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How to clarify colored hair independently? - Personal experience

Each girl wants to change the shape from time to time, but the most certain way to change — to replace a hair color. And, in spite of the fact that cosmetologists claim what exactly close to natural shades suit us most of all, most of girls cardinally change a hair color.

Easy to change a hair color if you were never painted earlier, in other cases it is necessary to wash away, clarify, tint or to let grow. If blondes can make hair more dark by means of paint, or to grow natural color (the benefit, the grown more dark roots surprise nobody), for colored brunettes — it is a problem.

Personal experience of clarification colored in a black hair color

How to clarify colored hair independently? - Personal experience I will share the experience clarification of colored hair as many girls also seek for changes in appearance, as well as I. Perhaps, my experience will give answers to their some questions. In one fine (though I doubt it already) day I decided to dye the red, tinted by henna hair in black color. I was in the seventh heaven weeks two, and then I understood — not my it: the face looks too pale, it is necessary to be painted, excrete eyes and lips all the time, to change clothes, the cat ceased to learn, etc. The word — it is necessary to return that was.

It appeared that it isn't so easy — paint ate tightly, it is impossible to wash away it even if to wash the head on 10 times a day. In several salons suggested to do a remover by cost on average of 200 dollars, but then learned that there was a henna, and refused. Some goodhearted masters offered clarification at the same price, having warned that the result can be unpredictable. Therefore I decided to make all the hands! By the way, on the site there are many useful recipes, for example, how to make independently tremendous hair shampoo.

After several days of thoughts, I came to a conclusion that to wash away black paint by national methods — the only exit to brighten, without having become thus bald. I will tell at once, to reap until completely grow the hair I couldn't — red roots on black looked as a bald head and it is necessary to wait extremely long.

I found in the Internet thatpaint is removed best of all:

  • natural vegetable oils (for example, olive, burdock, etc.)
  • alkaline substances
  • acid substances

Use of vegetable oil

I began, naturally, with the most harmless — from burdock oil. Some nights in a row I put it since evening How to clarify colored hair independently? - Personal experienceon all length of hair, and I washed away in the morning. For the fourth day there was a long-awaited reddishness — absolutely weak and only on several locks, but nevertheless appeared. In a week I understood that such rates I far won't leave. Yes, hair became more brilliant, but color especially didn't change. It was necessary to reflect on more serious means.

Use of alkaline components

The most available and sparing household alkali — it:

  • soda
  • laundry soap

I decided to begin with soda — dissolved it with water to a condition of liquid gruel, applied on the washed-up hair. 4 teaspoons of soda were enough for me to cover all length of hair (slightly lower than shovels). Attention — not to apply soda on roots as burns down extremely. I held minutes 15, then washed away water with vinegar (1 tsp on water liter). Water flew dark, hair brightened a little, but became as a bast — dim, confused, rigid.

Day two, despite oil masks, it was similar to the Jellyfish to Gorgon, the mood was corresponding.

Gradually hair came to a normal state, and I decided to pass to the second way — a laundry soap. It is remembered, the grandmother told that in youth washed the head only with a laundry soap and rinsed with acetic water as other options weren't. Young I, unfortunately, didn't find it, but now in the 83 at it quite decent head of hear, though gray-haired. In a word, I wasn't afraid that I will become Gosha Kutsenko's double.

Soap I chose the present economic — dark, with a characteristic smell. As a result … I don't know, soap can there was another earlier, water, and maybe hair can, but half an hour of washing didn't help. As a result I received slightly brightened hair covered with a gray raid without gloss and any signs of life. Pleases that it wasn't required to time for restoration — after the first normal to wash and balm gloss and softness returned.


In some months of alternation of oil masks, soap and soda I received quite quite good hair and pleasant chestnut color. Of course, it was not such equal as it would be desirable, but this problem was temporarily fixed by tonic. So everything is real!

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Lack of national methods of clarification of colored hair — it their very slow action. I work at home therefore I had time for care of a head of hear and on cooking spent not enough time - watched quick interesting culinary recipesof

I understand that hairdressers, having read this history, will be horrified. But! Sometimes it is useful to broaden horizons, after all except various cosmetics there are also what will help to cope with a problem, without spoiling hair. It is better for hair to pay few months slightly more attention, than usually, than then to treat burned or to let grow the cut off.

The video recipe of a mask remover for hair: