small exhalation and slightly we rise from a floor. Then without falling the repeated exhalation is made and we rise a little above. Making a breath, we lay down on a floor. Repeatability of exercise of 20 times.

5) We lay hands on the floor, we raise feet. At an exhalation we raise an upper body from a floor and we give hands before ourselves. We hold this situation within 3 minutes. On a breath we lay down on a floor and we relax. It is necessary to make exercise 5 more times.

6) We put palms for the head and we bend feet. On a breath we stack both feet on a hip, and the case shouldn't be torn off at this time. At an exhalation we carry out promotion, with the direction of knees up. At the following breath we change knees. We repeat this exercise of 20 times.

7) We rise on elbows over a floor surface, we bend feet in knees and we pull them as it is possible closer to a stomach. Further we make the movement the bicycle, you hold feet with a corner in 45 degrees not less than 3 minutes. You lay down on a floor, bending knees and crossing shins, and then you bring up them to yourself. Then you relax stomach muscles.

These simple exercises will help to find a flat and beautiful stomach! The main thing — regular trainings which will become a habit over time. Also, surely combine data of exercise with cardioloading: run, fast walking, to jumps on a jump rope.