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Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

Forever it is possible to get rid of unnecessary hair only by a radical method, having destroyed follicles from which they grow. In modern cosmetology laser radiation with a high power density is for this purpose used. The technology provides fast and almost painless elimination of defect without injury of skin and blood vessels.

Epilation – zones

By means of the considered procedure it is possible to destroy follicles absolutely on any site of a body with excess "vegetation". Laser removal of hair is carried out for such zones:

  • standard bikini (areas of hips on lines round swimming trunks)
  • deep bikini (in addition – a pubis, vulvar lips and a fold between buttocks);
  • person;
  • armpits and hands;
  • feet.

Laser epilation of bikini

Pubic hair often grow not only in intimate places, but also on nearby skin. This defect gives especially a lot of inconvenience at visit of the pool, a sauna or beach. The laser epilation of a zone of bikini will help to eliminate undesirable hairiness round shorts and swimming trunks. In the field follicles collapse easily because they large also contain a lot of melanin.

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

Laser epilation of a zone of deep bikini

Presence of undesirable "vegetation" on the specified site of a body is unhygienic, it complicates care of genitals and can become the favorable environment for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. On the eve of a trip to holiday such laser epilation too is recommended – deep bikini without hair will allow to carry any, even very frank, a bathing suit, and to look sexual.

Destruction of follicles provides the best esthetic result. The qualitative laser epilation interferes with emergence of irritation and growing of hair cores as it occurs after use of wax, a shugaring, an epilator or the razor. Skin remains healthy and absolutely smooth, without reddenings, the inflamed zones and purulent heat-spots.

Laser removal of hair in the person

Disposal of short moustaches and whiskers – one of the most complex challenges for the woman. It is senseless to shave them, and continuous wrest of hair provokes in any ways irritation and puffiness, negatively affects small blood vessels. The laser epilation of the person is the optimum and long-term solution of the described problem.

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

Efficiency and necessary quantity of sessions depends on color and the maintenance of a pigment in follicles. If it dark and it is a lot of, quite really laser removal of hair in the person forever. When "vegetation" light and pushkovy, is required more procedures and periodic repetition of courses for fixing of results and the most high-quality elimination of defect.

Laser epilation of armpits

Skin at hand women mainly shave, in the hygienic purposes it constantly has to be smooth, especially during a heat when sweating amplifies. Alternative of such exhausting leaving is the laser – armpits forever will remain without hair through 4-6 sessions in salon. Follicles in the considered area rare and large, contain high concentration of melanin, it is easy to process them radiation.

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

At the same time cosmetologists offer a full laser epilation of hands from the level of brushes to the line of shoulders. Women often disregard the top extremities, preferring not to depilate them, even if they long, dark and dense. It looks not esthetically and strange, especially is well noticeable when other areas are deprived of "vegetation".

Laser epilation of feet

Fight against defect on the presented sites can be carried out different technicians which majority provokes growing and irritation. Laser removal of hair standing doesn't cause such problems and has long-term effect. Procedure is especially recommended to owners of the skin inclined to dryness and inflammations, education vascular "setochek" when using wax or sugar paste. A laser epilation it is destructive affects only a hair follicle. Surrounding fabrics, including elements of blood system, remain healthy and intact.

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

Laser epilation – contraindications

For the considered technology there is a list of states when it is absolutely forbidden, and the list of pathologies at which its carrying out is allowed, but previously is agreed with the doctor. Cases when laser removal of hair – contraindications categorically isn't allowed:

  • oncological new growths;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • individual intolerance of radiation;
  • diabetes (dekompensirovanny);
  • pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • somatic dermatological diseases;
  • infectious pathologies;
  • serious illness of blood.

The relative ban on carrying out a laser epilation works in the following situations:

  • svezhepoluchenny suntan for up to 2 weeks;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of skin (eczema, dermatitis, herpes or psoriasis);
  • existence of multiple birthmarks in estimated area of processing;
  • tendency to formation of keloidny cicatricial fabric;
  • allergy in a sharp current;
  • varicosity of large and small veins;
  • respiratory and viral diseases;
  • presence of mechanical injuries of skin (scratches, ulcers, burns or grazes);
  • recent removal of hair sugar paste, tweezers, wax or thread;
  • age before the end of pubertatny maturing.

Procedure of a laser epilation

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

The effect of the described technique is based on ability of melanin (the pigment painting a hair) which is concentrated both in a core, and in a follicle, to absorb light of a certain length. The laser epilation represents process of radiation of waves of an accurate orientation and high density of energy. During procedure melanin absorbs light which is let out by the device, heats up under its action and destroys:

  • cages of a rostkovy zone of a hair core (matriks);
  • surrounding sebaceous glands;
  • the blood and lymphatic vessels which are responsible for food of a bulb.

After a laser epilation the follicle perishes, and the hair growing from it drop out together with roots. Processing of skin passes as follows:

  1. Epiliruyemy areas are disinfected by an anti-septic tank. If the client has a low pain threshold, epidermis is greased previously with local anesthetic.
  2. The gel improving conductivity of radiation and facilitating sliding of a laser nozzle for an epilation is applied on skin.
  3. The master selects optimum intensity and wavelength according to color, density and thickness of the deleted hair.
  4. The client and the expert put on goggles.
  5. The doctor puts a nozzle of the laser device to skin and gradually it processes. The epilation looks as bright and short flashes, is felt as a pricking and heat in a zone of growth of hair.
  6. Upon termination of the carrying-out gel it is cleaned, skin is again cleared and disinfected.
  7. For removal of irritation and reddening the calming preparation is applied on epilirovanny zones, is frequent – Pantenol.
  8. In 10-20 minutes surplus of means is cleaned by a napkin, and laser procedure is considered ended.

For achievement of desirable result it is important to be prepared for an epilation correctly:

  1. In 14 days prior to visit of salon not to sunbathe and not to pull out hair, to stop reception of antibiotics.
  2. For three days not to apply any production containing alcohol on skin.
  3. In 5-8 hours to shave the processed sites.

The device for a laser epilation

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

In progressive cosmetology 3 types of devices are used:

  • the diode;
  • the neodymium;
  • aleksandritovy.

What laser is better for removal of hair, the expert on the basis solves:

  • type and shade of skin;
  • color and density of undesirable "vegetation";
  • thickness of hair cores.

Diode laser epilation

The presented category of devices is suitable for processing only of light European types of skin. This device gets the majority of clinics and beauty shops because it inexpensive also is simple in service, but the epilation the diode laser has many shortcomings:

  • hair drop out not at once, and within the next 2 weeks;
  • diameter of a light bunch is too small that increases risk of burns and existence of the passed sites;
  • it is impossible to disinfect qualitatively a nozzle – it fixed.

Epilation neodymium laser

The considered type of devices the most powerful therefore with its help it is possible to depilate at any type of epidermis, and very light, and the most dark. It is the only device allowed for processing of swarty and Afro-American skin. Other advantages which the neodymium laser has – the epilation is absolutely safe and doesn't cause burns, the nozzle understands completely and disinfected.

Device shortcomings:

  • morbidity in comparison with other types of lasers;
  • doesn't depilate fine and fair;
  • works slowly, long and frequent procedures are required.

Laser epilation aleksandritovy laser

At this device the widest diameter of a light bunch and the unique cooling system that provides the fastest and painless carrying out a session. During laser processing the external part of hair burns down therefore the effect from their removal is swept up at once. The device is equipped with a large number of removable nozzles which are easily disinfected and will chemically be sterilized. The only minus characterizing the aleksandritovy laser – the epilation is possible only on skin of the European type. For suntanned and swarty epidermis to use it it is senseless and unsafe.

What laser depilates the fair?

Poorly pigmented "vegetation" is better eliminated with a diode and aleksandritovy type of the device. Skilled experts prefer the last type of devices because with their help even thin pushkovy hairs on a face effectively are removed. The laser epilation of an upper lip and chin is carried out by mainly aleksandritovy device thanks to the high speed of processing and the minimum morbidity of procedure. One more plus of the specified category of the device – it isn't necessary to shave previously a face hair, they will burn down during a session.

Advantage and harm of a laser epilation

Laser epilation - zones for laser removal of hair and contraindication

The described technology of fight against growth of unnecessary hair has many advantages compared with other methods of their removal (vaksingy, shugaringy and wrest by an epilator):

  • efficiency;
  • relative painlessness;
  • long-term result;
  • safety;
  • lack of inflammations and the grown hair;
  • speed.

Negative consequences of a laser epilation develop seldom and under certain circumstances:

  1. Allergic reactions. Are observed at people with individual intolerance of light radiation the picked-up wavelength.
  2. Epidermis burns. Arise only because of the bad or faulty cooling system in the laser machine, low qualification or mistakes of the specialist in an epilation.
  3. Conjunctiva inflammation, deterioration of visual acuity and photophobia. Pathologies develop if during procedure of an eye weren't protected by special glasses, and the laser bunch incidentally got on a cover of eyes.
  4. The exacerbation of chronic dermatological diseases, is frequent – herpes. Meets at clients the weakened immune system.
  5. Follikulit. Takes place at the increased perspiration of the patient or congenital predisposition to formation of purulent cavities.
  6. Hyperpegmentation of skin. Is registered at incorrectly picked up laser equipment and wavelength.

It is easy to avoid the listed problems if in advance to study the market of offers and to choose salon and the master with good reputation and existence of all necessary certificates. In addition it is possible to secure itself, following rules of the rehabilitation period after an epilation the laser machine:

  1. Not to sunbathe within 15-20 days.
  2. Not to visit pools, baths, not to take hot baths 72 hours.
  3. Not to use cosmetics with alcohol.