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How to keep a beautiful breast during pregnancy and feeding

The woman is ready on many victims that the small miracle - her child was born. Pregnancy - the fine period in life, but, unfortunately, leaves the print, in particular on our appearance. There are extensions and flabbiness of skin, excess weight. But all this excites us not so strongly, as care of the child, his health. One of important elements of health of the kid is breastfeeding.

Undoubtedly, any mix won't replace it so to refuse to nurse isn't necessary. Sadly, but at most of women after pregnancy and the laktatsionny period the form and a type of a breast change not for the better. That to avoid it, make a few efforts and enter new procedures for personal care into a habit. That it for procedures, we will tell further.

Rubdowns and a contrast shower for preservation of a beautiful breast

How to keep a beautiful breast during pregnancy and feeding The most available means to support a breast in a tone is the contrast shower. During pregnancy and after the period of feeding it is obligatory in the morning and carry out simple douches by serially cool and very warm water in the evening (finish always cold).

During the feeding it is better to refuse such procedures. It is also useful to do for maintenance of elasticity of a breast rubdowns by an ice cube.

Creams and folk remedies

Even if it is 1 month of pregnancy, and you don't feel increase at a rate of a breast yet, it is necessary to apply special creams which will protect your skin from extensions. It also touches a stomach and hips.

If there is no opportunity to buy good cream, use oils: oils of germs of wheat, almond, olive with addition. Good means from extensions is the mummy. It is necessary to mix couple of tablets and a half a tube of usual children's cream and to rub this mix in zones where there are extensions of times or two in day.

It is possible to apply mummies only upon termination of pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding as its influence on an organism of pregnant women and nursing mothers, and respectively and the child, isn't rather studied.

What it is possible to do during the feeding period? To do masks for a breast of oils, a mask of banana and sour cream, cosmetic clay (pink and blue). We pound all this, we apply on area of a breast and a decollete, in 20-30 minutes we wash away cool water, we apply on skin children's cream or special cream for elasticity of a breast and against extensions which is recommended when breastfeeding.

Exercises for a beautiful breast

Don't forget that not only skin of a breast stretches during pregnancy and feeding, but also muscles weaken, become flabby. Therefore it is important to do once a day elementary exercises for breast muscles: push-ups from a floor which can be carried out with support on knees, but not socks.

Also effective exercise is the following: connect palms at the level of a breast and try to press very much one hand on another, keep tension of 8 seconds, then relax, repeat 10-20 times.

Excellent load of pectoral muscles will be provided by swimming. If you are pregnant and you have no contraindications for visit of the pool, surely register in group aqua fitness for future mummies. During feeding and after it swimming will help to get into condition and a former type of a breast.

It is clear that and so cares with the kid are enough for young mummy, and often on itself simply there is no time. But if you make the habit to give to care of a breast of only 10-15 minutes in day, keep its beautiful and tightened.