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How to return to skin elasticity. Councils for care of not elastic skin

How to return to skin elasticity. Councils for care of not elastic skinSkin loses the elasticity not only at mature age, but also in the young. The Atonichnost can be both congenital, and acquired.

At young people skin can become weak and not elastic because of a nervous breakdown, and also owing to the wrong care of appearance, hormonal violation, improper feeding, abuse of cosmetics not on age.

Usually skin withers with age, after 30-35 years when estrogen level in an organism decreases. Skin loses a tone, the quantity of wrinkles increases.

The wrong care of appearance is meant as bathing in excessively hot water, it dries up skin, that becomes weak, becomes thinner. What can you undertake in this case? Stop taking hot baths, pass to the contrast souls increasing elasticity of skin. Buy a milk and various a body oils that skin was well fed and moistened. After a shower it is possible to use the following mix: to add some drops of rosemary to oil of avocado. Such mix well tones up skin, increases its elasticity.

At improper feeding, abuse of coffee, pure insufficient reception, it is necessary to take necessary measures too. First of all, reconsider the food allowance, let in it there will be more vegetables, fruit, various porridges, dairy products, accept polyvitamins, especially vitamin C which is responsible for elasticity of skin.

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Many girls often abuse cosmetics, buying them not on age, fondly believing that the cosmetics intended for women is more senior than thirty years can bring them to young skin more benefit. Conclusion: the cosmetics needs to be selected for age.

Skin can lose the elasticity at observance of a strict diet and fast weight loss. It is necessary to grow thin gradually, differently your skin will stretch and will become flabby.

At hormonal violations, for example, at diseases of a thyroid gland, skin too loses the elasticity. It is necessary to address to the endocrinologist urgently.