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How to make a black mask the hands: 3 best recipes

Each girl has the very famous new cosmetic which blew up the Internet and the byyuti-industry – a black mask from black points. In spite of the fact that the idea of creation of such product belongs to Asian cosmetic brands, today analogs of this miracle cure can be found practically at all producers. Today on the % site %host we will show how to make a black mask the hands.

How to make a black mask the hands: 3 best recipes

Popular recipes of a black mask

There are many house recipes of a house black mask against black points which are easy for making the hands. We will consider the most effective of them.

Black mask with absorbent carbon and gelatin

How to make a black mask the hands: 3 best recipes

Perhaps, this option of production of a house black mask film is most approached to an original product. For creation of an effective black mask it is required to you:

  • 3g gelatin in the form of powder;
  • 2 tablets of absorbent carbon;
  • 5 pure ml.

Previously pound coal tablets in a small crumb or powder and add to the dissolved gelatin, carefully mix. Then pour 5 pure ml and put capacity with a mask on a water bath or in a microwave. Well mix that mix became uniform. Then let's a mask cool down a little.

Put still warm mix of gelatin with coal on the cleaned face, evenly distribute a mask and wait when it completely dries. After the mask turned into a black film, it can be removed from a face. Do it accurately not to injure sites with thin and sensitive skin. Such mask can also be done mixing gelatin with milk.

Black mask "Absorbent Carbon and PVA-glue"

For creation of a basis film it is also possible to use the PVA not waterproof office glue or medical glue. And as the absorbing element the same absorbent carbon will approach. It needs to be pounded previously in dust, and then to mix with glue. Coal can be replaced with cosmetic clay, it also perfectly copes with black points.

After you prepared a mask, put it on a face and wait when it dries and turns into a film. But you don't hold a mask too long, no more than 15-20 minutes, differently you can overdry skin. After that remove a film from a face, together with it also black points will leave. It is best of all to use a mask of 1-2 times a week at fat skin and once in 10-14 days at dry face skin.

How to make a black mask the hands: 3 best recipes

Black mask with egg white and absorbent carbon

One more not less effective house way of clarification of a time – mix of egg white with cosmetic clay or absorbent carbon.

Mix the absorbent carbon pounded in powder or cosmetic clay with one egg white, and then evenly put on a face. In order that process of clarification took place more effectively, over a mask apply thin tissues. They have to become impregnated completely with a mask and take the form of your person. Wait for full drying of napkins, and then remove them together with black points. The remains of a mask can be washed away water.

How to make a black mask the hands: 3 best recipes

Pluses and minuses

The black mask is effective not only at clarification of a time and removal of black points. In addition it has some other advantages:

  1. Regulates production of skin fat and does skin opaque.
  2. Additional components of a mask nourish face skin and give it a healthy look.
  3. Clears skin of pollution.
  4. Reduces quantity of inflammations.
  5. Removes puffiness of skin and improves complexion.

Despite it the black mask has also minuses:

  1. It can dry skin therefore suits only the fat or combined face skin type.
  2. The mask film isn't recommended to be used for too sensitive skin. Process of removal of a mask from a face can lead to reddenings and irritation.
  3. After use of a mask skin can start being shelled.

Differences from a purchased mask

The house black mask against black points has some advantages and differences from purchased options. First, the house mask doesn't contain fragrances, chemicals and other harmful substances which are comprised by a purchased mask. And secondly, the house option of a mask manages much cheaper than the well-known Asian black masks films.

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