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- that to wait for life after a laser epilation from procedure and from what to refrain?

… Hopes human are deceptive.

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How to get rid of excess hair forever – the most popular inquiry in searchers in anticipation of a beach season. Unfortunately, forever it is impossible to exterminate hair.

Even lasers which succeeded a barbarous electroepilation, aren't capable to realize dream of Eternal Smoothness.

However, everything is learned in comparison, and lasers not casually ahead of the planet only. Here only you won't call life smooth after a laser epilation …

Search of Sacred Graal epilations brought many to an office of laser therapy, but units remained are happy with result. The myth about "1 session, 100% of hair and forever" is exposed long ago. Didn't hear? Read further.

When hair drop out? 

"Through hair after a laser epilation how many drop out?", – those who expected to leave "bald" an office of laser therapy are surprised. The fact that hair drop out not at once, becomes unpleasant opening.

Let the laser promptly destroy reproductive system of a hair, but skin tears away the remains till 1-2 weeks. "Hemp" of the leaving hair will long pursue, and it is not the most terrible nightmare …

- that to wait for life after a laser epilation from procedure and from what to refrain?

Whether hair can not drop out? 

Not the fact that hair will leave skin in principle. If after a laser epilation hair didn't drop out, and continue to ear, explanations there are two. The first – "stare in disbelief" or "the false growth".

The hair processed by the laser actively are pushed out from a skin subsoil outside that creates growth illusion. You see above – within 1-2 weeks charred "hemp" will be sawn-off.

The second explanation why after a laser epilation hair grow, is nonprofessionalism of the master. Your money can depart to a pipe if the expert undertook to epilirovat a fair, gray or red hair which are indifferent to a laser beam. If you the brunette, and the laser too doesn't take you – change salon.

In it, perhaps, save on lamps, or excessively protect your skin – so that instead of smertoubiystvenny blow the follicle receives pleasant massage.

- that to wait for life after a laser epilation from procedure and from what to refrain?

When growth of hair is slowed down or will stop? 

Be ready to be spent significantly to wait for obvious and steady result. Why it is impossible to destroy all follicles at one stroke?

Because one of them are in a stage of growth (anagen), and others – in a phase of "dream" (telogen). The laser destroys only active follicles which in skin no more than 20-30% are one-stage.

"Sleeping" its siyatelny beam can't disturb. Intervals between sessions are necessary to wait for "woken up".

Removal of the greatest possible number of hair requires on average 4-12 procedures with an interval from 2 weeks to 1,5 months. In effect, it is possible to speak about the termination of growth of hair 1-2 years later. You are ready? And your purse?

How many hair after a laser epilation don't grow? 

"Are ready!", – will resolutely tell many, having mentally said goodbye to 1-2 salaries. Forever – costs the victims. Alas, "forever" in conversation about a laser epilation is for 3-5 years. If carries.

In skin under any conditions there are sleeping bulbs. When they to wake up, nobody knows. The stress, hormones, drugs – to sprout, follicles will find the reason.

How to look after skin after an epilation?

Actually, the correct care of skin after a laser epilation doesn't influence result, but of discomfort can relieve. And the discomfort will be – burning, hypostases, a giperemiya.

The "flaring" zones should be processed 2-3 days the calming aerosols or creams like Pantenol. In the first days it is possible to put cold dry compresses to the inflamed sites. What it is impossible to do, we will talk about it separately.

It is forbidden — that it is impossible to do after a laser epilation: about suntan, washing and shaving 

Life after a laser epilation is full of a ban. And let a ban – a measure temporary, their observance – a condition necessary. Negligence consequences to restrictions can be deplorable.

How many it is impossible to sunbathe after a laser epilation?  

In an ideal – all the time, lasts a course so far. At least – 2 weeks before and after a session. For this reason it is convenient to do an epilation in the fall or in the winter, but not in anticipation of a beach season.

After a laser epilation skin becomes too vulnerable. Contact with UF-radiation can become the reason of an inflammation, hyperpegmentation or even a burn. If it is inevitable, together with shorts "put on" cream with SPF 60-100.

Whether it is possible to wash after a laser epilation? 

Not to kill in general – in the first days. In the next two weeks – only a cool shower and neutral gel.

The procedures increasing sweating and body temperature (bathtubs, saunas, baths, gyms) are forbidden at this time. And the pool, but for other reason. Bleaching powder – not the best way to calm sensitive skin, the truth?

Whether it is possible to shave hair after a laser epilation? 

To shave – it is possible. Everything that doesn't irritate skin and doesn't injure follicles, in effect, it is allowed. Shaving meets these requirements. Tweezers, wax, sugar paste, depilyatsionny cream - No.

- that to wait for life after a laser epilation from procedure and from what to refrain?

- that to wait for life after a laser epilation from procedure and from what to refrain?

Unforeseen circumstances: consequences of a laser epilation

Burns, hems, pigmentary spots – in advertizing about it words. In reality – everything can be. Can bring professional mistakes of the cosmetologist or non-compliance with recommendations about leaving or preparation to unforeseen circumstances.

Practically all complications are removable timely taking measures.

  1. Burns after a lazernoyepilyation, unlike a giperemiya, this complication, but not a side effect. The burn – always wine of the master who didn't study or didn't consider a condition of skin, didn't read the instruction to the device or didn't pass adequate training. Therapy: depends on weight of a burn and it is carried out according to the existing standards.
  2. Pigmentary spots after a laser epilation usually speak about wine of the client who after all decided to sunbathe "a little" to or after procedure. Or I forgot to buy cream with SPF. Therapy: the bleaching cosmetics if within several weeks hyperpegmentation doesn't take place independently.
  3. The irritation, itch, spots, urticaria can indicate allergic reaction to the anesthetizing preparations or means of post-procedural leaving. Therapy: anti-histamines or glucocorticoids.
  4. Paradoxical gipertrihoz (strengthening of growth of hair) – rare, but from it not less possible complication. The possible reason – the low density of energy which didn't destroy a follicle, and has the stimulating effect. Therapy: adequate power of the laser.
  5. The inflammation of a hair follicle (follikulit) often accompanies people with the increased sweating (gipergidrozy) or abused water procedures in breaks between sessions. Therapy: in most cases it is possible to be limited to use of anti-inflammatory ointments.


Birthmarks and laser epilation: when the beauty doesn't cost the victims

Birthmark or, scientifically, nevus – not harmless piece. Any trauma can turn "highlight" into a deadly melanoma. The laser blow is a trauma. A nevus contains melanin and are for the laser the same target, as hair follicles.

As a result of attack of a laser beam the birthmark burns and damaged. To what it will lead, it is impossible to foresee, but risks of regeneration of a nevus in a malignant tumor repeatedly increase.

It is better not to risk and close all birthmarks in a processing zone special slips or to paint over a white pencil.

If after an epilation the birthmark started raising or changing in any other way, it is worth visiting a dermatoonkolog urgently. Having armed dermatoskopy, he will render to the sufferer a verdict.

By the way, don't panic, having found a scattering of "birthmarks" on skin. Newly arrived, most likely, pigmentary spots. The laser isn't the factor provoking emergence of a nevus.

And in general any woman has to nothing to anybody. Ideal smoothness everywhere and always – too. If the sin in the form of the grown hair doesn't torment your sense of guilt, leave vegetation alone. Let to itself grows. Doesn't ask money, and, on the contrary, saves.