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How to tighten internal part of a hip — exercise, video

The girl keeping the figure always aspires to the ideal body and pays enough attention to problem zones. One of such zones is the internal part of a hip. Are badly involved in everyday life of a muscle of this zone and practically don't work. Their force weakens, they become thin and weak. In this part of hips excess fat likes to accumulate, cellulitis is formed. Skin on internal part of a hip is thinner, than in other places. Therefore it easily stretches, loses a tone. As a result of a foot and a hip look unattractively. How to correct it? Very simply!

We tighten internal part of a hip — exercises, food, leaving

How to tighten internal part of a hip — exercise, video

Today the site %host of % will tell as it is possible to tighten internal part of a hip and will show simple and very effective exercises for study of this zone which can be carried out in house conditions. Video training is conducted by the all-around champion of the world on powerlifting, the honored trainer Anna Kurkurina.

Exercises are directed on strengthening of muscles of internal part of a hip, weight loss and disposal of excess fatty deposits. Training takes place in active and cheerful speed, with the encouraging comments. You will be engaged with mood by all means under this remarkable video training. Next day it will become precisely clear that muscles of internal part of a hip well worked. The unexercised person after unusually load of muscles has a delayed onset muscle soreness — painful feelings in 1 — 2 days after training. You shouldn't be afraid of it — you on the right track!

These exercises can be connected in your main training or to carry out at any convenient time. We are engaged 3 — 4 times a week and we carry out the exercises given below. We watch food, it is less than sweets, pastries more proteinaceous food. To tighten skin regular cosmetic procedures — a peeling, massage, various creams for elasticity of skin will help. All this will help to put quickly the legs in order, to receive the tightened strong muscles, elastic skin and an attractive silhouette.

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Exercises on internal part of a hip consist of three videos. Trainings it is possible to alternate or carry out everything in one day. Everything depends on your preparation. Occupations need to be begun with warm-up and to finish with an extension.

Video training, exercises for internal part of a hip