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As it is correct to use an epilator

The epilator by right is considered the irreplaceable device. It allows to remove hairs with a root, doing skin gentle and smooth. However, as well as any other business, use of an epilator includes the features which need to be considered. Here the initial length of hair, the direction of the movement, preparatory procedures and other nuances belongs. That removal of vegetation took place without damage to nervous system, adhere to practical recommendations and follow the basic rules.

As it is correct to use an epilator

Principle of work of an epilator

The epilator — is the device with the built-in disks or tweezers from metal. Connecting the tool to a network, elements rotate and take hairs, deleting them with a root. On the majority of modern epilators the speed of rotation is regulated. It is necessary to make a start from pain and result which you wish to achieve.

The first tools were created with the purpose to remove excessive vegetation standing and in the field of axillary hollows. Already later modern producers started letting out epilators with nozzles which are suitable for an intimate zone and the person.

Depending on nozzles it is possible to achieve not only removals of hairs with bulbs, but also to make massage of the processed zone. At the expense of it blood circulation is accelerated that allows to carry out procedure less painfully.

Some manufacturing firms supplied the production with cooling function which slightly "freezes" skin, preventing severe pain (it is actual for sensitive type).

Modern devices suit everything, irrespective of a pain threshold and number of hair on a body. At will you can use the tool on a stomach, a back, a breast, shoulders, armpits, feet, lines of bikini.

Advantages of an epilator

  • procedure without effort can be conducted independently;
  • ease of use, convenience of storage and cleaning;
  • extras aren't required;
  • hairs are removed with a root;
  • long result;
  • rather small cost.

Epilator shortcomings

  • loudly works (not all models);
  • duration of carrying out an epilation (in comparison with depilation);
  • morbidity of procedure.

Why it is necessary to use an epilator

Girls and women who did depilation by the machine earlier, know that shaving doesn't delete hairs with a root. The edge cuts off only the top part which towers over skin. Thus the bulb remains inside therefore the new vegetation appears in 2 — 3 days. The epilator of similar feature has no, its main mission — to pull out a hair together with a bulb, doing skin smooth within 3 — 4 weeks.

Use of an epilator doesn't demand additional skills. The device is convenient in application therefore procedure can be conducted independently, without overpaying to beauty shops. As for an epilation this tool extras, everything aren't required that it is necessary for you — the device.

Features of application of an epilator

As it is correct to use an epilator

  1. Speed. As it was mentioned earlier, on an epilator there is a lever which allows to regulate the speed of rotation of disks or tweezers. At a small power it is necessary to delete rigid and short hairs as strong rotation will break them, and the root remains inside. If you use an epilator for the first time, painful feelings won't manage to be avoided, especially at a small speed. There is no sense to increase the power because such course will reduce efficiency of procedure. After a certain term skin will get used to loadings, the epilation will pass quicker and more without serious consequences. Only then you will be able to increase the speed as hairs will become thinner owing to what they will be easier to be removed.
  2. Length. During depilation by the machine it is optional to let grow dense "head of hear" standing, armpits or in a bikini zone. It is enough to steam out skin then to shave vegetation absolutely. In a case with an epilator such step won't manage to be taken, you should suffer 2 — 3 days till that time until hemp grow to 0,4 — 0,5 cm. To remove a hair with a root, nippers have to capture him entirely.
  3. Equipment. An epilator it is considered to be important feature of removal of hair that the device needs to be conducted against growth of hair. Otherwise there is a risk of that you will carry out on one straight line several times, having increased morbidity of procedure. Thus the effect remains on zero. As for position of the device in a hand, you keep it under an inclination to that party to which you move. Don't try to depilate by strong cave-in of an epilator in skin. You won't increase efficiency of procedure in this way. As a result skin will become angry, on it there will be scratches from nippers or disks. Conduct the tool slowly and evenly, don't press strongly.
  4. Rasparivaniye. It is considered to be a lack of an epilator morbidity from carrying out procedure. To minimize discomfort, steam out skin before an epilation. Take a hot bath with sea salt and essential oils. If there is no bathtub, steam out to a term under a hot shower, the main thing, wait for the moment when a time opens. After a rasparivaniye the root will come to a surface much easier as the top layer terms will become softer. This condition is obligatory if you decided to get rid of vegetation an epilator.

Epilation of separate zones

Depending on the processed zone it is necessary to use an epilator differently. For example, the area of bikini is considered delicate therefore approach to it has to be corresponding. We will consider an epilation of each zone, we will provide practical recommendations.

Epilation of feet
If to speak about the most sensitive sites of skin standing — it is area under knees and anklebones. Other zones get used to procedure quickly enough therefore you won't feel the expressed pain. It is difficult to carry out an epilation the first 3 — 5 minutes, further the discomfort falls down. Because feet have a big and equal surface, procedure takes place rather easily. It will take from you 30 — 45 minutes.

As it is correct to use an epilator

To prepare feet for the forthcoming epilation, steam out skin in a bathtub, then carry out scrubbing by means of a coffee thick. The similar course will remove the become horny particles of skin and will pull out the grown hairs on a surface. Further disperse blood a rigid bast, rub each foot about 3 minutes.

All manipulations need to be carried out in 45 — 60 minutes prior to procedure, not earlier. After you leave a bathroom, dry wipe skin and make massage (rubbing, pat, a shchipaniye). A preparatory work is ended, it is possible to include an epilator on slow speed and to begin removal against growth of hair.

Bikini zone epilation
The bikini area by right is considered the most sensitive. In this zone the maximum quantity of painful receptors therefore the epilation will pass with discomfort is concentrated. Whenever possible you carry out procedure with spray/gel use (for example, "Emla") which possesses the freezing properties at the expense of the lidocaine which is a part.

Also special cooling mitten which can be got in shops of cosmetics will approach. Girls which skin is sensitive to pain, prefer to drink the anesthetizing preparations before including an epilator.

Before beginning procedure, take tweezers, remove some hair from internal part of a hip (in the area of pants). The actions you will let to skin know that mass wrest of hair will begin soon. After that process delicate leather alcohol, vodka or an anti-septic tank to prevent entering of an infection.

After all hairs are removed, prepare broth on the basis of a medicinal camomile. Moisten in it a cosmetic tampon, wipe skin. Thus you restore natural cell regeneration and prevent irritation.

Epilation of axillary hollows
In spite of the fact that the area of armpits rather small, it demands special approach. Hair settle down in a hollow therefore during an epilation they delay skin and aren't removed completely. Correctly to carry out procedure and to minimize discomfort, pull epidermis while you conduct an epilator on an armpit.

If you have too long hair in the field of hollows, they need to be cut to 0,5 cm. Otherwise pain will be twice stronger. After you finish an epilation, wipe skin cosmetic ice on the basis of camomile broth. Apply the healing cream or lotion, don't use a deodorant within 6 hours.

Practical recommendations

As it is correct to use an epilator

  1. In the field of bikini and axillary hollows it is very difficult to receive good coupling of tweezers with hair. To increase efficiency, cover skin in these zones with children's powder without fragrances or on the basis of a camomile. Talc will make a stem zone thicker, and also will absorb in itself surplus of hypodermic fat and sweat which it is marked out during an epilation. As a result you won't need to see off on one area 3 — 5 times.
  2. Don't panic when you see red points on skin. This feature is a consequence of mechanical influence, in it there is nothing terrible. After 3 hours of them there will be no trace also. However if you use the regenerating and moistening means on care of skin to an epilation, such pigmentation can be avoided. If points don't vanish within two days, you have too sensitive skin. We recommend to pick up a different way of an epilation (wax, sugar paste, the laser and so forth).
  3. To reduce discomfort during procedure, begin an epilation with the most sensitive areas. For example, standing — anklebones and a zone under knees, in the field of bikini — the line of pants (internal part of a hip). When skin on these sites gets used to pain, further manipulations will be painless practically.
  4. At a choice of an epilator it isn't necessary to save on the comfort. Don't choose the cheapest model without additional nozzles and functions. Give preference to well proved firms on care of skin, their ruler optimum is suitable for use in house conditions.
  5. Before beginning an epilation, examine a place on which the excessive vegetation will be removed. On it there shouldn't be birthmarks, warts, vascular asterisks, the sticking-out veins (varicosity). Otherwise exclude this area, don't process it. Consider a safe way of removal, for example, the electrorazor.
  6. Get means which minimizes growth of hair after an epilation in cosmetic shop. As a rule, production is issued in the form of gels, ointments, sprays and creams, choose structure taking into account skin type. The similar course will help to reduce the frequency of carrying out an epilation owing to what the effect will be enough for a month, in certain cases more long.
  7. Some girls neglect a skin rasparivaniye before procedure, pain becomes intolerable. If you carry yourself to similar type of people, reduce discomfort by reception of a cold shower. Skin will calm down, you will need only to wipe it cubes of cosmetic ice and to wipe dry.
  8. Epilator it is considered to be alternative options of removal of hair sugar paste and wax. In the first case skin is warmed previously owing to what need of a rasparivaniye for a bathroom disappears. The second option consists in drawing the melted structure on the processed site, and then further removal of vegetation against growth.

It is simple to use an epilator in house conditions if to observe the step-by-step instruction and practical recommendations. You watch that length of hairs was not less than 0,5 cm, steam out skin and do scrubbing before carrying out procedure. Wipe the processed sites camomile broth to exclude probability of emergence of irritation.

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