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How to remain in shape in the winter: 4 secrets of a slim figure

Many women and some men all life pursue beauty, irrespective of age and the period of year. At everyone the understanding of beauty, for example, in Japan in at one time among girls artificial imitation of the expressed canines which gave to the face of naivety and similarity to teenagers enjoyed wide popularity. For this purpose they stormed stomatologic offices. The same Japanese, frankly speaking, pigeontoe to give to an image of childishness and to look younger. In our culture idea of beauty consists in a harmonious slim figure and the well-groomed person. Modern Russians attach significance to a figure - it has to be tightened and without excess weight.

At everyone there is a lot of means and ways for maintenance of beauty, but not all of them are effective. To what methods to address to support a figure in the winter when so there is a wish to sleep and to do nothing? How not to be lazy and take care of the own life? We will sort answers to these questions in this article.

How to remain in shape in the winter: 4 secrets of a slim figure

Why the figure "suffers" in the winter?

The majority are solidary in opinion on what for winter months we put on weight and we lose former beauty of a figure. Why so occurs?

We move to winter time much less: walks on rainy or snow-covered streets can't be such long, as in the summer. Having more free time at the order, many start eating more. Decrease in physical activity in combination with the plentiful use of food is followed by addition in the weight and loss of a slim figure.

Many notice that in cold months there is a wish to eat more. In it there is nothing surprising, after all the organism at the subconscious level prepares for winter, reserving subcutaneous fat, thus all other processes are slightly slowed down therefore power consumption becomes smaller, from where and extra kilos.

The exit one – to move more. To go on the house up and down - not option, it is necessary to be engaged in a winter sport and properly to eat.

Options for support of a form in the winter

Units manage to have a slender body all the year round, most often it is the people never suffering from excess weight with a fast metabolism. But, if you don't treat this category of people, reflect on a choice of a type of leisure actively to spend time and not to gain excess weight.

The skates – an effective sport always to be in shape

Trainings on a skating rink are considered as one of the most productive sports in respect of power expenses in the winter. Today the skates help not only to remain in shape, but also to meet friends, to spend time in the company behind communication. Team games on the skates allow to stimulate passion, thereby to spend more energy during a driving. Attributes for occupations by any kind of sport can be found and compared at the price on the http://novosibirsk portal

That give the skates for a figure:

  • During driving it is possible to burn to 400 kcal in 1 hour of training. Measured driving will allow to get rid of 250 kcal but if to make efforts, or taking part in team games, it is possible to burn all 400 kcal.
  • Burning of fat happens evenly on all body. It much better than, say, at desire to get rid of the drooped stomach, to swing a press in a gym. During skating practically all muscles are involved and excess fat leaves evenly on all body. Skating belongs to aerobic loadings, therefore effect from trainings the maximum.
  • The general endurance of an organism increases and muscles become stronger, and it means that with each subsequent training you will be able to make more, respectively, to spend more fat.
  • During occupations in the open air blood is sated with oxygen therefore duration of training can be increased, unlike occupations indoors where the fatigue occurs quicker.

Gym – a cozy place for support of a form in the winter

If you categorically don't take out cold and you don't accept to freeze, your choice – a cozy and warm gym. In a hall it is possible to spend time with big advantage for a body and not to feel the discomfortable feelings caused by change of weather. The modern gym has a maximum of conditions for comfortable trainings.

That from time to time there was no desire to stay at home instead of visiting the hall, choose sports club which is near yours at home. The probability to refuse training in the remote hall because of bad weather is much above.

In a hall it is possible to be engaged not only on exercise machines, but also to test the mass of other directions (krossfit, aerobics, Pilates, etc.). For those who can't force to train himself, group trainings where the trainer convinces you that it needs to be done are thought up, shouting and giving to "kick" verbally and even physically - necessarily if his words weren't convincing from the first.

Run in the winter – advantage for a figure and an organism hardening

Run – training which oxygenates blood and improves mood. Practically it is necessary nothing for training, only sneakers for run and clothes - a layered clothing and a membrane jacket. Features of run differ from run during the summer period in the winter, after all in a cold time of the year there is a danger to catch a cold, but at the correct approach you benefit only for a figure and an organism.

The main rule of winter run – to inhale through a nose. Inhaling through a mouth, it is possible to catch a cold. Also pay attention to footwear - it shouldn't slide on snow. Duration of training can initially be within 15 minutes that the organism got used to loading and cold air. Gradually, duration of jog can be increased, leading up till 30-60 minutes, but no more than that.

How to remain in shape in the winter: 4 secrets of a slim figure

Tracking of a food allowance

That who can't be adjusted on physical exercises in any way, except correction of a food allowance, remains nothing. In the winter we need the same quantity of food, as well as in the summer therefore you shouldn't overeat. It is necessary to watch closely the diet and the figure won't suffer.

  1. How to remain in shape in the winter: 4 secrets of a slim figure Try to eat warm products, to have tea (without sugar) more often and is in the small portions. Tasty tea (with herbs, berries, spices) reduces appetite and promotes saturation.
  2. Don't overeat! Define for yourself a serving size from which you gorge on and be limited to it, don't eat more.
  3. Don't forget that during the winter period many bodies suffer from a lack of vitamins. For example, the thyroid gland assumes big blow therefore needs support in a type of iodine which is in sea fish, onions, a persimmon. If you often freeze in the winter, eat more ferriferous products (bean, mushrooms, apples).
  4. You watch that day began with a breakfast, but not a lunch or a lunch. Have surely breakfast for an hour after awakening. It will load with energy, won't allow to overeat during a lunch and "will start" an organism.
  5. We don't forget about fats which are important in a diet, completely it isn't recommended to refuse them. During the winter period in a daily diet there have to be 55% of fats of an animal origin, the others – vegetable. Caloric content of a diet of the average person which is occupied with brainwork, during the winter period shouldn't be higher than 2400-2600 kcal.

How you manage to support a figure during the winter period? Share in comments!