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Whether eyelash extension is harmful: 5 facts about which it is necessary to know

Deciding on eyelash extension, pluses and minuses should be weighed after careful consideration. Thus there is no need to listen to councils "skilled" and those who only knows something about modern technicians of drawing false eyelashes, but never them used. We suggest you to consider 5 popular beliefs in harm of procedure. And to learn opinion of cosmetologists.

5 myths about eyelash extension and reality

  1. Your eyelashes will surely drop out. Certainly, will drop out even if you will carry out building in the most fashionable, licensed salon. The matter is that eyelashes drop out by the nature. Life cycle of each filament makes 200 days. And how quickly they grow and are restored, depends on care of skin of eyelids and existence in an organism of necessary vitamins. Visually harm of the increased eyelashes is swept very up: when you remove consignment notes, it seems to you that eyes became "bald". The reason is covered here that you already got used to observe dense and magnificent hairs on the centuries.
  2. Adhesive substances are very harmful. On a question, than eyelash extension is harmful, quite often answer: glue influence. If you use the cheapest, bought in a supermarket, consequences really will be serious. At best in a centuries or two there will be a film, in the worst — hypostasis and allergic reaction will develop. If procedure is carried out in salon with the license, for it the professional glue structures which aren't making negative impact on skin and hairs are used. But also in this case from probability of an allergy nobody is insured.
  3. The eyelashes will break. This fact belongs to the most negative consequences of eyelash extension. But also there are nuances. The break of native eyelashes in most cases is an indicator of nonprofessionalism of the master. If hairs of suitable structure were initially chosen, and drawing them is executed by rules, the break is extremely improbable.
  4. At removal the eyelashes always suffer. Many disputes on are connected with this fact, whether false eyelashes are harmful. But also in this case there are features. If to conduct removal independently, more than it is probable to remove the hairs together with artificial. If it is made by the master in salon, it will apply special means, quickly and safely dissolving a glue basis. In that case all your hairs will remain on a place.
  5. The effect keeps not for long. It depends on qualification of the master. Nonprofessional drawing will provide result of all for a week. The skilled professional will give a guarantee that hairs will stick to at least 3 weeks. In an ideal correction is carried out once a month.

Pluses and minuses of procedure

Considering these facts about the increased eyelashes, pluses and minuses can be weighed more consciously.

Eyelash extension — pluses

  • Your look is irresistible even if the nature deprived you of natural eyelashes.
  • You don't need to tint eyes. It you save time and money which usually spent for purchase of a brasmatik. By the way, qualitative ink costs at all not less, than procedure of correction of eyelashes.
  • You look ideally, irrespective of time of day — in the morning and in the evening.
  • You can change! It the different options of eyelashes providing different effects of a look allow: fox, squirrel, natural …

Whether eyelash extension is harmful: 5 facts about which it is necessary to know

Eyelash extension — minuses

  • The risk of allergic reaction — reddening of eyes, puffiness of eyelids increases.
  • False eyelashes demand self-discipline — it is necessary to refuse a habit to rub eyes or to sleep on a stomach.
  • It is necessary to carry out regularly correction — differently your eyelids will look comically because of the showered bunches.
  • It is necessary to find the good master — it, probably, the most important factor of durability of false eyelashes and their besproblemnost.


For whom procedure unambiguously isn't suitable?

It is necessary to consider surely specific features, planning eyelash extension. Harmfully or not this decision, you should specify at the doctor.

  • You carry contact lenses. In this case the risk of allergic reactions repeatedly increases. Moreover, except a usual allergy development of inflammatory processes is possible. In the started state the inflammation creates risk for health of eyes, destroys a retina.
  • You have chronic conjunctivitis. At this disease in centuries slow inflammatory process doesn't stop. Any intervention can entail its aggravation, consult with which it will be much more difficult, than usually.
  • Your native eyelashes very thin and weak. Of course, correction will disguise this defect. But fastening of false hairs on the thin native can destroy them completely. Specify at the cosmetologist how to strengthen the eyelashes. Most likely, to you will advise to complete a monthly course of therapy by castor oil, and already only then to carry out procedure.

So, whether harmfully to eyelash extension? Responses show that the majority of shortcomings allows to correct professionalism of the performer. It is also necessary to consider contraindications to this cosmetology procedure.