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How to make soft heels and skin a foot in 10 minutes


The coarsened skin on heels is familiar practically to all and as there is a wish that the Piglet was smooth, soft as at the baby. We care of face skin, hair and nails, we do a peeling of a body and a beautiful make-up. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the heels and skin quickly grows coarse, becomes rigid, perhaps there are cracks. Today the site %hostof % will tell how to make soft heels for only some days.

How to make soft heels and skin a foot in 10 minutes

So, to make soft heels it is necessary to prepare:

  • Special file for heels (as is one photo lower). It is better not to use pumice, and to buy a special file for feet, it is similar to a nail file, but only in an enlarged view. The nail file has to be fine-grained. With a large dusting the nail file won't approach. Usually such nail files are on sale bilateral - one party more rough, and the second party - with smaller abrasive. Best of all the small abrasive deletes rough skin. Since it doesn't tear apart skin, and well it polishes and softly grinds off the become horny particles. Without doing harm to gentle and healthy skin. Such files happen a different form and on the different basis - a tree or plasticity.
  • Any suitable foot cream.
  • It is a little water.

How to make soft heels and skin a foot in 10 minutes


How to make soft heels in only 10 minutes

To delete the coarsened skin as it isn't strange, we will be without rasparivaniye of feet. All the matter is that when the feet which are steamed out skin inflates. Of course, heels become more smooth, but not absolutely. Also normal skin is injured that in turn conducts to its fast nagrubaniye.

  1. Clean and dry heels need to be greased with cream. To wait some time that cream was completely absorbed in skin. Skin before procedure has to be completely dry.
  2. Now we will take in hand a special file for heels and we will a little wet it warm water and we will shake surplus of water. The nail file has to be a little damp to the touch.
  3. Now it is necessary to rub simply problem places on the stupnyakh - heels, the foot sole acting parts. All places which need a careful peeling. A damp file the fast movements we rub skin. After a while (about half-minute) can be noticed how the coarsened skin on heels slushchivatsya and lags behind heels. It is possible to do such procedure in a bathroom, having spread a towel that on it all unnecessary was poured. As the nail file will dry up, it is necessary to moisten again it with water and to continue to grind the Piglet. To do until completely you don't polish a heel.
  4. After that it is already possible to wash up again legs and it is good to miss the mark them with the fat and moisturizing cream and to put on soft socks.

After one such procedure which will take not enough time - about 10 minutes, it is possible to feel noticeable transformation the Piglet - they, at last became soft, smooth and pink. Absolutely, as at the baby!

For more rough heels and a thick layer the coarsened skin on them needs some such procedures during couple of days. Simply repeat next day again this procedure - to apply cream on dry skin and to allow it to be absorbed completely. Then, a damp nail file for heels it is good to grind skin, to wash and again to smear with cream.

Photo Piglet: 1 - the heel which yet didn't undergo procedure, 2 - the Piglet after such procedure.

How to make soft heels and skin a foot in 10 minutes

By means of such simple and simple actions it is possible to make easily and quickly soft heels and all skin of a foot. Try and at you surely it will turn out the result wished to achieve!

For prevention of coarsening of skin use every day the moisturizing and softening foot cream and time a week simply polish the Piglet in such a way. Also, it is important to carry convenient footwear and more often to go barefoot on something soft.

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Also, it is recommended:

  • Never to cut off rough skin scissors, an edge or the razor. First, it is possible to be wounded, bring very strongly an infection and to get pain and an inflammation - beautiful shoes you won't put on any more!
  • Not to use rough pumice. It is better to use srubs which are also easy for preparing independently. For example, to mix any vegetable oil with ground coffee and this weight to do massage on moist skin. Or to use a purchased srub in a tube.
  • Not to delete the coarsened skin from heels after a skin rasparivaniye. As it was already told above, normal and healthy skin from water inflates and is softened and it is easy to damage it abrasives. Therefore, often it turns out that after drying - skin, it seems and smooth, but all the same dry and rigid to the touch. All because we damaged it aggressive influence. As a result of it, skin includes the protective reaction and quickly grows coarse even more strongly.

Now you know as quickly to put the legs in order and how to make soft a heel and a foot. Be beautiful!