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Irritation after an epilation

Irritation after an epilation

Epilation – procedure of removal of hair from separate sites of a body. It differs from depilation in that deletes a hair together with a hair follicle. The irritation after an epilation – the unpleasant phenomenon which every second girl faces (regardless of skin type), and it is normal, experts speak.

Emergence reasons

The epilation – procedure without which life of the modern lady doesn't do, but even it demands the victims. Microdamages after procedure respond red points on a body, an itch and unpleasant appearance of a surface of skin. During procedure "body" of a hair and its back is exposed to mechanical damage. The last, by the way, surpasses thickness of a hair in the size and injures cages from within. Here it – the reason of formation of irritations.

Red points appear from an epilation – wax, sugar, laser, a photoepilation and a usual epilator. All this potential irritants for our skin. So, main reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon following:

  • The first reason– mechanical influence on a term at the expense of a hair vyryvaniye with a root. The hair follicle closely "cooperates" with the nervous terminations in cages. When it (a hair root) inconsiderately is torn out, all suffer – both the woman, and a hair, and its root. Especially hardly it is necessary skin.
  • After removal of a root of a hair production of skin fat increases. It literally clogs up pores that becomes the reason of emergence of irritation and partial growing of hairs.
  • During an epilation the become horny skin layer in addition is removed – pay attention to dry motes on an epilator or in sugar paste, it and is "dead" scales.
  • Too thin and sensitive shit will become covered by irritations anyway is its anatomic feature, and it is necessary to reconcile to it. Small rashes (and even an itch) pursue such woman long, but experienced users of an epilator and wax could think up some simple ways of fight against troubles – about it read below.
  • That skin which didn't get used to a frequent epilation yet, is exposed to irritation. At first (before half a year) skin can strongly react, but gradually the itch and reddenings will come to naught. Already later a couple of hours after procedure of removal of hair it will be possible to forget about such problems.
  • Low-quality wax, sugar, the dirty become blunted epilator can become the reasons of emergence of reddening of skin and cause more serious consequences – an allergy and gnoynichka. To prevent it, look after the epilator and address to the certified masters with experience, recommendations and photos of pure offices in social networks.
  • The remains of wax or sugar on skin can cork epidermis therefore there are gnoynichka. Carefully clear skin after such epilation - by means of special liquids or national methods.

So, when red points appeared on a body after an epilation is a usual reaction of skin to an irritant, it is quite natural. But on one women these points stick to 10 minutes and disappear, others are tormented by two-three more days and are supplemented with an itch. How long they remain on a body, skin influences. On "thick" and not really sensitive rashes pass during a couple of hours. On light, thin, sensitive they can remain about two-three days.

If an epilation – a method of fight, too cruel for you, against hair, it is worth giving preference to depilation (to removal of hairs the razor or cream). However and it doesn't suit for daily application – the irritation all the same will overtake sooner or later. During depilation the superficial body of a hair is removed, and already days later it starts being pricked unpleasantly.

How to avoid?

The correct preparation for an epilation will allow to reduce the scale of its manifestation. Well cleared and in advance prepared skin will tell you "thanks". It is possible to allocate the following useful recommendations:

  • Before removal of hairs clear skin by means of a srub – approximately in 24 hours. Abrasive parts will remove the become horny cells of epidermis and "will open" a way to a hair root. They will push aside obstacles in a way to a hair follicle. It is possible to use a srub one couple of hours prior to carrying out procedure or just before it. If skin very sensitive and thin, is better to make it in some hours.
  • Clear skin by means of disinfecting structure is there can be a hydrogen peroxide, alcohol to 70 degrees, "Miramistin" or any pharmaceutical product.
  • It is possible to steam out skin previously. Then it will be easier for hair bulbs to pass through the opened time on its surface, and they will injure less skin. Cosmetologists praise a rasparivaniye method not always.
  • If you use an epilator, it is possible to cool skin strongly. Then pain as reaction of the nervous terminations on a body will become dull will in addition decrease.
  • After procedure surely apply the moisturizing cream on the body sites "struck" with an epilation: "Bepanten", "Pantenol", the usual children's – doesn't matter. It is good if as a part of a product there are calming components - an aloe belief, plant extracts.
  • Before a campaign in a cosmetology office don't visit a sauna or a bath 3 days. It isn't recommended to carry out the steaming-out procedures, however a shower need to be taken even.

After an epilation it isn't recommended:

  • to kill skin 2-3 hours (it is desirable to abstain more long - till 12 o'clock);
  • to sunbathe 2-3 days;
  • to use a srub (it is possible only in days two, not earlier);
  • to apply spirit tinctures and lotions.

Place which was subject to procedure, cosmetologists recommend to leave in natural state and to provide comfort and rest - for example, not to put on linen and to choose free cotton clothes (if there was a bikini epilation), not to put on the fitting trousers and stockings (during removal of hair standing).

The area of the person is especially sensitive, and irritation over an upper lip or in eyebrows – the most unpleasant consequence of an epilation. To get rid of already formed reddening, cosmetologists recommend to process a site thermal water or soft tonic without alcohol. It is possible to use usual peroxide or broth of herbs. They recommend to freeze broths of herbs in cubes which not only will help to remove urgently irritation, but also will be useful in daily care of the dermy.

If reddening so strong that causes discomfort, pain if it led formations of spots or pigmentation is a serious reason for the address to the cosmetologist or the dermatologist. Perhaps, the infection got into skin.

How it is correct to depilate?


Doesn't matter where there will be hair – in armpits, on hands, feet or a stomach. Their length has to be 0,5-1 cm. Apply the warmed wax on a body against growth of hair or on it (is suitable for sensitive skin), put a paper strip from above, press down it and wait for drying of structure – about 10-30 seconds. Breakthrough tear off a strip on growth of hair. To lower pain, press fingers an epiliruyemy site is considerably will lower sudden pain and will allow skin to calm down rather.

Use of wax strips – one of the most available ways of an epilation in house conditions. Previously warm a strip in palms and paste it on a body site on growth of hair. That its form approached under body contours, it is possible to cut off corners or to change a form in general. When the strip is pasted, smooth it a palm and sharply pull in the direction against growth of hairs.


Conditions same – the size of hairs has to be at least a half-centimeter. Apply the kindled sugar mix on skin on growth, roll it within 5-10 seconds, taking hairs. Remove with the movement on growth a "sweet" strip is it is necessary to do sharply.

Sugar is considered the safest and available method of an epilation of area on a face. Take a little sticky weight and put it on a site over an upper lip. Fingers distribute it on a surface and in roll hairs in weight. Remove with the Ryvkoobrazny movements paste against growth of hairs.

How quickly to calm skin?

To get rid of the reddenings on skin caused by an epilation pharmaceutical products antiseptics and the moisturizing creams will help:

  • any children's cream;
  • "Boro plus";
  • "Miramistin";
  • "Bepanten";
  • "Pantenol";
  • "Hlorgeksidin";
  • the calming a face lotion without alcohol;
  • thermal water;
  • any ointment or cream against burns.

If the irritation doesn't pass long time or you are the supporter of traditional medicine, will help:

  • Juice of leaves of an aloe belief: cut a leaf of a herb lengthways and put it on "wound".
  • Medical
  • plants decoction: camomiles, chistotela, calendulas. It is necessary to make a grass and to allow it to be drawn during a couple of hours then it is necessary to wipe affected areas.
  • Mix from any basic vegetable oil (olive, vegetable, a coco) and extract of a tea tree, a camomile, a lavender.
  • Children's powder.

How to clean?

The best way to clean irritations – to prevent their emergence thanks to thorough training, check of structure on an allergy and an expiration date. It is necessary to stock up with pure strips (for a wax epilation) and brand new pallets for drawing and distribution of structure. It is necessary to put near himself wadded disks and the calming lotion. Don't forget about disinfecting lotion.

Wax and sugar can cause an allergy therefore surely carry out the test for allergic reaction before the first procedure. Apply a little structure on a bend of an elbow and assess a situation in 10 minutes. An itch, reddenings, rashes – an occasion to refuse house procedure.

Pharmaceutical antiburn ointments and creams will help to reduce the formed redness: due to the easy texture they are quickly absorbed in epidermis and excellently reduce irritation. To clean a redness instantly, alas, it turns out not always. It is sometimes better to apply one cream after an epilation, than each three minutes to wipe poor skin grandmother's tincture. By the way, the constant friction wadded disks too can become the reason of strengthening of irritation. Wiped skin once - and will be enough, next time undertake tonic not earlier than through a couple of hours. And it is even better to use spray - for example, thermal water. Here it will definitely not turn out to go too far in it.

Sometimes reaction of skin is unpredictable: after removal of hair the grown hairs or gnoynichka appear by any method often. All this slowly conducts to formation of pigmentary spots. The grown hairs disturb normal activity of skin and act on its surface as the huge inflamed heat-spots which it is necessary to delete in due time and accurately.

Nearly 9 of 10 cases of their removal give pigmentary spots. With them it is possible and it is necessary to fight. The srub will help to prevent their education. Clear skin with its help approximately one days prior to implementation of a wax epilation and don't forget to use means at least 2 times a week in time to remove the become horny cages and to set the direction to the growing hairs.

It is necessary to treat pigmentary spots long: it will be for this purpose necessary to wipe epidermis the clarifying structures (special lotions without alcohol or usual lemon juice, it is possible to use cream against pigmentary educations and to combine the listed ways). To prevent formation of inflammations and pigmentation will be helped by creams and gels against growing of hair - after procedure of removal of hairs they are always used both professionals in salons, and house masters. Pharmaceutical ointments - like "Fresh-water sponge" will help to cure inflammations.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving you look in the following video