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How to treat the cone on a foot thumb: 2 effective ways

The problem of formation of the cone on a thumb of a foot is familiar not only to women aged, but also to young girls. Painful deformation leads to small and unpleasant restrictions in life — periodic pains, difficulties in a footwear choice, it is impossible to wear elegant, beautiful shoes and heels and such cone unattractively looks. What to do? Today the site %host of % will tell as to treat the cone on a foot thumb why it appears and whether it is possible to get rid of it for ever.

How to treat the cone on a foot thumb: 2 effective ways

Why there is a cone on a finger

Valgusny deformation of a finger of foot, namely so sounds the diagnosis, is not only a cosmetic problem. Deformation represents by sight the formed cone on a thumb joint. But actually, no cone and an outgrowth is present there (though in hard cases on a joint fabric expands). This deviation of a thumb (the first plusnevy bone) with an inclination in inside therefore the basis, the head of this stone starts sticking out with outer side.

At healthy foot all fingers are located in parallel each other and strong tied by sinews. But at change in the copular device, the thumb starts deviating. As soon as there was a small deviation, load of foot increases and is distributed incorrectly that aggravates a problem. Over time the sticking-out stone becomes even more noticeable, there is an inflammation and pain. It becomes difficult to pick up footwear, the sticking-out cone is exposed to friction and causes discomfort.

Reasons of emergence of the cone

  • Heredity. If your mother or the grandmother has sticking-out cones on a foot, most likely they will appear and at you;
  • Frequent circulation on heels and in close footwear. High heels create strong load of a thumb joint therefore weak sheaves stretch and can't hold a stone in correct direct situation. The close, narrow footwear forces to bend a foot thumb, thereby provoking a disease;
  • Inactive way of life;
  • Work "standing" where it is necessary to stand long;
  • Excess weight;
  • Platypodia;
  • Diseases of joints.

 Stages of valgusny deformation

  1. First stage. The tilt angle of a thumb is no more than 20 degrees. At this stage many don't even notice an onset of the illness.
  2. Second stage. The inclination of a thumb makes 20-30 degrees. Here the stone can already cause discomfort, at long walking, on heels causes painful feelings.
  3. Third stage. Shift of a thumb on 30-50 degrees. The cone starts being ill, disturb strongly when walking.
  4. Fourth stage. The tilt angle of a finger makes more than 50 degrees. The stone is in the constant inflamed state. The aching pain doesn't pass even in rest. At this stage deformation can will appear and on other fingers.

How to treat the cone on a foot thumb: 2 effective ways

How to treat the cone on a foot thumb

Ways of treatment depend on a stage of a disease and share on conservative and surgical. Unfortunately, national methods aren't capable to cure a stone. Various trays, compresses, yodovy grids are capable to relieve pain and an inflammation only. Therefore surely address to the orthopedic surgeon that he made the correct diagnosis and I appointed treatment.

Small deformation can be corrected by means of various orthopedic means: special bandages which strongly fix a thumb in the correct situation, without allowing to progress a disease. Bandages happen two types, the first are used only during rest, for example for the night — they densely fix a stone, but disturb walking. Other clamps are used in daily a sock, they more compact also can rush under footwear, have an appearance of a slip, or a mezhdupaltsevy insert.

Indispensable condition in treatment of the cone on a finger is use of orthopedic insoles or special orthopedic footwear. At continuous carrying orthopedic insoles the form of foot comes back to the correct state.

How to treat the cone on a foot thumb: 2 effective ways

Special massage, gymnastics and physiotherapeutic procedures helps with treatment of the cone on a thumb of a foot. They are directed on strengthening of muscles and sheaves which will keep naturally the sticking-out stone in the necessary situation.

Strong deformation can be corrected only in the surgical way. Now such operations malotravmatichny also allows to return quickly to habitual life, but already with beautiful and healthy foot.

Video. Surgical treatment of the cone on a toe

Video. We treat the cone, a stone on a foot without operation. Exercise and gymnastics

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