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As it is often possible to do a laser epilation, features of procedure

As it is often possible to do a laser epilation, features of procedure Laser epilation – the advertized method of removal of undesirable vegetation on a face and a body at which cosmetologists promise disposal of hair forever. The question how it is often possible to do a laser epilation, is actual for the women planning to complete a full course of procedures and to relieve itself of problems with continuous removal of hair.

Whether the laser epilation is safe?

Removal of hair by method of a laser epilation safely and without serious consequences for this reason the technology won popularity. The essence of this way consists that by means of a powerful stream of a light beam roots of hair collapse.

The hair follicle contains the melanin capable to absorb the light waves of different length radiated by the laser. Under the influence of a strong beam of light melanin in a hair bulb incorporates energy and strongly heats up, destroying the cages which are a row. The root perishes and isn't restored again, growth of hair stops.

If to compare to other ways of removal of hair, a laser epilation – the most sparing and safe method. The razor irritates skin, through a short period hairs grow again, and again it is necessary to have a shave. Depilation by wax or sugar paste is the extremely painful procedure after which unpleasant consequences are possible: inflammation, growing of hair, irritation.

So the laser not for nothing deserved reputation of the most effective and safest remedy for removal of undesirable hair from any part of the face and a body. Researches showed that at competent use of the equipment and the correct selection of parameters after procedure there are no negative consequences.

How many time and how it is often necessary to carry out laser removal?

The main plus of a laser epilation consists that hairs on a face or a body disappear forever. For this reason of the client of cosmetologists are ready to spend decent money for procedure. But the matter is that after one session of result it is impossible to reach. The laser is capable to influence only hair bulbs only in a condition of growth. That at the time of carrying out procedure at rest, aren't mentioned.

How many times?

The answer to a question how often to do a laser epilation, depends on a number of factors:

  • color and structure of hair;
  • length of hairs;
  • condition of skin;
  • hormonal background;
  • influence area.

The best effect from an epilation is observed if the hair color and skin color are contrast. Rigid dark to depilate by means of the laser more simply and quicker, than the light pushkovy. It is connected with the contents in structure of hairs of melanin.

The most suitable length of hairs makes 3-4 mm. The laser can simply "not notice hair of smaller length". There are equipment types on diode, aleksandritovy, ruby, neodymium lasers, for each of them the parameter of length of hairs is individual.

Modern devices are capable to delete undesirable vegetation and from suntanned skin. But the light integument promotes that hairs are better visible on it so full disposal of them requires smaller number of procedures. The zone of growth of hair also influences how it is often necessary to visit the master. For example, the zone of bikini demands much less sessions, than a shin.

How many time needs to be done a laser epilation, you will be told by the cosmetologist who is carrying out procedure. He will estimate a condition hair and an integument, their specific features. The number of sessions averages about seven procedures, but varies from 2 to 10. Achievement of result, namely disposal of vegetation forever, is possible only after passing of a full course.

How it is frequent?

The question, the second for popularity exciting clients is with what frequency to visit the master to reach effect. Here the major role is played by the growth rate of hair. And it is specific feature of an organism. The laser is capable to delete only hairs in a stage of active growth. To get rid of indumentum completely and forever, it is necessary to wait when other hair bulbs wake up" and start sprouting actively.

The interval between procedures averages about four weeks. It can vary from 2 to 8 weeks. Some consider that if to do depilation by the laser more often, and the effect can achieve more simply and quicker. This quite misleading opinion. The more slowly your body hair, the more long the period between epilation sessions grow.

The grown hair

The laser – an excellent way to remove the grown hairs from feet, hands, in the field of bikini and on other sites of a body. The grown hairs look not esthetically, bring discomfort, inflame and become the reason of irritation, an itch, reddening. There are they most often after incorrectly carried out shaving, it and one of side effects of wax depilation.

By means of the laser the issue is resolved quickly and without serious consequences. How many sessions will be required for each case, the master will define. But usually after two-three procedures it is possible to forget about a problem. After the first session the cosmetologist will report, through how many it is necessary to do an epilation repeatedly.

Disposal of hair forever: myth or reality?

The cost of one session is high therefore clients want guarantees of efficiency of procedure. The laser epilation is the most reliable modern way of fight against vegetation on a face and a body that is confirmed by the mass of positive responses. After the third session activity of almost all follicles already stops, that is hair practically don't grow. But for full disposal of indumentum it is required to meet two main conditions:

  1. To complete a course from beginning to end irrespective of, you do an epilation of armpits or a zone over an upper lip. The bigger number of negative responses is left by those women who didn't have enough patience or finance to finish a full course. How many times manipulation will be required to you, only the master will report.
  2. With frequency it is necessary to visit the master for the supporting procedure every two years. A body hair will appear a little by this time, but processing by the laser will allow to destroy the survived follicles.

As it is often possible to do a laser epilation, features of procedure

From what age it is possible to carry out?

Sharp growth of hair on a body falls on the puberty period. And if boys look forward to emergence of vegetation on a face as growing sign, girls don't like their feet, hands, armpits at all.

But at teenage age procedure with use of the laser is extremely not recommended. During this period the hormonal background that affects all systems and sites of an organism constantly changes. Growth speed, structure and even color of hairs can change at this time, that is why the laser is simply inefficient. Optimum age from which start procedures, – 17-18 years.

Laser removal of hair – the most effective modern procedure for disposal of undesirable vegetation on a face and a body forever. Hairs disappear not at once. It is necessary for achievement of effect from 3 to 10 procedures with frequency from 2 to 6 weeks – concrete parameters depend on specific features of an organism.