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How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them?

 It is unlikely there will be a woman who has no desire always to look attractive. In the modern world for underlining of beauty of a look to exempt itself from excess cosmetics, it is possible to resort to the help of eyelash extension which at due leaving will please the owner for several weeks. But after building service the real eyelashes that demands obligatory actions for their restoration always suffer. How it is correct to look after, and eyelashes after building what is the time grow?

How eyelashes quickly grow?

How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them? Many are excited by a question: whether eyelashes after loss grow? On physiology it is considered norm a regeneration of eyelashes. On average one eyelash arises and drops out within 30−100 days, life expectancy depends on a set of factors. Thanks to that eyelashes grow in two or four rows and updating occur on some pieces for time, at natural loss there is no visual feeling of emptiness. On average the new eyelash grows on 0.5−0.7 mm in a month.

 How eyelashes at the person long grow, the following factors influence:

  • Wrong care of area of eyes;
  • The available organism diseases;
  • Constant stresses;
  • Systematic traumatizing eyelashes;
  • Cosmetics of poor quality;
  • Ignoring of healthy nutrition;
  • Bad ecology;
  • Frequent eyelash extension.

Sometimes it happens that eyelashes grow down or in an eye. What to do in such cases? First, not in which case it isn't necessary to pull out them — pulling out incorrectly growing eyelash, it is possible to damage not only its lukovichka, but also next. Secondly, in a case with growth it is necessary to spend in addition time for a podkruchivaniye them there are special tweezers for this purpose down.

But  it isn't necessary to do chemical waves though it temporary and to facilitate life, but there is a risk to injure eyes, and to worsen growth of already weak eyelashes.

If eyelashes grow in an eye, it is necessary to extend accurately incorrectly growing filament, and for their further strengthening and the correct growth — to process them oil.

What to do that eyelashes grew better?

How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them? To have healthy and magnificent eyelashes that they grew quicker, in house conditions it is necessary to follow some rules:

  1. To provide sufficient intake of vitamins, A and E in an organism (contain in goods of daily consumption such as carrots, dairy products, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds, olive and vegetable oils);
  2. To use natural oil on area of growth of eyelashes (for example, kastorovy, sea-buckthorn or almond);
  3. According to the recommendation of the doctor to begin reception vitamin (groups B, yeast, zinc, selenium, Retinolum, tocopherol);
  4. Application of masks from natural ingredients (an aloe, parsley, broths of herbs, such as a cornflower, a sage, a calendula, a camomile and a thyme).

How many eyelashes after building grow?

As eyelashes after building will grow, in many respects depends on quality of the rendered service and the subsequent care of eyes. If the master inaccurately made building and used low-quality materials or further rules on care of eyelashes weren't followed, on restoration it will be required to time more long.

Than more strongly there is a traumatizing eyelashes, especially long time is necessary for their treatment and restoration.

Also growth of eyelashes depends and on a state of health of an organism and its specific features, at someone regeneration functions are carried out in short terms, at others everything occurs quite slowly. For restoration of growth of eyelashes it is required to implement standard recommendations for the help in their renewal, such as use of oils, reception of vitamins and ensuring careful care of area of eyelids.

Eyelashes dropped out and  don't grow: to restore in house conditions.

How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them? Saloon procedures often are worth little money and take away quite long amount of time therefore women prefer to be engaged in available procedures independently at home.

What actions will help to restore growth of eyelashes:

  •  For the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse use of decorative cosmetics for eyelids;
  •  In case of need drawings a make-up to remove cosmetics in the careful way without injuring skin soon;
  • To give preferences to a dream on a back or a side not to break the correct growth of eyelashes;
  • To provide official care of skin on centuries because in them vessels the feeding follicles of hair of eyelashes are located;
  • To add to the diet it is as much as possible vegetables, fruit and products containing vitamins useful and necessary for an organism;
  • Use on places of growth of hair of various nutritious oils;
  • To try not to touch once again by centuries and , of course, not to rub skin of eyes.

How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them?

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 Whether eyelashes from castor oil grow?

 For food of eyelashes since ancient times it is considered one of the most popular means castor oil. It allows  to restore and strengthen structure of hair part of an eyelash for fast time. It is necessary to use oil for achievement of desirable effect at least within a month. It is simplest to put it with carefully washed out brush from the used ink, previously heating up to the acceptable temperature. For strengthening of effect from use of castor oil it is possible at desire to mix it with vitamins, And and E.

How many eyelashes after building grow and how to restore them?In order that after procedure of eyelash extension of an eye didn't remain without uniform eyelash:

  • It is worth approaching the master's choice initially tremblingly. You shouldn't save on this service because mostly depends on equipment of the master as eyelashes after building procedure will look;
  • After procedure of building it is required to look after eyelashes carefully. It is necessary to comb every day them (for example, a pure brush from ink) and  not to sleep-faced in a pillow not to rumple an eyelash.
  •  As if the increased eyelashes didn't facilitate life, nevertheless long  you shouldn't carry them that the natural didn't manage to be injured strongly;
  • At removal of eyelashes  it is impossible independently to try to pull together them by no means. It is necessary to get rid of the increased eyelashes only by means of special means which can be bought independently or to address for this procedure to the master;
  • It is required to do pauses between building procedures that natural eyelashes could be restored and get stronger;
  • After removal of eyelashes for the fastest their restoration it is necessary to use various oils promoting the fastest regeneration and strengthening and at mixture of different ingredients it is possible to achieve results at once in several directions (for example, to stimulate growth and to moisten skin);
  • To watch that the diet completely met requirements in receiving all necessary vitamins and minerals.

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