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As it is correct to look after artificial nails

As it is correct to look after artificial nails To a celebration or without cause each woman wants that her hands were decorated by faultless manicure. But what to do if nails thin, constantly break and don't allow to grow them to the necessary length? Today this issue is resolved by means of building. After this procedure you will be able to enjoy nails of a form necessary to you and lengths with graceful design.

If you used building for the first time, begin with not really long nails better, having got used to them, you will be able to carry longer. It is necessary to remember that after building nails will need special leaving. That they long remained beautiful and well-groomed, it is necessary to conform to several simple rules.

1. At a campaign to the pool, a bath or a sauna try to be accurater. Remember that nails are harmed by sharp change of temperatures. After an exit from a bath well wipe hands a towel and allow nails to cool down.
2. Be accurate at the address with a knife and other kitchen devices, them it is possible to injure artificial nails.
3. Know that artificial nails are capable to burn therefore you don't bring a hand close to naked flame. Hands can't also be cooled strongly, it will make nails more fragile.
4. If your nails are covered with gel, be accurater as such nails have a glossy surface which quickly spoils.
5. Remember that artificial nails need to be corrected from time to time, for this purpose it is necessary to visit the master who will hide material part of the grown nail.
6. To correct a nail it is necessary to use a file, but only not metal. It is forbidden to use for this purpose scissors and nippers.
7. To remove a varnish from artificial nails it is necessary to use means which are intended for removal of a varnish, in most cases they don't contain acetone which harms to nails.
8. When drawing a varnish on nails, specify, whether gel and acryle is its part. Making a choice for expensive varnishes, know that high quality not always is behind high price. Upon purchase of a new varnish don't forget to look at its expiration date and a consistence.
9. Remember that the excess quantity of a varnish on nails, prevents them to breathe that subsequently can worsen their look. It is known that on artificial nails the varnish remains more long, than on natural nails.
10. The final rule says: it is forbidden to remove independently artificial nails, for this purpose it is necessary to address to the master. Natural nails can suffer from such house experiments, having become dry and thin.

Conforming to these not to the difficult rules, your nails will remain well-groomed and beautiful for a long time!