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How to look after feet. Councils for beautiful legs


We use aromatic oils

How to look after feet. Councils for beautiful legs At perspiration of feet oil of a cypress, a sage, a tea tree, orange is recommended.
• To feet which quickly are tired, oil of a lavender, rosemary, flax will give help.
• Dry skin patchoulis, Myrrha, a santalaceous tree will put in order oil.
• At "cold" feet will help, oil of a peppermint, an eucalyptus, rosemary.

Trays for feet

• Indulge the feet with trays in the evening, having added to them various structures.
• Add to a basin with water a little milk, lower in it feet for 10 minutes, and then pound feet a lemon. Skin will become velvet!
• The tray with cubes of ice and menthol will remove puffiness and will have the weakening effect.
• A tray with mint infusion (4stolovye spoons on 3 liters of boiled water, to draw 40 minutes).
• The tray with infusion of lime color and table salt will remove hypostases.
• Tired feet will recover trays with a nettle, mother – the stepmother, a plantain, crumpled.
• Will improve blood circulation a tray from fir-tree needles and table salt (on 1 tablespoon on 1 liter of water).
• The tray with a calendula is shown for disinfection of the burst skin and prevention of fungal diseases (1 tablespoon on 1 liter of boiled water).

Daily leaving

• Once a week you carry out peeling of the top layer by means of a srub for feet.
• After a shower don't forget to wipe a foot pumice or a special grater.
• You apply special creams, gels only on dry skin of feet.
• To feel it is confidently in any situation, not to feel discomfort use foot deodorants.
• At strong perspiration of feet it is necessary to grind bark of an oak in the coffee grinder and to powder feet a feather of subjects how to put on footwear.
• You go barefoot more. This best means for strengthening of muscles and joints of feet, immunity increases, good massage of reflex zones. Refuse houses socks and a slipper. Accustom feet to the rigid soil. The grass, small sand will be suitable for the first walk. The tracing-paper and gravel stimulate work of kidneys, and walking on asphalt barefoot – work of a brain.
• Grease a foot with foot cream, wrap up a plastic bag, put on cotton socks and you hold hour 2 or all night long. Don't put on woolen socks – skin will be wrinkled.

The making foot creams

• Glycerin, urea – keep moisture.
• Camphor, menthol – refresh.
• Oil of a tea tree possesses antiseptic properties.
• An alpha – hydroxyl acids delete the become lifeless layer and do skin gentle.
• Concentration of active agents, in foot creams, very high. Never use them for other parts of a body.