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Laser epilation at pregnancy: in total about contraindications

During pregnancy at the woman growth of hair on different sites of a body becomes more active. To look beautifully and sexually many of them resort to the most radical measures. We will understand, whether it is possible to do a laser epilation during pregnancy and whether are available for procedure of contraindication.
Laser epilation at pregnancy: in total about contraindications

In total about a laser epilation

Procedure is directed on destruction of roots of hair which passes as a result of flash of the laser. Hair follicles heat up and die off. The main advantage of procedure is efficiency. After it the risk of emergence of the grown hair is minimized.

During such type of an epilation the easy discomfort is felt, but strong pain from it isn't present. It is also possible to allocate the following pluses:

  • speed of carrying out;
  • it is possible to do on any sites of a body.

It is possible to carry the following to shortcomings:

  • procedure is suitable only for women, having dark hair;
  • if the unskilled master works, there can be burns;
  • the high cost of service as it is carried out in beauty shops and clinics by dermatologists and cosmetologists.

Whether it is possible to carry out procedure in "interesting" situation

To do or not an epilation during pregnancy? The even qualified doctors can't unambiguously answer this question. One is for certain known that procedure has no negative effect on a fruit. If you decided to make an epilation being the pregnant woman, it is worth studying some recommendations to which each future mummy has to follow:

  1. Before a campaign in beauty shop visit the gynecologist and consult with it. If it is required, make the necessary tests.
  2. To carry out a laser epilation it is necessary to be in time at that time, so far small term. Allegedly count on the first trimester of pregnancy.
  3. If you plan to carry out an epilation of the white line of a stomach and a zone of bikini, procedure only on small term is also admissible.
  4. During pregnancy the organism of the woman is unpredictable therefore be ready to that it can tear away procedure and it won't work.
  5. Ask the doctor that made to you the personal schedule of visits and I calculated force of influence of a beam.

Though negative influence of a laser epilation is also not proved, nevertheless many doctors advise to postpone procedure for the postnatal period.

In spite of the fact that service doesn't give strong pain, your experiences and tension can be transferred to the child. Your organism all the same at this moment is exposed to a stress which negatively affects the child.


Pay attention when it is categorically forbidden to do an epilation even on early term:

  • existence of atopic dermatitis;
  • malignant new growths;
  • different types of infections;
  • some types of herpes;
  • diabetes and other endocrine diseases.

Be ready to that the epilation can cause serious allergic reactions to your organism. For a start carry out the shipping test. And better postpone procedure at that time when you already become a mother. Then the organism will behave in a different way.

Alternative to the laser

Best of all at pregnancy in fight against excess hair to use only means of depilation. They have advantages:

  • simplicity (it is possible to carry out procedure independently in house conditions);
  • there is no negative influence on an organism of the pregnant woman and future kid;
  • there is no pain, so any stress for development of nervous system of the child.

Treat safe methods of depilation:

  1. Shaving. It is simple, inexpensive and absolutely safe. At pregnancy procedure is quite admissible. Use special shaving machines for women.
  2. Cream depilator. It is rather safe method of removal of hair. In its structure there are harmful chemicals which help to cope with a problem. It is worth remembering that only the top part of a hair collapses and soon they will grow up anew.
  3. Cold and warm wax. Procedure is carried out both in salon, and in house conditions. Necessary wax can be got in a drugstore.

Additional recommendations

If you are in a condition of pregnancy, before deciding to do a laser epilation, once again study some councils:

  1. What harm for a fruit will be rendered by a laser epilation anybody therefore all responsibility lays down completely on your shoulders doesn't know.
  2. During an epilation which is painless almost, in an organism of the woman the stress hormone is all the same developed. It can provoke an abortion or premature birth.
  3. It is necessary to use cream depilators also with extra care. The chemicals which are a part can cause serious allergic reactions.
  4. The abundance of excess hair at pregnancy is a temporary difficulty which in some months will pass.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw only one conclusion what you shouldn't do a laser epilation during pregnancy. Too risky procedure which should be postponed until the best times.