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How to make lips chubby in house conditions - recipes and recommendations

Volume, chubby sponges and attract to themselves for a kiss. Chubby lips give to the face a coquetry and sensuality. Many girls with thin lips resort to medical interventions and download preparations from which they increase the volume in lips. But not always it looks beautifully and girls lose the naturalness.

To make lips chubby in house conditions it appears too also it is possible besides it is safe. The main thing needs to be found for the lips time, regularly carrying out with them simple procedures about which the % site %host will share with pleasure.

For a start it is worth understanding one important detail: skin on lips very thin and sensitive and is responsible for volume blood circulation. Happens, at an obvetrevaniye of lips they as if burn and swell as at an inflammation the blood-groove increases. Such effect can achieve and without negative consequences, using means for strengthening of blood circulation in lips. But it is necessary to do it regularly.

So, to make lips chubby in house conditions it is necessary:

  • To peel dry skin;
  • To moisten lips;
  • To stimulate blood circulation;
  • To do special exercises for muscles of lips, in a consequence of that they will become more volume;

Recipes (masks, srubs)

Excellent natural mask srub which perfectly stimulates a blood-groove, perfectly
solves at once some problems: peels, feeds, humidifies and strengthens inflow of blood to lips, it is possible to prepare independently. To take a little candied honey, to add an oil teaspoon floor (olive or cocoa butter), 3 drops of essential oil of mint and a pinch of ground coffee. To mix, apply warm mix on lips for 10 minutes, after good to massage lips with this structure a couple of minutes and to wash away. After such procedure of a sponge will become gentle, juicy, soft and will get desired volume.

How to make lips chubby in house conditions - recipes and recommendationsCinnamon in powder or in the form of essential oil also well influences volume and helps to make lips chubby in house conditions. This spice possesses the action warming and stimulating blood circulation. It is possible to prepare such balm with cinnamon in two options:

First option (simple): to take a teaspoon of vaseline and to add 3 drops of essential oil of cinnamon or to add a cinnamon powder teaspoon half. Carefully to mix. To apply such balm as required. Lips become bright and chubbier.

Second option (more difficult): 20 grams of solid cocoa butter + 10 grams of beeswax + 10 grams of almond oil + 5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon + 2 drops of essential oil of ginger + 2 drops of essential oil of mint. At first on a water bath it is necessary to kindle cocoa butter and beeswax, then to add liquid almond oil, it is good to stir and remove mix from a water bath. To add essential oils and to mix. To pour in mix in a suitable mold and to put to run cold in the refrigerator. After cooling it is possible to use balm for designated purpose. It causes a strong rush of blood to lips, in a consequence of that they become juicy and chubby, the contour to become accurate, and sponges will be soft and gentle.

It is worth paying attention to the means for lips containing menthol and chili powder. These components can also be added to masks and balms.

Mask with red pepper for chubby lips: To mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of chili powder, to pour a half of teaspoon of peach oil (it is possible to replace with any other cosmetic oil). To mix all components among themselves and densely to smear lips. To hold of 20 minutes till 1 o'clock. Then to remove with a damp wadded disk.

Menthol compress: to mix a teaspoon of menthol oil with a cocoa powder pinch, to apply mix on lips, to cover and hold 20 minutes, then to wash away. You will feel a chill on lips, a pricking and noticeable increase in lips after washing off of such compress.

The exercise machine for increase in lips of Fullips (fullips)

If you want to add volume to the lips, try to use the special exercise machine. This novelty in the byyuti-industry promptly gains steam. Fullips represents a plastic cap of specially developed form. The simple movements create vacuum which allows to pump up lips and to increase their volume. The effect remains at some o'clock.

Exercises for muscles of lips:

To make lips chubby in house conditions it is possible by means of exercises.

First exercise: squeeze lips and sprain them inside to teeth, in such situation do small pushes by lips, as if kneading them.

Second exercise: put lips a tubule and blow air.

Third exercise: sing vowels: And, I, O, U alternating them.

The main thing regularly use these recommendations and you will be able easily to make lips chubby and to receive compliments!