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On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps?

On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps? Today there is a set of ways to reach ideal smoothness of skin. However the most radical method is the epilation the laser.

Procedure of a laser epilation consists hair a follicle a laser beam without damage of an integument at a distance.

The principle of action of this method of an epilation consists that the laser reacts to a pigment the melanin which is available in a hair.

The hair and follicle heated under the influence of a beam collapse then the hair drops out and subsequently doesn't grow.

For achievement of desirable effect it is necessary to complete a course of procedures.

Laser removal of hair has a number of advantages, among which:

  • High rate of efficiency;
  • Long effect (after passing of a course of procedures, need for a repeated epilation disappears for some years);
  • Exception of possibility of transfer of various diseases since during procedure the integument isn't damaged;
  • Absence of scars and the grown hair after an epilation.

There are situations when the laser epilation is contraindicated

Treat them:

  1. Pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  2. Existence of skin diseases;
  3. Existence of malignant new growths;
  4. Diabetes;
  5. Existence of an infectious disease.

In some cases, this procedure isn't recommended in the presence of wounds and grazes on skin, a varicosity, in the period of periods.

Removal of hair on different sites of skin

Epilation of a zone of axillary hollows

On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps? Procedure is carried out on all surface of skin where growth of hair is swept up. As this area rather sensitive, it is possible to use the anesthetizing ointment before procedure, but the effect from influence with a stream of cold air usually is enough.

Duration of procedure makes 10-30 minutes.

Before procedure it is recommended to shave hair and a day before a session not to apply creams and oils.

After procedure it is necessary to choose the deodorants which aren't containing alcohol. And for the rest care of skin after a laser epilation the standard.

Bikini zone

Before procedure hair are recommended to be shaved that it was simpler to laser beam to influence on a follicle. For an hour to an epilation it is desirable to apply the anesthetizing cream since procedure on this site of a body is rather painful.

On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps? If you do a laser epilation for the first time, it is better not to appoint procedure for the period of periods because during this period the pain threshold goes down.

Duration of a session makes 20 minutes-hours, depending on the processed area.

It should be noted that in different salons the concept "bikini zone epilation" can include various volume of work therefore it is better to specify at the master that enters this service.

After procedure care of skin is standard.

Removal of hair in the person (short moustaches)

Before beginning a course of laser epilations, it is better to consult at the dermatologist or the cosmetologist to define the reason of growth of hair over a lip.

On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps? For an hour before procedure it is desirable to apply the anesthetizing cream since the epilation on this site is rather painful.

A day before procedure hair need to be shaved. It isn't necessary to delete with a different way not to damage follicles. If you often have herpes on lips, some days before a session it is better to start accepting an antiviral preparation.

After procedure standard care of skin is recommended.

Necessary quantity of sessions and efficiency of procedure

The quantity of sessions is defined individually in each case, depending on color and density of hair, hormonal features of an organism.

As a rule, in salons claim that 4-5 sessions, but it not always the truth will be enough. Usually 7-10 procedures can be necessary for achievement of necessary effect.

But after passing of a course of a laser epilation it is possible to forget about need of removal of undesirable hair for some years. As a rule, the effect from a laser epilation lasts for 3-4 years though it, besides, depends on specific features.

Of course, the effect is "for the rest of life" almost impossible, but at timely passing of the supporting procedures it can be made constant.

Leaving after a session of a laser epilation and the supporting procedures

On the laser epilation how many is enough? Whether the effect long keeps? After procedure of a laser epilation it isn't recommended to apply cosmetics and to kill a skin site which were depilated. It is also contraindicated to visit saunas, pools, to bathe in open reservoirs in the first weeks after an epilation.

Right after procedure on skin reddening which independently takes place in some hours can be observed. But according to the recommendation of the doctor it is possible to use the anti-inflammatory, healing and moistening means.

Some weeks after sessions of a laser epilation aren't recommended to visit sunbeds and to use autosuntan. Besides, it isn't recommended to be on the sun without sun-protection means.

After the termination of a course of procedures the result remains for some years. However to support him it is constant, repeated procedure is necessary.

Reviews of procedure on different sites of a body

Many women who tried a laser epilation on a face (eyebrows and short moustaches), note high efficiency of this procedure. Hair practically cease to grow after 4-5 procedures.

But practically all speak about morbidity of an epilation of these sites. Besides, some note that over an upper lip after procedures skin brightens and ceases to sunbathe.

As for a bikini zone then opinions on efficiency disperse. Anyway, you shouldn't have the overestimated expectations, one session won't solve a problem of undesirable hair. Besides, it is necessary to consider features of your organism.

About morbidity of this procedure responses also considerably differ. Someone speaks about pain only during the first session, and someone hard is given each procedure.

The laser epilation of feet is transferred, as a rule, easier. And the effect is reached quicker. It is often possible to read responses in which speak about almost full disposal of hair after 4 procedures.

In general It is necessary to tell that it is possible to consider responses, of course, but it is necessary to remember that each person is individual, and the effect from a laser epilation can be absolutely different.

The average prices of procedure in Moscow

The price of procedure can be various, depending on a site which it is necessary to depilate, density and a hair color.

  • But on average prices of a laser epilation are as follows:
  • Site between eyebrows: 1000-150 USD;
  • Site over an upper lip: 1400-107 USD;
  • Zone of axillary hollows: 3000-257 USD;
  • Hands (completely): 7000-667 USD;
  • Bikini (European): 4000-220 USD;
  • Bikini (deep): 6000-330 USD;
  • Hips: 7200-584 USD;
  • Shin: 6500-434 USD;
  • Feet (completely)-18000-1000 USD

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