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How to keep weight after weight loss: 9 rules of a slim figure

Today everyone understands that obesity, obesity is the reasons of many illnesses. Some of them are very dangerous and in some cases conduct to diseases. In this regard most of the people suffering from excessive weight resort to various ways of fight against it. The most widespread tool against such enemy are diets which can be as sparing, so very rigid. We focus your attention that by means of only one diets to reach desirable and for the short period of time it is almost unreal. This purpose requires an integrated approach, in particular, diets have to be supplemented with physical activities.

We will return to diets. In a varying degree they give desirable effect. There is other problem – deduction of result. Today the site %host of % will tell as it is possible to keep weight after weight loss.

How to keep weight after weight loss

How to keep weight after weight loss: 9 rules of a slim figure

Be puzzled with order in kitchen

Usual cleaning of sweets, pastries and other delicacies which present our organism with excess calories has to become the first step. Be convinced that they aren't present on a table. Study all foregrounds. In an ideal such sources of extra kilos should be replaced with fresh fruit and berries.

In the course of acceptance of food use small plates, cups. Such cunning will lower portions and, respectively, a calorie.

Consider probability of attacks of hunger

As a rule, after a diet they take place. Apple, carrots, cottage cheese, kefir allow to cope with them. Surely take care of existence of wholegrain small loafs. In the refrigerator there has to be a yogurt. You were visited suddenly by feeling of hunger, then eat one of these products, and the unexpected guest will abandon you. Viands which brag of a large amount of cellulose will become assistants in fight against hunger. It, as we know, causes sense of fulness.

Don't indulge yourself very often

Many who is going to resort to a diet think that in the future it is necessary to eat only bread and to drink only a voditsa. Such vision of prospect incorrectly. Favourite delicacies will be resolved, but it is necessary to play about them not more often than two times a week with an interval three days. It is necessary to do it till a lunch, then by the evening the organism will cope with excess sugar and fat – having turned them into energy.

Observe the drinking mode

Water promotes burning of calories, allows to get rid of toxic products of disintegration. Thus it provides filling of a stomach. Don't refuse compotes, broth of a dogrose, vegetable juice as these drinks well influence a figure.

The excessive severity to itself is inappropriate

Forbidden fruit is sweetest. For this reason to refuse everything and at once isn't necessary. Experts recommend to alternate a taboo. For example, on Monday under a ban sweet, on Tuesday – pastries, on Wednesday – semi-finished products and so on.

Don't forget about proteinaceous food

Protein owing to the sytnost relieves us of hunger for long time, as a result we more rare do raids on the refrigerator. Also we will remind that this organic compound is building material for muscles, and the last, as we know, help an organism to burn fats. Surely add a diet with easy cheese, natural yogurt, buttermilk, the low-fat cottage cheese fat-free by kefir.

Physical activity

Don't give up doing gymnastics and training. Try to move, go more on foot, to ride a bike. When muscles work they burn fat.

Remember that the hidden fats are dangerous to you

In this plan sausages, semi-finished products are very dangerous. Refuse also nuts, French fries, whipped cream, milk chocolate. You aren't lazy to study structure of that you are going to eat. You can safely eat products on which 100 grams no more than 5 grams of fat contain.

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Use seasonings

Bright dishes, with saturated taste on the speed of a satisfying of hunger are absolute leaders. For improvement of digestion of a dish it is necessary to supplement Chile, an oregano, ginger. Anyway it is necessary to treat a diet quietly, differently the stress is provided to you.