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How to grow smart eyelashes?

Long and fluffy, slightly curved, eyelashes always fix to themselves delighted looks. However besides esthetic pluses, they have to cope even with protective functions, namely: to prevent hit of dust and small litter in eyes, to protect a mucous membrane from damages.

However interests us such properties of eyelashes a little, we want that they decorated our appearance with the unique lines. How to grow eyelashes independently, without resorting to the help of beauty shops, we will talk in the present article.

How to grow smart eyelashes?

If eyelashes are healthy, especially aren't injured and by nature have quite good length, hardly you will be able to see notable effect from house masks and mixes. At most, you will give them a little bigger volume and strengthen vitamins that too not malopolezno.

And here if you notice that your eyelashes began to drop out, become catastrophically fragile and short, your help is simply necessary for them.

Such unpleasant effect is observed at diseases of eyes – at conjunctivitis, for example, or at barley.

Why? Yes because we start rubbing eyes, irritating and injuring a surface where eyelashes grow.

The effect from application of house masks and oils will be swept up in a week and if to do all this in a complex and not to be lazy, and that earlier.

Fast methods

Why to suffer and potter with house recipes when on open spaces of store show-windows everything dazzles from a set of means on care of eyelashes? This is true, these means really bring to small percent of people some effect, however, not always the desirable.

About doll eyelashes as at the girl from advertizing, it is possible even not to dream, using such means. Generally they extend eyelashes, but don't give them volume, and new eyelashes can grow bunches that is far from the expected effect.

To grow eyelashes in house conditions, it is necessary:

  • to do massage for eyes and eyelashes;
  • before going to bed every day to carry out therapy by oils;
  • every 1-2 day to indulge the eyelashes nutritious masks;
  • to try to avoid a make-up for the period of treatment of eyelashes.


Eyelashes are the same hair, only grow in other place. If for growth of hair advise to do massage of head skin why not to apply the same way to eyelashes? It is known that influencing certain points, it is possible to achieve blood circulation increase that promotes increase in growth of eyelashes.

Various vegetable oils, for example, burdock or kastorovy will become the assistant in this difficult business for you. It is possible to use mixes – a little vegetable oil mix with juice of parsley or an aloe. If you are afraid of hit of oils in eyes, it is possible to do without them at all.

How to grow smart eyelashes?

The technology of massage is simple: the movements have to be generally dot. On an upper eyelid we move from eye inside to external, and on lower – on the contrary. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to avoid extension of skin round eyes, differently it is possible to get premature wrinkles round eyes.

Eyelashes in house conditions will help to grow you various masks which use useful components of medicative herbs and oils.


  1. One of the most popular and effective is the mask from vaseline and burdock oil. For convenience take a flakonchik from under ink, wash up it and fill with mix. It is necessary to put such mask few times in day, or at least for the night. Remove the oil remains from eyes with a wadded tampon in the morning. In a drugstore the analog of such self-made mask which also contains all medical components is on sale. To consolidate the gained effect, it is necessary to prolong a course of treatment for a month and for this time to try to avoid use of cosmetics for eyelashes.
  2. Other useful mask can be made, having on a window sill such plant as an aloe. Couple of drops of this wonderful flower needs to be mixed with burdock oil, having added a little vitamin A in the form of oil solution there. It is necessary to put such mask in 2-3 hours prior to a dream, on the expiration of time – to wash away a wadded tampon or warm water, differently it is possible to find the swelled up a little eyelids in the morning.
  3. Other effective options are broths from medicative herbs – camomiles, an aloe, parsley, a cornflower, a calendula or black tea. The maximum effect can achieve, mixing these herbs, or alternating them in different days. To use such herbs very simply – we make, we give 20 minutes to be drawn, promachivay broth and we impose wadded disks on eyelids. After that it is possible to relax on a floor of an hour under the influence of a peculiar compress. Such broths can be applied not only to treatment of the injured eyelashes, but also to prevention of the healthy.

There are happy owners of long eyelashes who asked a question more than once – how to grow dense eyelashes? After all there is a wish that they not only were long and direct, but also volume with attractive bends.

Useful inventions

To give to eyelashes of expressiveness and volume, it is possible to use the special adaptation which mechanically twists eyelashes. For this purpose it isn't necessary to go to beauty shop though the mechanical wave can hold on couple of days, and chemical which is done by professionals, about three months.

How to grow smart eyelashes?

Long and volume eyelashes perfectly turn out and by means of special ink. Producers add there special fibers which participate in creation of length and volume. Of course, it is necessary not to forget that daily use of such means bears harm for your eyelashes, but sometimes it is possible to indulge itself.

What should you not do?

  • To sleep in a make-up. It you shouldn't do and with healthy eyelashes, eyes start swelling up and itching that brings considerable discomfort and harm.
  • The daily cosmetics should be removed softly and accurately, putting after that nutritious masks or compresses.
  • Every day to use waterproof or hulks for lengthening of eyelashes.

In principle to grow smart eyelashes it isn't problematic. The main thing to have desire to look tremendous.