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How to clean short moustaches over a lip - effective methods

In this article the site %host of % will tell how to cope with such misfortune as emergence of noticeable short moustaches in girls. We think, all will agree that it is ugly and therefore we will tell why they appear, we will consider various ways of removal and you will know as to clean short moustaches over a lip.

Why short moustaches at women grow?

The hormone - testosterone is responsible for growth of hair on a body. This hormone man's and increase of its level in an organism conducts to "the increased hairiness", more deep voice, changes of womanly lines of a figure. This factor can be genetic and be inherited from relatives. But, happens that the hormonal system glitches and it conducts to emergence of hair places, (especially dark) in unnecessary for girls. If short moustaches over a lip at you appeared suddenly, and to inherit "usatost" to you there is nobody - it is necessary to descend on consultation to the endocrinologist. Emergence of short moustaches can conceal in itself not only esthetic trouble, but also be the cause of hormonal violation and deterioration of health that soon can emergence of moustaches will be shown by more terrible symptoms, than.

To delete or not?

Many are afraid to begin removal of undesirable hair, especially on a face, explaining it to that hair will start growing even more densely, thicker and are more black. Also don't do about it anything, or clarify hairs. The clarified hairs will also be noticeable, the light down will glare on light, especially on the sun. An image of the moustached girl even if and with light hairs not the best decision, a coma the appearance is important. Therefore the answer one - hair needs to be cleaned. Of course, if short moustaches are hardly noticeable, clarification as a way to clean short moustaches over a lip can be option. But to be necessary to remember that the clarifying chemical substances can strongly irritate skin.

To shave or not to shave?

Undesirable a face hair it is better not to shave, after all they quickly grow again. Because from cut off the razor, the edge of a hair to become rigid, thick and prickly. Therefore the answer - not to shave.

How to clean short moustaches over a lip?

The best decision is an epilation, i.e. full removal of hairs with a bulb. Isn't necessary are afraid of pain, it is quite tolerant, as a rule the subsequent procedures all less painful. And a zone of removal of short moustaches over a lip very small, therefore it quickly and practically without unpleasant feelings. What advantages of an epilation over an upper lip:

  • Skin remains smooth and pure without excess hairs very long (till 2-3 weeks)
  • At constant wrest of short moustaches, hairs slabnut, grow more and more seldom, is thinner and is lighter and finally can absolutely cease to grow on a skin site where constantly do an epilation
  • Hairs won't be prickly since the hair starts being formed anew in a hair hole and grows with a thin tip.

We will consider only the most effective and the best, in our opinion ways of disposal of short moustaches:

Removal by sugar paste (shugaring). This removal of hair special sugar paste. It is possible to buy ready composition of paste, it is possible to address to salon to the master of a shugaring. It is also possible to make independently in house conditions, after all in it there is nothing difficult. The composition of paste is a sugar, water and lemon juice (lemon acid).

Plastic sugar syrup is rolled on skin slowlyagainst growthof hair anddeletewith the sharp movement of a handpaste on growth of hair. Together with it short moustaches are cleaned. A method less travmatichen for skin, than removal by wax. Skin remains very smooth and soft, and that the most important without short moustaches!

How to prepare paste:

  • Sugar - the 5th tablespoons
  • Lemon acid - a half of 1 teaspoon
  • Water - 1 tablespoon

To cook all components on slow fire before yellowing of weight, constantly stirring slowly. As weight will become color of amber, we switch off, we allow to cool down and it is possible to use. In more detail how to do sugar an epilation in house conditions you look here.

Short moustaches over a lip can be cleaned by means of a thread.
 This type of an epilation is called trading. That it is necessary to put definitely an ordinary strong thread and the simple movements to drive a method essence a thread on skin. The twisted thread will take hairs as an epilator and to pull out them from skin. Trading - very popular way of removal of hair. Decades east girls use it. A thread many hairs, in difference move away from tweezers and very quickly at once. This way of removal of hair is used generally on a face, pushkovy hairs are removed even.

Pluses of removal of short moustaches by means of a thread:

  • Skin isn't injured at all since at removal of hair the thread takes hairs. It isn't necessary to stick to skin of anything and sharply to tear off as it occurs at a wax or sugar epilation.
  • There is no irritation as it can be after use of hair removal cream or decolouration.
  • Very economically and quickly - only the thread and some trainings is necessary. Of course, it is possible to find the master who owns such technology of removal of hair.

To remove short moustaches forever. If you want to remove hairs once and for all, it is necessary will address to cosmetology salon where it is possible to clean short moustaches over a lip in the different ways:

  • Laser epilation - removal of hair by means of light which has a certain range.
  • Electroepilation - removal of hairs a low-power electric discharge.
  • Photoepilation - removal of hair pulse light
  • ELOS an epilation (the combined way) - a combination in one device of the laser and current.