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How to clean spots from a face in a night (house conditions)

Annoying manifestation in the form of spots spoils mood to many girls. Certainly, the cosmetology develops with great strides, on shelves of specialized shops there is a mass of express means. But they aren't always available at a given time. What to do if before responsible action there was only one night? It is worth remembering the checked house methods. Their advantage is that they are completely natural, so will be suitable for use on gentle sites of skin. The site %host of % will consider the most widespread recipes applied to the emergency fight against spots.

How to clean spots from a face in a night (house conditions)

We clean spots from a face in a night

What to do if the red inflamed spot swelled up in the evening, and tomorrow afternoon it is necessary to be on the ball? Of course, it is possible to try to disguise it. Having imposed on it some layers of the masking means, but also it not always helps. The first that needs to be made, it to calm down. Ahead the whole night, and is quite enough this time for action of some means. If everything is made correctly, for the morning there will be no the traces reminding of unpleasant manifestation.

Aspirin and its action from spots

Everyone has a quite famous medical preparation in the home first-aid kit. Of course, all use it for designated purpose – from a headache and temperature. But with its help it is possible to reduce manifestation of spots, to prevent emergence of black points and will get rid of them. According to it apply not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. Aspirin doesn't injure sensitive face skin, owners of sensitive skin can apply it to disposal of an acne. Acetilsalicylic acid has pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore in most cases the spot completely disappears in some hours.

To prepare medical structure very simply, only two components for this purpose are required: aspirin and water. Some tablets need to be pounded in powder and will add to them a little water. Kasheobrazny mix needs to be applied with the easy massage movements on previously cleared face skin. Means to wash away in the morning.


Ordinary toothpaste is the effective remedy helping will get rid of spots for only 1 night. But It should be noted that this recipe is contraindicated to people with sensitive face skin. In a case there are allergic reactions. Before drawing means it is necessary to wash carefully a face it is desirable with use of a laundry soap. Toothpaste needs to be applied on dry skin. It is possible to go to bed after full drying of means. It is necessary to wash warm water in the morning, after to wipe a face the moisturizing tonic.

Honey – natural cosmetics

All know that honey – a natural antibiotic, we are its part a set of vitamins and useful elements. Thanks to the unique structure, honey accelerates regeneration of integuments and eliminates the infections which got deeply into skin pores. A small amount of liquid honey needs to be applied on an affected area of face skin, to leave for 30-40 minutes. After this time it is necessary to wash away means warm water and to wipe a face an ice cube. It is important to note that this means can't be applied to disposal of spots, to people with individual intolerance to honey.

Salicylic acid

Spirit tincture of salicylic acid perfectly copes with spots. Choose solution with concentration of 1% for more sparing impact on skin. Apply the moistened cotton wool in salicylic alcohol to a heat-spot and keep about 10 sec. Also it is possible for them prizhechx a heat-spot after expression.

Essential oils

The concentrated essentsialny oils possess excellent antiseptic property. Choose oil of a tea tree, a lavender and eucalyptus. At dot drawing on a heat-spot these oils are quite capable to remove an inflammation in a night.

To squeeze out or not?

It is impossible to answer unambiguously this question. It should be noted that it is possible to squeeze out only spots in which there are purulent contents. Dermatologists don't advise independently to squeeze out spots, convincing the patients that it is dangerous. And this is true.

At non-compliance with rules of hygiene the risk of entering of an infection increases that will only strengthen an inflammation.

Certainly, will get rid of the ripened spot without expression it is impossible. It is necessary to observe a certain instruction, what to avoid unpleasant manifestations, in the form of the inflammatory processes which are followed by reddening of skin and puffiness.

  1. Before expression it is necessary to be convinced that the spot ripened. It is easy to check it, it is necessary to press slightly on skin near the inflammation center. It is possible to squeeze out a spot only if unpleasant feelings at this moment are absent.
  2. Before procedure it is necessary to wash up carefully hands, to clean all make-up from face skin and to process a place of formation of a spot the disinfecting means.
  3. For disposal of pus it is necessary to press on the middle of a spot. It is necessary to make it in one step whatever to injure skin.
  4. To process a face skin site salicylic or simple alcohol. Also hydrogen peroxide will approach.
  5. In 1 hour after carrying out procedure to apply antimicrobic means on a site.
  6. It isn't necessary to put cosmetics on a face within 5 hours after expression.
  7. It is before going to bed recommended to wipe all face infusion or a camomile decoction and a chistotel, and after to apply on the inflamed site antimicrobic means (for example, Levomekol or Streptotsidovuyu ointment).
  8. After awakening it is necessary to wash carefully a face and to wipe it curative plants decoction.

If all actions are made correctly, the place of an inflammation has to become imperceptible. In this case it is possible to start drawing a make-up. It is worth remembering that the acne is much simpler to prevent manifestation, than to cure.

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