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The extending ink

The extending ink

Eyes – a window to the soul. Female eyes are the bewitching whirlpools attracting the mysterious shine. The special beauty to them is given by long fluffy eyelashes which do a look to more expressive and emphasize a section of eyes. However not each lady is by nature allocated with such wealth. Fortunately, the modern industry of beauty very far promoted in creation of various cosmetics, she didn't ignore the and female eyes. Mascara was so created. If you wear contact lenses or glasses – refuse use of the extending ink with fibers. The matter is that the microfibers containing in its structure can be showered and get under a lens. It will cause irritation of a cornea of an eye and can lead to emergence of inflammatory process. As for glasses wearing, put a little in other here – when blinking an eyelash will touch glasses, and it will lead to flaking and further dyeing of a product.

Among the available variety the special place is taken by the extending ink. With its help each woman will be able to receive smart eyelashes of which she dreams.

Each mascara, regardless of that, extending it, volume, tightening up or any other, consists of water, soot, various pitches, preservatives and dyes. The good product also contains the looking after components (castor oil, a keratin, lanolin, vitamins A, In, E). Such cosmetics carries out not only decorative function, it feeds eyelashes and protects them from harmful effects of environment.


The composition of the ink intended for lengthening of eyelashes includes also silk microfibres by means of which it turns out to extend each eyelash. There is it as follows: the microparticle clings to a tip of an eyelash and extends it, from above becomes covered by an ink layer for more reliable fixing.

There is one more kind of means for increase in length of eyelashes – bilateral ink with effect of building. Its tuba is divided into two parts: in one there is a special substance, as a rule, of white color with which eyelashes cover for creation of necessary volume, length. In the second part of a tuba there is an ink. With its help to eyelashes give a complete look.


The good extending ink has to possess a number of the following characteristics:

  • To have a special brush – a cone-shaped, cylindrical or helicoid form (for the best prokrashivaniye of eyelashes).
  • Density of ink for lengthening of eyelashes has to be average, not too liquid and not too dense. It is necessary in order that there was an opportunity to cover eyelashes in 2 layers, without making heavier them.
  • Time of drying of good ink shouldn't exceed 90 seconds. It will just be enough to correct length and a form of a ciliary row and to cover it with several layers of the chosen product. If ink dries too slowly, it can soil an upper eyelid, areas under eyes and eyebrows. If too quickly – you can not manage to achieve necessary effect, but on eyelashes there will be ink lumps, and they will look inaccurately.
  • One more property which ink for lengthening of eyelashes – absence of the strong sticking together effect has to possess. It is no secret that many women like a little bound together eyelashes creating "effect of tear-stained eyes", but for these purposes it is better to pick up a product for increase in volume. The extending ink, as a rule, contains the special substances preventing excessive pasting. Thanks to a special brush it is possible to comb out surplus of ink from eyelashes.
  • One of the most important indicators of quality of the chosen means – firmness. In an ideal it has to keep in the eyes from morning to evening. If already by a lunch you notice black specks or slices of the showered microfibres under eyes – refuse such cosmetics.
  • It is possible to remove the extending ink by means of simple water and soap, and also special means for removal of a make-up. If the chosen product isn't waterproof – do as you consider it necessary. At washing off ink shouldn't pinch an eye, form under them blue circles.
  • There is a wish to tell a little more on what such cosmetic has to have a brush. There is a lot of brushes. Only to you to solve what of them is more convenient – tightening up (having a small bend), flexible silicone, fleecy or not really, long or short. Try some options and decide on a choice.

What is best of all?

At once we will make a reservation – any opinion in this respect subjectively. The choice depends only on your preferences. To choose the best ink, pay attention to the next moments:

  • It has to conform to the international ophthalmologic standards, to be completely safe for sight.
  • The smell of a product shouldn't be caustic and unpleasant. In an ideal ink in general smells as nothing - or aroma pleasant and unostentatious.
  • The tuba has to be closed densely - otherwise the product will prematurely dry. There harmful microorganisms can get, and the product will become unsuitable and dangerous to use.
  • Don't use ink expired.

How to choose?

Of course, among abundance of various cosmetics it is very easy to get confused and become puzzled. Choosing ink, you have to pay attention to structure, firm manufacturer, a consistence, a form and the size of a brush, an expiration date, compliance to the international quality standards, hypoallergenicity. Read responses on the Internet. Remember that not always the price – a quality indicator. It is now quite possible to find excellent ink of the budgetary brand at very attractive price.

If there is an opportunity – use a sampler. So you will be able to understand, you suit the chosen product or not.


Now let's consider the rating made on the basis of responses of the women using the extending ink in a daily make-up. We will begin with the least favourite product, and at the end we will present the undisputed leader:

  • On the 15th line of a rating there is a Bourjois "Volume Glamour Ultra Curl" ink. Good qualitative means from the French firm. In structure there are looking after oils. Carefully paints over eyelashes, extends them and does volume and sexual. This effect remains throughout the day, ink isn't showered and not smeared. Is suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • 14 step is occupied by a product from L'Oreal Paris - "Telescopic Mascara Carbon Black". This means is ideally distributed on all length of eyelashes, dividing and combing them. Provides effect of lengthening. Contains B5 vitamin and beeswax.
  • Maybelline "Lash Sensational" ink was at the 13th place. Its brush has the curved form and possesses opportunity to tighten up eyelashes from roots, giving them a seductive bend. Well keeps on eyelashes throughout the day. Economic expense. Favorable price.
  • 12 place of a rating is held by "Diorshow" from Dior. The tremendous professional product possessing triple action: podkruchivaniye, lengthening, increase in volume. It is easily put, paints over eyelashes without weighting and pasting. It isn't showered and isn't smeared.
  • On the 11th place we want to put means of Divage "90×60×90". Excellent ink at the attractive price. Creates effect of the increased eyelashes, gives them density. You won't need to correct a make-up during the day – ink resistant, perfectly keeps, however is easily washed away by warm water with soap.
  • Further 10th line. Here waits for one more product from the L'Oreal Paris - "Volume Million Lashes Extra Black" company. This ink possesses a saturated pigmentirovannost, ideally paints over and extends each eyelash.
  • 9 place is taken by "Noir Couture Mascara" from Givenchy. Its unique patented brush represents three balls which are fastened in a row. Thanks to it ink is easily applied, combs eyelashes and gives them unsurpassed length. Contains a vitamin complex which looks after eyelashes, feeds them and protects.
  • On the 8th step "Masterpiece" from Max Factor becomes sure. Possesses all advantages of the good extending ink: divides eyelashes, paints over on all length, does a look open and expressive. On a choice there are 3 colors.
  • On the 7th place – a product of "Extra Super Lash" from Rimmel London. Thanks to a brush in the form of a spiral it is perfectly put, well extends eyelashes and increases volume.
  • 6 line – Relouis "XXXL Extreme Exciting Exclusive Luxury" ink. At rather low price she can quite compete even to luxury means. Perfectly studies each hair, tightens up eyelashes from roots, is suitable even for ladies who use contact lenses. It is very economic. Has saturated black color.
  • On the 5th place of our rating there is a wish to put a product from Yves Saint Laurent - "Volume Effet Faux Cils". Creates effect of the "doll" increased eyelashes. The look becomes very expressive. In a palette there are 5 color shades. Valuable nutritious oils are a part of ink (almond, saflorovy, kastorovy and argon).
  • On 4 steps there is a magnificent ink combining an ideal combination of reasonable price and quality – Vivienne Sabo "Cabaret". It has a small brush with a frequent bristle it is very convenient to them to paint over even the shortest eyelashes in corners of eyes. Contains a unique nutritious complex from oils and wax thanks to which eyelashes receive necessary care. With this ink long dense eyelashes and the increased man's attention are provided to you.
  • 3 place by right belongs to a product from the legendary Chanel - "Le Volume de Chanel Mascara" brand. This ink is good that doesn't demand layer-by-layer drawing – to cover quite enough eyelashes in one layer, and they will at once find the necessary volume and length.
  • The penultimate place of a rating is held by ink from Christian Dior - "Diorshow Iconic". Fine luxury ink which corresponds to all wishes – will make eyelashes long, fluffy, curved. Is suitable even for the most sensitive eyes inclined to an allergy. Very resistant, but it is easy to wash away it by means of water and means for washing.
  • The leader - a magnificent product of the highest class "Hypnose Star Mascara" from Lancome. This ink received the first place not only that it perfectly copes with lengthening of eyelashes and giving of volume to them. It also promotes their growth and increase in quantity. Thanks to daily use of this product of an eyelash find density and a healthy look.

Make-up examples

In the course of performance of a daily make-up of the woman develop individual technology of coloring of eyelashes: someone blinks, having substituted a brush to an upper eyelid; someone with effort moves it from roots to tips. Let's understand, what technicians of drawing exist and in what their advantages and shortcomings:

  • Putting ink zigzag movements (from below up). Such way helps to reach the maximum volume of eyelashes on all length. Enjoys special popularity at owners of short eyelashes. If your eyelashes have good length, you shouldn't make up them thus – it can turn out not really accurately because of excess of ink.
  • The next way – blinking. Will be suitable for lovers of a natural make-up. Eyelashes in this case become magnificent, divided and don't stick together.
  • Putting ink by means of a brush tip. Not too practical way. The matter is that on the end of a brush a large amount of ink usually accumulates. When coloring eyelashes thus they will stick together among themselves on 2-3 pieces. The effect of "tear-stained eyes" will be gained. If you don't want to achieve such effect, don't make up an eyelash with a brush tip.
  • Covering of eyelashes several layers of ink. Here the main thing – to know when to stop. Too densely made up eyelashes look roughly and slovenly. The best option - 2-3 layers. Apply the first layer on the top eyelashes, then - at once to the second, without allowing them to dry. Ink is odnosloyno applied on the lower eyelashes.

If in the course of performance of a make-up you incidentally smeared ink on a century or round an eye, accurately erase it by means of a wadded disk or a Q-tip.

When using the special device for a wave of eyelashes you remember that it is necessary to carry out a wave before putting ink, but in any way not after.

Rules of putting ink on eyelashes - in the following video.