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How to grow long hair

How to grow long hair All of us at least once represented ourselves magic fairies, elfiysky princesses and other fantastic beauties. And steadily the smart long, dense, shining gloss, poured under light of sunshine healthy hair were one of the main attributes of these characters always. So why not to try to realize these a little children's dreams?

So, we will begin with the correct selection of the looking after preparations. It is proved that the preparations containing such substance as silicone in the structure slow down growth of hair because, covering head skin with an invisible cover, they don't allow nutrients to arrive to roots of hair. Besides, hair get used to them and at refusal of the shampoos and balms containing silicone start being electrified and pushitsya terribly. So that beautiful hairdresses on long hair can't simply be created! For a start we advise to exclude from a diet of hair all looking after means with the content of silicone.

It is also possible to get special lotions, masks, vitamins, bioadditives and other expensive absurd in a drugstore or specialized shop. But you remember, counting on fast result with little effort, you risk to accustom the hair to chemistry, and to correct a situation then it will be much more difficult. After all your grandmother a braid of half-meter grew somehow! And than we are worse? Let's try glance in the natural catalog of goods of beauty and to pick up there something for itself.

First, it is necessary to get rid of a hair loss. About what head of hear can there be a speech if after each combing on a brush remains on half a kilo of hair? In traditional medicine there is very effective mask from onions juice. Be not frightened. At its correct use of a smell doesn't remain, and the result will be swept up after several applications. For preparation it is necessary "to extract" juice from two averages of the size of bulbs, to filter it through a gauze or bandage that on hair small slices didn't get. It is necessary to apply juice on head skin in 2 hours prior to acceptance of a bathtub or a shower, we cover with a towel, and then – polyethylene. On the expiration of two hours we wash away the head shampoo.

Secondly, appearance of hair needs also to be put in order. Don't forget to accept linseed oil daily. It favorably influences not only a condition of hair, but also skin and nails.

Apply revitalizing rinsing with broths of herbs. Happy owners of hair of dark shades can use infusions of cones of hop, a nettle, oak bark; blondes – a camomile or rhizomes of an acorus. Infusion preparation: We fill in 3 tablespoons of above-mentioned blades with boiled water, we insist within an hour, we cool and we filter. It is necessary to rinse hair with such crust how they will dry after washing.

Thirdly, you remember that any mechanical damage on hair slows down growth of hair. Therefore try to comb carefully hair, to use less any hairpins, invisible beings, hairpins, elastic bands with beads, balls and pastes.

Fourthly, if you have no contraindications to hormonal contraception, but there is a need for a well-tried remedy against pregnancy — start drinking the contraceptive tablets containing androgens. For example, Diane-35 or Yarina. Before purchase of a preparation consult with the doctor. Of course, Rapunzel for some months you won't achieve result, but hair will become more healthy and dense, will get shine and gloss. And there and to a braid to a belt nearby!