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How to wash away henna in house conditions: reliable recipes

Not lost the popularity over the years, henna belongs to harmless means for coloring of hair. The bright and juicy shade possesses rather good firmness. Women are however inclined to experiments with hairstyles and a hair color. An important lack of coloring by henna – it is very difficult to recolour hair after such influence.When it is necessary to clean the turned-out shade, it is important to know how to wash away henna from hair in house conditions about what will tellthe %site %host

 How to wash away henna in house conditions: reliable recipes

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Vegetable dyes enjoyed popularity for a long time, giving not only color to hair, but also rendering medical effect. Among leaders in the world market in this segment – henna. Chemical paints, even the most resistant professional, can give on such hair unpredictable effect (up to a green, orange or yellow shade of locks). How to be? There are simple ways giving the answer to a question how to wash away henna in house conditions.

From what hair it is easier to wash away henna?

Stylists in this question are unanimous – the more time passed from the moment of coloring by henna, the it will be more difficult than it to wash away. It is easiest to achieve satisfactory result during the first two-three days after coloring. Therefore as soon as the decision on need of removal of henna is made, it is impossible to delay.

How to be that who was several times painted with henna? In this case it is necessary to carry out a remover for some approaches during few weeks.

Masks of gradual action

Some of masks and the solutions applied on hair have gradual effect on the painted locks. They are applied with frequency in some days, reaching washing away of a red pigment.

Kefiric remover

Such ingredients will be necessary for creation of a house kefiric mask:

  • lemon juice ½;
  • 50 grams of usual yeast (not dry);
  • 1 tablespoons of honey;
  • 50 grams of kefir.


In a pan to pour out kefir, to add honey. To enter, well stirring, yeast. That mix started wandering, putting in heat for 30 minutes. After that to add lemon juice.


To apply on dry clean hair in the evening and to leave on the head on all night long. It is better to take away wet hair under a shower hat. From above to roll up the head a towel. To wash away water with shampoo use in the morning. This remover can be applied every other day before achievement of the necessary effect.

The swept-away remover

As a mask the soured sour cream is used. It is applied evenly on locks, from above put on a hat for a shower and wrap up the head with a terry towel. It is necessary to maintain a mask not less than an hour. Wash away water with use of shampoo.

Acetic remover

With warm water to add some spoons of vinegar to a basin. Hair dip into solution and maintain about 10 minutes. After procedure wash the head in the habitual way.

The soap

One of options – application of a usual laundry soap of dark color. Hair are soaped carefully and maintain structure on the head literally 5 minutes. It is necessary to wash away usual shampoo and it is good to rinse.

Complex stage-by-stage remover

This approach includes stage-by-stage processing of locks for achievement of the best result.

1 stage: red pepper

For wetting of locks of hair use tincture of red pepper. After drawing maintain 5 minutes and pass to the following stage.

2 stage: oil mask

Oil or oil mix are warmed up up to the warm temperature. Ringlets grease evenly, from above put on a hat for a shower and wrap up the head. Maintain half an hour.

3 stage: clarification

To wash away structure shampoo. It is necessary to carry out procedure several times. As oil is difficult washed away from hair.

4 stage: rinsing

In a basin pour warm water with the vinegar dissolved in it (at the rate of 3 tablespoons on 10 l). Immerse hair in acetic solution or water the head, scooping solution a scoop.

Remover for elimination of reddishness without change of color

If completely it isn't required to wash up color, and it is enough to eliminate bright reddishness, it is possible to apply the recipe on the basis of coffee. Henna is mixed with coffee in the form of powder, observing a proportion 2:4.

The received mix is filled in with boiled water and applied on half an hour or hour. For this recipe instant coffee, scalded or their mix can be used. After keeping – to wash away.

Useful tips

It is very important not to do much harm to hair in the course of a washing of henna. That the result only pleased, it is necessary to adhere to certain simple rules concerning house removers:

  • for preparation of removers (and for their enrichment by any "poleznost") use only natural products;
  • means for elimination of a color pigment needs to be applied only on clean hair;
  • not to rub structure in roots;
  • it is necessary to hold masks on hair from a quarter of hour till 60 minutes if in the recipe it isn't specified differently;
  • to use not more often in 2 once or 3 days;
  • having picked up for itself a remover, it is recommended to test it on one lock which in case of failure can be hidden in a hairdress;

After the long period of coloring, it will be possible to wash away henna for 5-10 times, it is necessary to stock up with patience.


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