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How it is correct to look after a body - nothing was forgotten?

How it is correct to look after a body - nothing was forgotten?

"To use a face pack, to indulge hands with cream, and a body a milk … It seems, nothing was forgotten …" - we think, and once again absolutely we lose sight of zones, hardly noticeable to our look, but from it not less exacting in leaving. It is worth paying to them attention.

As it is correct to look after a body - a beautiful back

The back, perhaps, the most hard-to-reach spot of our body, and it needs the most careful leaving. There are actively working sweat glands therefore skin very quickly becomes soiled. The necessary minimum in leaving is a regular and careful peeling.

Usual bast and the more so a soft sponge not assistants in such procedure. The brush with a natural bristle and on the long handle will be the most suitable option. Besides a peeling, it also a light massage of a back.

  • 1 glass of powdered milk (or any mix for baby food),
  • 1 glass of starch,
  • 1 glass of "Oat-flakes" (oat flakes)
  • Mix components and let's be drawn five minutes in a bathtub with warm water. Time of reception of a bathtub - 15-20 minutes. Approximately in 10 minutes after the beginning of reception of a bathtub well wipe a body a sponge or a terry mitten, and slightly massage a back a brush.

We will notice that rashes on a back can be not only from a lack of leaving therefore at constant rashes it is necessary to find out the reason of their emergence in the dermatologist's office.

The best way to put skin of a back decollete in order - to make a mask on the basis of white clay. It perfectly relieves of excess of skin fat and does skin pure and silky. Carrying out procedure requires the assistant.

  • Part 3-4 teaspoons of powder of white clay with infusion of a camomile or a chistotel to a consistence of dense sour cream.
  • Apply ready mix with a thin layer on area of a back and leave for about 10-15 minutes. Then remove a mask with warm water and rinse cool. Put the moistening milk for a body.

As it is correct to look after a body - beautiful shoulders

Dryness and, so-called, "goose" skin - the main problems of a back surface of shoulders. To cope with dryness rather easily by means of a weekly peeling and daily (!) drawing any moistening means. Time in 1-1,5 weeks applya creamy mask.

  • Carefully mix 1 tablespoon of cream with one yolk and 1 h. l. carrot juice.
  • Apply a mask on area of shoulders, in 20 minutes remove warm vegetable oil and rinse with cold water.

Excessive sensitivity of this zone is generally guilty of emergence of "goose" skin. Training by a contrast shower after which it is necessary to pound skin a terry towel until red will help to put in order the mollycoddle. It will lower a threshold of a susceptibility of tactile receptors.

But it is worth waiting for results not earlier than in three weeks of regular procedures. Besides, try not to put on clothes from synthetic materials and wool a naked body as they can cause irritation of skin and aggravate a problem.

Fine means for shoulders are honey wrappings.

  • Kindle honey on a water bath to a semi-fluid state.
  • Take a gauze, curtail it several times and apply honey on the top layer. Wrap up a bandage a problem zone, and from above put on something warm.
  • Remove a gauze in 20 minutes, be rinsed with warm water and pound to a redness a terry towel.

As it is correct to look after a body - gentle skin on a lap and elbows

For the coarsened and shelled skin compresses from linen, olive, or kostochkovy oil will become real "rescue". Rub a little warmed oil roundabouts in problem sites and leave on all night long. For mitigation and clarification of skin the lemon mask will help:

  • To mix lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and any vegetable oil (1 h. l.).
  • To apply on knees and elbows and to take 15 minutes. Then to wash away warm water and to put the moistening means.

Now we forgot nothing and paid attention to all parts of a body, full and correct care of a body also consists in it.