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As it is often possible to do a laser epilation

Many ask a question how it is often possible to do a laser epilation and what the similar method has contraindications in spite of the fact that it is rather safe procedure. By means of this procedure it is possible to get rid quickly of undesirable hairs on all body.

As it is often possible to do a laser epilation

The laser epilation — is one of the best ways to make skin smooth without excess hairs therefore it is very demanded.

Carrying out removal by laser beams helps to forget for a long time about a problem of existence of undesirable hairs because under the influence of a narrowly targeted ray of light the bulb collapses, and hairs grow thinner and weakened.

Carrying out is how safe

Many would like to know how the laser epilation becomes and whether carrying out similar manipulations is safe. Some girls already managed to test this technique on themselves and have ambiguous opinion concerning its efficiency and safety.

After performance of 1 manipulation completely it is impossible to get rid of undesirable vegetation because on a body of the person there are hairs which are at rest and a usual beam them isn't able to mention. But under the influence of the laser they can become more active, and carrying out repeated procedure will be required.

As it is often possible to do a laser epilation Manipulation helps to get rid of excess hair literally on any area of a body, in particular:

  • standing and hands;
  • on a face;
  • on intimate area.

For full elimination of all excess hairs it is necessary to carry out some procedures which quantity completely depends on features of a condition of skin and hair. If it is necessary to get rid completely of indumentum on a body, at least 10 sessions will be required.

Similar procedure is carried out both for men, and for women.

How many time and how it is often necessary to carry out laser removal?

Some women wishing to get rid for a long time of the available undesirable hairs on a body want to know how it is often necessary to do a laser epilation and whether will be problems with skin. It is process especially individual and depends not only on features of skin, but also on the most cosmetic device and its settings.

Everything depends and on a hair color. For brunettes 10 procedures can be demanded, and to brown-haired women there will be also 8 sessions enough.

And here is how often it is worth doing a laser epilation of area of bikini, generally depends on bathing suit model. It should be noted that the similar technique of carrying out removal painless, but if necessary the cosmetologist can execute local anesthesia at strong sensitivity of skin. For determination of sensitivity the test on small area of skin is carried out previously.

As it is often possible to do a laser epilation As it is often possible to do cosmetic removal, only the master, based on features of an arrangement of undesirable hairs, their characteristic and speed of growth solves. It is necessary to pay attention and to type of skin of the girl. Generally the problem of undesirable hair is solved after carrying out 6 sessions for several months. The laser epilation is carried out each 2 weeks. If the problem which isn't so expressed, is enough only 2 visits for half a year.

How many time is carried out a laser epilation, is defined especially individually. Performance of removal is directly connected with intensity of growth of hair and their structure. All available hair bulbs live various periods, namely:

  • growth period;
  • transition period;
  • condition of rest.

The cosmetologist carries out manipulation during a stage of growth of hair, that is literally every 20-50 days.

Opinion on that if to do a laser epilation very often, it will promote faster elimination of hair, a little mistakenly. The epilation of any area of a body can just be carried out to 2 weeks, and every month, it will depend on specific features and intensity of growth of hairs. The more slowly grow hairs, the bigger time interval between carrying out manipulations.

At initial visit of a cosmetology office the master will define intensity of growth of hair in each area and date of repeated carrying out procedure. It is worth remembering that after carrying out the first procedure intensity of growth can increase, and then it is slowed down. Therefore time of performance of the last manipulations will increase a little.

From what age it is possible to carry out?

Teenagers at whom excess hairs on a body start growing intensively, ask a question, from what age it is possible to carry out a laser epilation. All cosmetologists agree in opinion that it is possible to carry out this procedure since 17 years.

During puberty the structure of hair and feature of their growth constantly change therefore performance of a laser epilation is simply impossible.

Final precautions

After performance of a laser epilation it is necessary to provide competent care of skin in order to avoid emergence of unpleasant consequences.

After performance of process of an epilation it is impossible to apply lotions and tonics on a spirit basis. Besides, it isn't recommended to kill strongly processed zone and to use srubs within 12 hours. For 2 weeks it is forbidden to sunbathe in a sunbed or under open beams of the sun.

In case of non-compliance with these rules on skin there can be a pigmentation and burns. Besides, suntan can roughly lay down, and the effect of carrying out an epilation will decrease.