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How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

What girl doesn't dream to have long and dense eyelashes? Sometimes it isn't possible to create necessary effect by means of ink therefore they resort to application of false eyelashes. For their fixing special glue on which quality duration socks of products depends is used. As a part of glue contains cianoakrilat, and still superglue which to remove not so simply.

But there comes the moment when it is necessary to delete false eyelashes. Process is very delicate, after all everything needs to be made so that not to do much harm to the native eyelashes. For these purposes it is possible to involve means for removal of a make-up, oil and even usual glue. Actually not and there is a lot of ways, but they are very effective. If you don't want to use false eyelashes, try ink Loreal Superstar with effect of false eyelashes. Here responses.

Use of a debonder

This means – solvent which influences eyes and eyelids aggressively. For it the characteristic smell which is similar on acetone is peculiar. Will buy it is possible in any drugstore, and to apply very carefully.

How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

To carry out procedures for removal of false eyelashes qualitatively, it is necessary to observe the plan of action:

  1. For carrying out procedure it is necessary to provide excellent lighting and carefully to protect a lower eyelid.
  2. To impregnate cotton wool with the specified means and to carry out it on artificial hairs from an outer edge.
  3. It is necessary to move from an external corner, carrying out the easy movements. For 3-4 minutes the debonder is obliged to dissolve glue.
  4. to take hairs fingers. Again to carry out debonder on eyelashes, thus, to clean the glue remains.
  5. At the end to wash warm water.

On video — how to remove false eyelashes about use of a debonder:

Oil use

To remove false eyelashes, it is possible to apply any oil of a phytogenesis. He will become the excellent assistant in this simple business. It is best of all to choose for this purpose castor oil or oil of a burdock. They will allow to remove safely more unprofitably hairs, but also to revitalize the natural eyelashes.

How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

Process of carrying out procedure differs in nothing from that was given above. Tiresomely to take a little cotton wool and an adhesive tape which to arrange under a lower eyelid. To apply oil on cotton wool, and then to process the chosen oil. Duration of procedure will make 15 minutes, but and skin of eyelids you don't cause any harm to eyes.

How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

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Before passing to removal of eyelashes, it is necessary to wait when passes half an hour since that moment as processing was made by oil. It is possible the help in addition fingers, carrying out the easy massage movements. And here by means of tweezers it is possible to remove quickly come unstuck product. But it will be possible to do it only when glue was completely dissolved.

If you tear off hairs with a force, it will be very sick, and still there is a risk that you injure the native eyelashes. Advantage of this house way of removal of false eyelashes that oil solution can be held more long than decree time, after all is rendered by it safe influence is made.

On video — how to remove false eyelashes by means of oil:

Cream use

This method is considered the most available in every sense. Usual cream can be found in an arsenal at each girl. And if so it happened that it didn't appear, it is possible to buy it in a drugstore or shop. And it isn't obligatory to buy an expensive product at all.

It is possible to buy the most usual cream and to receive the maximum result. Of course, it is possible to use the cosmetic product received from such herbs as a camomile, a calendula. They will render the calming effect and will allow to be restored as fast as possible to skin of eyelids, and also native eyelashes.

How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

Process of removal of false eyelashes is carried out in the same way, as in the methods described earlier. And though each of the presented ways differs on the rendered effect and safety, to carry out procedure on elimination of artificial eyelashes in house conditions today absolutely simply. If to carry out incorrect actions when using special structures, such as a debonder, and also to do the sharp and inaccurate movements, the eyelashes, skin of eyelids and health of eyes can do much harm.

Where you wouldn't decide to carry out procedure on removal of artificial eyelashes, it is necessary to remember that after it integuments of eyelids, eyes and the eyelashes demand special attention. For these purposes it is necessary to use the special cosmetics allocated for restoration of eyelashes, eye drops with the calming effect, a camomile decoctions and calendulas – all this will allow you to be restored extremely quickly after use of false eyelashes. Also read, false eyelashes on glue how many keep.

On video — how to remove false eyelashes by means of cream:

Professional tools

In house conditions at removal of false eyelashes it is possible to use not only the means described above. Today there is a number of professional products which help to solve the arisen problem. But it is necessary to apply them most carefully, as some of them aggressive.

It is possible to carry to professional tools:

  1. Liquid for removal of eyelashes. This product works very effectively and quickly. But has also a number of shortcomings: at its use there is an unpleasant smell and evaporation which render irritation to eyelids and mucous eyes. If it gets to eyes, it leads to strong burning. It is necessary to wash out at once eyes a large amount of water. Because of the insecurity most of experts in salon ceased to use such structures. How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove
  2. Gel remuver. This modern means for removal of eyelashes which has a dense consistence. Advantage of structure is lack of its zatekaniye in eyes. On the rendered effect this product differs in nothing from a debonder, it also evaporates and isn't suitable for ladies with sensitive integuments. How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove
  3. Cream remuver. This fine decision for those who decided to remove false eyelashes of the house independently. The product has no smell, doesn't flow. It needs to be applied on the basis of eyelashes to distribute on all length. With such structure procedure becomes the most comfortable and takes a little time. How to remove false eyelashes in house conditions, than to remove

And though more unprofitably eyelashes enjoy wide popularity, and it is all the same necessary to delete that skin of eyelids and an eyelash could have a rest. It is possible to make such procedure in house conditions, applying simple and available means. Everything to do the main thing about the instruction and not to experiment, then everything will manage to be made qualitatively and without consequences. Also read, on what it is possible to paste false eyelashes. How to use false eyelashes bunches, it is possible to read according to the link. If you have increased eyelashes, here it is possible to watch video how to look after the increased eyelashes. Also examine pluses and minuses of the increased eyelashes.