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How to make hair smooth and brilliant - effective methods

Smooth, brilliant, obedient hair which stream on shoulders as if the atlas - a screen image from advertizing of shampoos and balms which we can't independently achieve. In what a secret of ideal hair?

First of all, good hair are healthy hair, and their health is a healthy nutrition, regular leaving, reduction of influence of harmful factors, such as the sun, the hot hair dryer, the wrong hairbrush. But all this demands time, and the result wants to be received as soon as possible. For impatient some recipes and ways quickly to restore hair, to make them shining and beautiful in a week.

To make hair brilliant masks, masks and once again masks will help

If you want to receive a brilliant bush of hair quickly, you aren't lazy, do masks every other day. The following masks for hair restore structure of a hair, do it smooth and humidify.

Mask from the cook of osovy oil and juice of an aloe

  • To be necessary for us qualitative coconut oil;
  • Aloe juice (it is possible to get most if there is a houseplant, and it is possible to get in a drugstore).
  • On 2 tablespoons of oil it is necessary for us 1 h. juice spoon.
  • Before application we warm mix on a water bath a little and it is accurately applied on hair on all length. Coconut hair oil – one of the best means to make them brilliant, smooth and healthy. It is necessary to hold a mask a couple of hours then to wash away shampoo.

Egg mask for hair

It is one of the oldest recipes, but from it not less effective.

  • The yolk of one egg undertakes,
  • Honey teaspoon,
  • Solovy spoon of olive oil
  • If hair long, it is necessary to increase quantity of products, observing proportions. All mix and apply on hair and head skin, rubbing.
  • To hold 1,5 - 2 hours. Such mask very well feeds, helps to strengthen hair.

For an oily hair a mask for smoothness

For an oily hair it is possible to use the following structure:

  • Kefir – a half-glass, linseed oil – 2-3 tablespoons.
  • To mix and apply on all hair, to hold two hours, to wash away warm water and shampoo as hair.
  • To rinse hair with cool water.

Oil wrappings

Alternate masks to oil wrappings. For this purpose will approach kastorovy, burdock, almond, coco oil, you reproach, olive, amla oil. Before application always heat oil, and after drawing it is better to wrap up the head a polyethylene film and a towel. Time of action of an oil wrapping – 2-3 hours. It is necessary to wash away with use of shampoo.

Express method for smooth hair

If you need to achieve urgently a hair shine, after washing of the head apply the favourite balm and leave it to work not 3 minutes, but 20, as a mask. After that rinse hair with water of room temperature, wring out and wrap up a towel.

Let the towel will absorb moisture, you don't hurry to dry them the hair dryer, wait when they become slightly damp. During drying, try won't direct an air stream from top to down, thus, scales of hair to puff up and hair will be smooth and brilliant.

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