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How to bleach face skin? National, natural and safe recipes

Pigmentation on a face appears for many reasons, it and because of internal diseases, and because of influence of aggressive sunshine, and also appears during pregnancy. Happens also such that suntan on a beach turned out very intensive, and such suntan as we know, visually ages the person.

Freckles too belong to one of kinds of pigmentation of skin, often have hereditary character or appear with age, and also at long stay under the sun. In the winter and in the fall they usually turn pale, but in the spring closer by summer are shown on a face very brightly.

Initially was considered that light skin does a face visually younger therefore in Ancient Egypt people bleached the skin in the different ways. In France court ladies, besides bleaching, did a make-up which basis was whitewash containing lead on skin than thoroughly spoiled the skin and health.

How to bleach face skin? National, natural and safe recipes

Bleach skin in various ways. East women bleach skin two types of creams. One of them has the weak bleaching effect and can daily be used, including as care of face skin. The second type of cream is used very seldom, can bleach for one-two times even the most dark skin, but such creams aren't safe.

It is possible to bleach skin in the medical centers and in beauty shops. Here different options are possible, beginning from a mesotherapy and biorevitalization and finishing with special masks, srubs and creams on a vegetable basis for safe bleaching of skin which in beauty shop select individually.

It is possible to bleach skin natural means independently

To do compresses of the bleaching means.We impregnate a gauze with active ingredient (one or to make mix of several): lemon juice, parsley broth, whey, juice of a cucumber or simply kefir. It is necessary to impose a compress on well cleared skin for 10-15 minutes, then to wash away water and to apply the moisturizing cream. It is necessary to do such compresses not more often than 2 times a week.

Also well such masks help:

MASK FROM PARSLEY Crush parsley greens, add a teaspoon of liquid lime honey and a spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Well mix all ingredients and apply on face skin. To hold a mask of 30 minutes, then to wash away warm water.

CUCUMBER MASK the Small cucumber needs to be rubbed on a small grater, to add a spoon of lemon juice, a spoon of kefir and a spoon of any cosmetic oil + 3 drops of essential oil of a lemon. Carefully to mix. To put on a face for 30 minutes and to wash away water. After a mask to wipe a face a cucumber segment.

The most strong means ishydrogen peroxide. Not absolutely naturally, but it is effective and it is harmless at the correct application.

After clarification of skin before applying the moisturizing cream, it is necessary to wipe a face wadded sponzhy, moistened3%with hydrogen peroxide, then again to rinse a face with water and already to apply cream.

Before applying this means, be convinced thatperoxide solution no more than 3%, check a product expiration date. Sometimes happens that at the wrong way of storage of peroxide of hydrogen, water from it evaporates (for example if the lid was badly closed) and concentration of substance becomes higher and if such solution gets on skin - chemical burn will be got.

Every day wipe a facea cucumber segment, parsley broth, a lemon segment. Also well bleaches soda solution, it is necessary to dissolve a small pinch of soda in water (one tablespoon) and to wipe skin.

Bleaching is recommended to be done in the winter or in the fall as the bleached skin becomes very sensitive to the sun.

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