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How to look after skin by means of oils

How to look after skin by means of oils Our skin – very important body therefore it is necessary to look after it not only to look beautiful but also to be healthy. Many cosmetic brands include in structure of the production valuable oils, such as Shi's oil, oil of grape seeds, olive, peach, wheat germs, coconut today.

Cream, balms, a milk, masks with oils it is possible to buy in shop, and it is possible to look after skin by means of house cosmetics on the basis of oils. Dry skin treats oils especially kindly. Oils can be combined and applied in compliance with their properties and type of your skin. Here some recipes of such house cosmetics.

Masks on the basis of oils

The means, most popular and simple in preparation, on care of skin are masks. Olive oil, which advantage it is known long ago, it is used not only in care of face skin, but also for all body, nails and hair. And masks on its basis can bring much more benefit. For example, it is possible to take an oil tablespoon, a yolk, a sex of h. – everything to mix honey spoons. To apply with the easy movements on clean face skin and necks for 20 minutes. Very much well such mask nourishes skin, improves a tone and complexion. The mask is good both for normal, and for dry skin.

For fat skin it is better to use oil of grape seeds. It easier, is well absorbed, possesses the anti-inflammatory and knitting properties therefore it can be recommended even for problem skin. For a mask it is possible to take an oil teaspoon, and as much aloe juice. We mix and put for 25 minutes, then we wash away warm water, we wipe a face an ice cube to narrow pores.

House cream with use of oils

With use of oils it is easily possible to prepare simple house a face cream. For example, such: 2 tablespoons of peach oil and 10 drops of lemon juice are good to shake up, add a yolk of one egg. Cream turns out thinnish, it is best of all to apply it for an hour to a dream, and then to remove with a napkin that didn't manage to be absorbed. He perfectly feeds, humidifies and fights against pigmentary spots and freckles. It is possible to store some days in the refrigerator.

The following recipe well is suitable for skin on which the first signs of aging are visible. Take on a teaspoon of lanolin, honey, 1st. a sea-buckthorn oil spoon, everything mix and put to be heated on a water bath. There afterwards send the pounded yolk and pulp of a quince (1 tablespoon). After mix gets warm to 40 degrees, remove it and carefully move everything. You store cream in the refrigerator in the closed container it is no more than a week.

Easy way to support skin beautiful and elastic

Before taking a shower or a bathtub, apply on all body olive oil with a thin layer, leave it for half an hour, and then make a simple natural srub of weak coffee and honey. After such procedure skin to become smooth and gentle, all sections are updated. Finish leaving by putting almond or peach oil directly on moist skin.