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How to grow hair in house conditions?

Graceful figure, professional make-up, guipure dress from the spring Dior collection, a handbag from L. VUITTON, and also the necklace which is laid out by Swarovski's stones. Such lady will draw attention of the man only in one case if she has magnificent hair. For the last five years the dismissed long locks forced out hairstyles from fashion. In what the reason? The fashion comes back. Therefore our site %hostof %in this article will reveal a secret of how being at home, to grow magnificent ringlets.

How to grow hair in house conditions?

This fascinating process begins with your consciousness. The spirit, discipline and specific goals will help you to reach high rates in it. And the patience and laborious work have to become your assistants. So, the first stage of business is reduced to the small scientific conclusion.

View of growth of hair from within

Only understanding structure and stages of life cycle of a hair, it is possible to provide it appropriate conditions. Otherwise incorrectly picked up procedures deform its structure. So, the hair consistsfrom:

  • follicles – a sack where there is a bulb (degree of a twisting of curls depends on its form);
  • melanin (it is responsible for a shade);
  • the sucker attached to a bulb (in it tens blood vessels delivering nutrients are concentrated);
  • cuticles – millions of scales forming an external layer of a hair.

As well as all other bodies, locks develop from intake to them of blood, and also oxygen and microcells. But it not the only thing on what their state depends. As the leading factor activity of a hair which takes place in three stages serves:

  • Active division. The extreme zone of a follicle shares. Average growth rate makes 15 mm a month. The nipple provides inflow and distribution of necessary microcells.
  • Rest. All supply of organic "fuel" stops. The size of a bulb decreases twice. Thus her "body" gradually comes off the basis.
  • Dying off. Three months later a five-year hair "leaves" the monasteries forever. For day of such "clients" at the person is from 80 to 100 pieces. It occurs because on their place the new beginning – a young hair arises.

Therefore if after combing, you collects from a comb a wig, it not accident, and simply normal cycle of development. However it is important to know that else influences presentableness of your hairdress.

Seven factors on which health of locks depends

Of course, as if you didn't try, there is that isn't subject to you. Here both internal, and external features which have powerful impact on our organism, especially on hair belong. Here list of such factors:

  • Set of genes. Not the last role is played by a nationality and climatic conditions. So, the Afro-Americans are known for the ringlets, and Japanese – ideally equal hairstyle.
  • Age. Hormonal processes radically change structure and life cycle of bulbs.
  • Physical health. Problems in functioning of endocrine glands negatively influences a condition of ringlets.
  • Food. The food provides the necessary set of organic substances.
  • Floor. Men and women have a different hormonal background and physiological characteristics.
  • Condition of nervous system. Emotions (good or bad) are responsible for intensity of loss.
  • Ecological condition of habitat of the person. Industrial wastes scar on activity of systems of all organism. It leads to their irrational functioning.

Such reasons can't be avoided. However to grow to itself long hair, thus staying at home on a sofa, absolutely simply. Your diet will be the second stage of this procedure.

The balanced food – the base for growth

We consist from this that in our stomach, and also in blood. The school course of biology indicated structure of a hair – squirrels. For maintenance it in a good form the following elements are necessary:

  1. Vitamins. If curls split, so at them vitamins A, In or With are in deficiency. The live shade to ringlets will be given by groups of vitamins D, N, E, and also B1.
  2. Microcells. Zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine and beta carotene bring the sleeping cages into a condition of vigorous activity. As a result division happens by 3 times more intensively.
  3. Fats. Generally they are in vegetable oil or cod-liver oil. The use of these products promotes assimilation of useful components in all an organism.

Now it should be taken into account concrete categories of products which accelerate growth of ringlets to 2 mm a month. For such effect you need to diversify the diet:

  • seafood;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • cellulose;
  • representatives of the bean;
  • several types of nuts (peanut, filbert or walnut);
  • fruit, and also berries (they have to be in unlimited quantity);
  • cereal porridges;
  • eggs.

It is simple not to do without good planning and the mode. Some nutritionists advise to assume different types of products in separate days of the week. Others place emphasis on a combination of all ingredients at once. Here the individual approach is important.

Also 70% of external appeal of ringlets depend on amount of the moisture consumed by you. Therefore in days it is necessary to drink to 2 liters of the cleared water. Still you need to limit the use of coffee, alcohol and fast food. There is the third stage further.

Masks, and also cosmetics

for the aid to beauties

The care of a hairdress includes tens laborious procedures. Application of masks will help to support locks in an excellent state, and rinsings by herbs will give them gloss and will refresh their appearance.

As the follicle is 1 mm below than a level of head skin, it is necessary to use means which will irritate skin. Therefore "national" cosmetologists recommend to take one of the following components as a basis of a mask:

  • juice of a bulb or 1/2 heads of garlic;
  • cinnamon (to mix it with burdock oil);
  • mustard;
  • ginger;
  • tincture of red pepper (a teaspoon on 1 tablespoon of burdock oil).

Such natural irritants "excite" follicles, expand vessels and force cages to work quicker.

It is important to remember that for the maximum absorption it is necessary to provide to the head effect of a sauna. Polyethylene or a terry towel will help you with it. It is necessary to put a mask for 30-60 minutes. After you wash the head, it is necessary to rub some drops of burdock oil in the head. It will remove irritation.

Millions of beauties try to use also a number of such ways of care of the natural property:

  1. Beer mask. Rye bread is added to warm drink. It is worth taking this mix 5 minutes that it was drawn. Then to put for one hour and to wash away. Proportions depend on the volume of your head.
  2. Addition of vitamins B shampoo – a lazy way to grow curls. On a floor of liter of cosmetic there is one ampoule of B6 vitamin and as much B12.
  3. Serum, and also oil (ritsinovy, linen or burdock). In single execution they are seldom used therefore they need to be mixed with a yolk or yeast.

It can be done everything but if it is wrong to look after the hairdress, as a result there will be no advantage.


The correct care of hair adds centimeters

How to grow hair in house conditions?

Remember, the cold, a wind and the scorching sun exhaust your locks. Thus frequent use of the hair dryer or curling iron will lead to destruction of structure of a hair. Scales which cover all its area, exfoliate and break.

At the same time skins, and also the varnishes consisting of polymeric substances, on the contrary, stick together cuticles. Such soldering disturbs them "breathe" and to receive nutrients. If you use these means, then you hold them on the head at most till 8 o'clock. Also you should be told "no" to the following:

  • to ties on a rubber basis;
  • to hardly braided cones or tails;
  • to the extraordinary hairpins tearing curls;
  • to frequent carrying headdresses.

Regular massage (daily for 10 minutes) not only tones up skin, but also promotes saturation of the head the useful elements arriving through blood.

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Special impact on hair is made by sport. Thanks to such warming up exchange processes happen much quicker. And here the stress, on the contrary, increases the level of adrenaline which leads to instant narrowing of walls of vessels. Giving of nutritious elements decreases by 5 times that conducts a follicle to exhaustion.

So, to raise hair – occupation interesting and fascinating. The healthy nutrition, special masks, and also careful leaving promote this process.

What helps you? And can you have own recipe? Or you wish to specify something from above-mentioned information? Then be not indifferent, leave the detailed comments, and help this another!