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As it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil. Secrets and step-by-step photos

In a make-up it is necessary to consider all details and the beautiful shape of eyebrows costs on the first important places. Inaccurate and not well-groomed eyebrows can cross out and nullify the most first-class make-up of eyes, the equal and shining skin, a hairdress.

All image of the girl depends on a shape of eyebrows, they play very important role. You shouldn't forget it. The way to ideal eyebrows goes through their correction (plucking out by tweezers), coloring, search of the best form and adjustment and coloring of eyebrows a pencil or shadows. Today on the % site %host you learn how it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil to make features correct, beautiful and attractive.

Need for making up eyebrows with a pencil appears in that case when the shape of the eyebrows doesn't arrange: they too thin and light, hairs grow seldom, perhaps someone overdid with plucking out. Even, if eyebrows in an excellent state at a bright make-up they fade and them they need to emphasize, give a little accurater and equal form, the pencil for eyebrows will help with it.

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows?

Best of all the classical pencil in the wooden case approaches. The core has to be firm and well ground. Such pencil well fills gleams between hairs and allows to reach the most natural look. Soft pencils paint hairs and it is better not to use them, and to make up hairs of eyebrows with special eyebrow and eyelashes color (or henna with basmy that naturally, strengthens growth and strengthens).

Colors need to be chosen natural shades without red tones. The pencil has to have an ashy color of different intensity under a certain appearance. It is considered that color of a pencil for eyebrows has to be not more dark than a hair color and is slightly lighter than tone of eyelashes. Sharply to grind a pencil for eyebrows, it is necessary to take it in the refrigerator, and then to sharpen a sharpener.

As it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil step-by-step photos:

At first it is necessary to define a shape of the eyebrows, read in this article - correction of eyebrows in more detail. It is necessary to define where will be there is a beginning of an eyebrow, the highest points and the end of a tail. For simplification of process it is possible to use cliches for eyebrows.

As it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil. Secrets and step-by-step photos

  1. First of all eyebrows need to be combed a brush: at first up, then in the direction of growth of hairs.
  2. Take a pencil and emphasize with accurate shaped lines the lower bound of an eyebrow. It is necessary to paint over an eyebrow not from the beginning of growth of an eyebrow, and having receded a little sideways. Since the head of an eyebrow has to begin softly and smoothly, without the sharp beginning. For this purpose also can 2 pencils for eyebrows are required. One to make up all eyebrow, and the second, is a little lighter to make up a head, the beginning of an eyebrow.
    Also emphasize the upper bound of an eyebrow. Remember - lines have to be parallel.
  3. Shade with short lines space between the drawn lines.
  4. Draw a thin tail of an eyebrow, it has to go towards an ear trestle.
  5. Now it is necessary to give smoothness of the line of eyebrows, trace all defects and blank spaces.
  6. Clearness of an eyebrow can be given if to lighten a zone round it a soft light beige pencil in tone of skin. Also powder or beige shadows will approach.
  7. Shade the put light places to achieve natural transition.
  8. It is possible to powder a little if you put a pencil.

If the eyebrows rather dense, but it is all the same necessary to make them more accurate and more beautiful, you see a photo below:

  1. We brush with an eyebrow brush.
  2. We draw two lines on the bottom and upper edge of eyebrows.
  3. It is possible to use shadows softly to fill an eyebrow or to trace the same pencil.
  4. To put light shadows (a light pencil, powder) under an eyebrow.

As it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil. Secrets and step-by-step photos

After made up eyebrows a pencil it is necessary to look, whether stick out where excess hairs. It is possible to use a gel droplet to smooth eyebrows. Now you know how it is correct to make up eyebrows a pencil and will be able successfully to emphasize the beauty! 

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