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How to remove false eyelashes?

How to remove false eyelashes?

Beautiful, dense eyelashes – the female weapon of exclusive force which literally is forcing down from feet of men. The same whom the nature didn't award with such ornament, can use achievements of modern science and to make a make-up with false eyelashes.
In shops eyelashes of different types and different flowers are on sale, beginning from cheap Chinese "disposable" eyelashes, and finishing with expensive production of known brands. The last, by the way, can be used several times, they perfectly remain at the correct leaving.


To paste false eyelashes not so difficult, it can quite be made independently, having used the instruction on packing and accessories: brush and glue. Other question: how to remove false eyelashes if any producer didn't take care of that information on it reached consumers. Probably, foreign experts believe that all our women regularly visit beauty shops and make cosmetic procedures exactly there. However most of our compatriots got used to do by all the hands. For this majority we spread detailed instructing how to remove false eyelashes of the house.

How to remove false eyelashes?

It will be necessary for you:

  1. Some wadded disks. Two of them will be used for a preliminary compress, the others – for putting cream and the subsequent removal of its remains. At will it is possible to use also a Q-tip.
  2. Olive oil, fat hypoallergenic cream or the means for removal of a make-up containing vegetable or mineral oils. It is possible to use special means for removal of false eyelashes – they are on sale in shops of professional cosmetics. It makes sense to get these means if you use laid on jewelry regularly.
  3. Tweezers. Of course, it is possible to do procedure by means of own fingers, but with tweezers it will be more reliable, faster and more convenient.

Operations procedure

Step 1. Preliminary

Before unsticking false eyelashes, take care of that this process was painless for your eyes and eyelids. The preliminary compress not only will help to remove laid on jewelry, but also will prevent possible irritation. In the beginning well soften glue. Make it so: wet wadded disks warm boiled water of room temperature or tea (without sugar!) also put them on eyes. Wait some minutes, remove disks. Now your eyelids are ready to procedure, it is possible to begin.

Step 2. Softening

Take one more dry wadded disk and apply on it a little fat cream, olive oil or means for removal of a make-up.

Special means will be ideally suited for professional removal of false eyelashes. It is possible to use for this purpose a Q-tip, it as to you is more convenient.

The softening means are put with a thin strip. Avoid hit in eyes. Then it is necessary to wait some minutes. During this time glue will be softened, and it will be possible to start the following stage of procedure.

Step 3. The most responsible

Accurately raise edge of false eyelashes by means of tweezers, trying not to touch own eyelashes thus. Carefully take off laid on jewelry. Don't do sharp movements, act slowly and accurately and don't forget that it is better to tear false eyelashes (even the most expensive), than to spoil the own.

Step 4. Finishing

Here eyelashes are also removed. Now it was necessary only to remove the glue remains. For this purpose it is necessary to walk on eyelashes a special soft brush or simply carefully to wash. Treat responsibly this step: the glue which remained on eyelashes can cause an inflammation or an allergy.

Upon termination of procedure grease the eyelashes with a small amount of burdock oil – it will save eyelids from an inflammation and will present natural gloss to your eyes. By the way, regular use burdock or castor oil will strengthen your eyelashes, will make them more dense and who knows, maybe, will lead to that the effect of false eyelashes will appear naturally.

Some words about rules of storage

Now you know how it is correct to remove false eyelashes. What to do with the unstuck jewelry? Really to throw out? No way. If you found "the form", keep loved jewelry once again to make a make-up with false eyelashes for a photo. Eyelashes can be used several times, of course, on condition of the correct storage.

It is necessary to store false eyelashes in the special container, in that in which they were on sale. Remove the remains of glue and cream from false eyelashes, dry up them and lay in the "native" container before the following use.

By the way, cosmetologists don't recommend to use false eyelashes too often as this procedure not too well affects a condition of eyelids and eyelashes.

How to remove false eyelashes?

And finally some more councils. You don't hurry and don't worry before removing false eyelashes – video and photo instructions will help you to work correctly. Look as professional cosmetologists do it, and make in the same way and if aren't sure of the forces, visit beauty shop better. Your biggest enemy is your fear. If at you before procedure hands shiver, you will be able to do irreparable harm to own eyelashes therefore be extremely careful and attentive.

The magnificent video lesson which, undoubtedly, will fix read by you above is given below. Video contains both recommendations to putting on, and councils for removal of eyelashes.