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How to make an epilation in house conditions in the different ways.

How to take away excess hair

Each woman faces a problem of excess hair. Even to those lucky women who on hands and feet have no vegetation to have from time to time to correct a shape of eyebrows, and to take away a hair axillary hollows and a zone of bikini in the summer.

As visit of beauty shops well not all, a question how to make an epilation in house conditions, becomes very important.

How to make an epilation in house conditions in the different ways.

Ways of an epilation.

Today there is a set of ways independently to get rid of excess vegetation. Each of them has both pluses, and the minuses.

  • use of an epilator. Very long effect allowing to forget for a long time about this problem belongs to its advantages. But thus this way very painful and not everywhere is applicable. It is impossible to apply this type of an epilation at sensitive skin, in the presence of varicosity and vascular "asterisks". Also its application in a bikini zone is undesirable. Pain can be eliminated partially if to use devices with gel small pillows or with the cooling blocks. This method is generally applicable when the epilation of feet in house conditions is carried out;
  • use of special creams and mousses. The easiest and painless way, besides allows to reduce procedure time about several minutes. But, unfortunately, a hair start appearing again in 2 – 3 days. In an intimate zone use of similar preparations is undesirable. At sensitive skin components of such creams can cause strong irritation.
  • epilation by means of wax strips. Very effective method. The hair doesn't appear within 3 – 4 weeks, besides, at regular performance of procedure of hair becomes thinner and becomes hardly noticeable. We will apply on all sites of a body. Morbidity arises at inept use of wax strips. Minus of this procedure is that it promotes more, than other types of an epilation to emergence of the "grown" hair. Its carrying out requires a certain skill and experience.
  • shaving. Suits everything, it is applicable on any sites of a body. The painless method which isn't demanding special knowledge. But already every other day the hair appears again. At this way often there is an irritation and unpleasant feelings after shaving.
  •  epilation by means of a silk or simple thread. To connect the ends of a thread, to put a thread the eight, to twist a place of an excess several times. To pass index and average fingers throughout rings. To bring an excess place to a hair and sharply to part fingers. A hair will be taken the overwound thread and will be removed. Way painful, but effective. Demands experience and skill;
  • epilation sugar. It is similar to an epilation by means of wax, the strip from the sugar syrup welded definitely is put only to skin;
  • epilation by means of tweezers. It is good at single hairs on a face and as additional procedure after application of other types of an epilation.

All these ways give more or less long effect, but don't relieve of unnecessary hair completely.

Once and for all

How to make an epilation in house conditions in the different ways. Whether but the epilation forever in house conditions is possible? There are some ways, once and for all to get rid of excess hair which are known already for a long time:

  • try to use a dope. This grass can be bought in any drugstore. On 150 g of a grass take liter of water and you boil, quite strong broth won't turn out yet. Move away him for 3 weeks in a dark and cool place. Moisten vatu in broth, and wipe problem places. A dope – a poisonous grass therefore be careful during the work with it;
  • it is possible to try to use gentle-pink solution of potassium permanganate. Most convenient with its help to delete a hair from feet. Every day you keep feet of minutes 20 in such solution. Over time potassium permanganate will burn a bulb, and the hair won't grow. It is possible to take baths with potassium permanganate. But this way is inapplicable for face skin. Here other means will help;
  • for removal of hair in the person try to use hydrogen peroxide very accurately. At systematic use under its action of hair becomes thinner, becomes fragile and drops out.

How to struggle with irritation

How to make an epilation in house conditions in the different ways.

There can be some reasons of emergence of irritation after an epilation:

  • too sensitive skin;
  • at certain types of depilation the top layer of skin is removed. If right after procedure not to disinfect skin, there can be an irritation;
  • low-quality wax when carrying out an epilation by means of wax plates;
  • allergy to the mousses and creams applied to depilation;
  • use of the low-quality razor, use of the razor on dry skin, other inept actions.

To reduce risk of emergence of irritation it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules:

  • before procedure skin should be cleared and slightly to steam out, having put the towel moistened in hot water to a body;
  • right after an epilation to disinfect skin peroxide of hydrogen or alcohol and to apply nutritious cream;
  • if feet are shaved, don't do at once a chemical epilation;
  • when shaving use high-quality, female machines, apply special shaving gel on skin, right after carrying out procedure disinfect skin and apply on it cream after an epilation;
  • at use of creams and gels, try them at first on a small site of a body;
  • process a zone of bikini the means which are only specially intended for this purpose.

If already there were red points, gnoynichka and so forth, simple means will help to clean irritation after an epilation:

  • apply on skin any ointment with antiseptic effect;
  • make broth of a calendula or a camomile. Several times during the day do lotions with these broths;
  • cut a leaf of an aloe lengthways and apply to an affected area;
  • try to mix oil of a tea tree (3 drops), eucalyptus oil (2 drops), and a tea spoon of vegetable oil. Grease an affected area several times in a day;
  • you use children's powder.

All these simple means will help you to forget about irritation and to rejoice long time to gladenky skin.