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Laser epilation: harm, contraindications and consequences

Each woman to strive for ideal beauty namely that her skin was pure and smooth – such is fashion of the XXI century. Especially this problem puzzles ladies during the summer period when there comes holiday and it is time to go on a beach to solar bathtubs.

Fortunately technologies don't stand on a place, to replace razors and wax depilation the laser epilation came. What does the laser epilation represent? It is a painless way of removal of hair which eliminates a hair together with a follicle. Some such procedures are capable to relieve you of hair vegetation forever.


Of course, it is remarkable that having made couple of such procedures, it is practically possible to forget forever about indumentum on not desirable sites of a body. It won't be necessary to torment itself daily shaving of feet and a prickly bristle any more.

Laser epilation: harm, contraindications and consequences

But, whether this procedure actually is good? That it will relieve you of hair it is indisputable the truth. Nevertheless you shouldn't forget about its contraindications and about consequences! In this article we will talk about, whether it is worth going for this treatment, knowing about possible consequences after it.

What contraindications are?

This procedure is considered rather expensive therefore if to neglect contraindications, it is possible to consider that you threw out money for a wind. The matter is that if to make procedure, for example, on suntanned skin, effect from a laser epilation you will rejoice absolutely not for long, besides the skin can do much harm. Therefore surely examine following contraindications:

  • It isn't recommended to carry out procedure on suntanned skin. It is best of all to make procedure during the spring period when the sun isn't strongly active. Also recommend some time to hide the processed skin sites therefore nevertheless it is better to make it during the cold period of year after the procedure.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Pigmentary spots or existence of birthmarks on a site of skin which will give in to influence of the laser. About nuances of removal of birthmarks you can esteem in separate article.
  • Infectious diseases such as SARS, flu, cold.
  • Period of incubation of the child and feeding by a breast.
  • By no means it is impossible to do procedure in the presence of a gerpesny infection or an inflammation on skin, and also malignant new growths.
  • Emergence of allergic reaction by the time of carrying out procedure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Varicosity.
  • Skin diseases, namely eczema, red wolf cub, psoriasis and to that similar.
  • To the persons which didn't reach 18 years. Before procedure it is necessary to get permission of parents.

Treat categorical contraindications:

  1. oncology;
  2. existence of herpes;
  3. gray hair;
  4. diabetes;
  5. individual intolerance.

It is important! To decide on this procedure, it isn't enough to know all contraindications to it, it is necessary to descend first of all on an appointment and to get its approval on procedure.

What consequences and complications can be?

As that harm procedure can't put, but nevertheless in the presence you some contraindications and the nonprofessional master can have some complications.

And so, in certain cases after performance of a laser epilation there is a strong puffiness and bruises, there can also be traces from burns reminding blisters. All these unpleasant consequences can arise only in case procedure was executed on recently strongly sunbathed skin. It is impossible to exclude nonprofessionalism of the carrying-out master also. Therefore, don't do a laser epilation on strongly sunbathed skin at all.

In certain cases people complain of a procedure inefficiency. It can be connected with hormonal violations. Therefore to get rid of undesirable vegetation, at first it is necessary to eliminate an initial source of emergence of this problem, and then to go on removal of hair a laser way.

And also also such negative consequences after laser removal of hair are possible: an allergy, herpetic rashes, conjunctivitis, a photophobia, hyperpegmentation and loss of sight in a case of hit of a laser beam on an eye cover.

Still very interesting fact is that removal of hair the laser can affect your hormonal system. The matter is that dying off of a large number of hair follicles can be incorrectly understood by your organism. Therefore it can try to correct a situation emission of additional hormones. It is quite natural, but nevertheless people with the broken hormonal system can suffer from it.

Considering above-mentioned possible collateral influences, it is heavy to speak about full harmlessness of this procedure. Stories are already known cases when not up to the end studied technologies were used in practice therefore, negative results were reached. Therefore to solve to you, whether it is worth taking the possible risk or to trust in the checked ways of removal of hair.

Laser epilation: harm, contraindications and consequences

Reviews of procedure

Natasha: The other day I went for the 5th treatment of a laser epilation. Depilated standing as there are more forces constantly no them to shave. Everything was painless, any side effects didn't meet. I treated a choice of salon and the master seriously. I studied contraindications therefore went for treatment after recovered after a catarrhal disease.

Sleepyhead: With result it is happy! Constantly I do removal of hair over an upper lip. Now though it isn't a shame to go outside. There was a small reddening after procedure, but in some days itself took place.

Katya: The laser epilation didn't help my acquaintance as went with short moustaches, and still goes with them. Possibly it because it east blood. It has by nature very black and hard hair.