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Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step

Not all in power every day to allow a lot of time under creation of a hairdress. But it doesn't mean that it is necessary to go in cycles in the same image. There is a set of easy and fast hairdresses which don't demand special knowledge and efforts. Convenience of similar options also that many adaptations and laying means aren't necessary. Today withajt%host of %will show what easy hairdresses for every day it is possible to make the hands.

 Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step


There is nothing better, than every day to change a hairdress. For this purpose women think out easy and fast options of laying all the time. One help to look elegantly, and others - create a kezhual-image.

Hairdress weaving and bunch

There is a lot of options of this hairdress. Therefore it is possible to experiment an arrangement of braids and bunches. Will depend on it as the person looks. Some variations will be to forgive him, and others - to show all positive sides. This type of a hairdress - is universal. Therefore will be suitable for all types and shapes of a face. Such laying can be done on average and long hair.

As supportive application for creation of a good bunch the special roller acts. If it isn't present, also the sock will approach - it is necessary to cut off forward part and to twist it. Owners of a dense head of hear can twirl hair without assistance.

  1. Creation of a hairdress begins with weaving of a braid. For this purpose it is necessary: to incline the head and to comb hair and it is necessary to do a plait from below to the middle of the head. It is better to choose the French weaving. So the braid will look more volume.
  2. On the top all hair need to be collected in a tail and to fix an elastic band.
  3. Further it is necessary to twirl ringlets in a bunch. It has to turn out magnificent and equal.
  4. That the hairdress looked tidily, it is necessary to avoid formation of "cockerels". For this purpose it is possible to use special mousses for smoothing of hair. Them it is required a little. As the image daily also has to be the most natural.

 Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step

Hairdress the French braid with a flowing hair

It is more romantic type of laying. It can be used both in everyday life, and for appointment. Big plus of this hairdress that on its creation a lot of time isn't necessary though appearance and indicates the opposite. To add to laying of volume, once the lock tightens up. It have to be easy ringlets.

Further we take such steps:

  1. We set hair in a lateral hair parting.
  2. We begin weaving of the French braid with the most part of a hair parting.
  3. After two-three captures of locks it is necessary to pass to usual weaving.
  4. From the opposite side of a hair parting it is necessary to separate a small lock.
  5. This free ringlet and braid is bound on a nape and hide "ends" the friend under the friend. So, the braid is enclosed under a lock, and it, in turn, under a braid.
  6. Each of locks should be fixed the invisible being.

That the hairdress kept more long, it is possible to fix it a varnish. But it shouldn't be much that the effect of "bound together" hair wasn't created.

 Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step

Hairdress in Bokho-shik style

Style bokho-chic appeared in the late nineties, but it is actual and now. Especially in a hairdress. The simple and bewitching an eye laying - that will dilute daily routine.

Silicone elastic bands will be necessary for this hairdress.

  1. It is necessary to begin laying creation with a hair parting. It has to be direct. In front from both parties it is necessary to leave a few hair. Approximately on 5-7 centimeters.
  2. After a space from both parties it is necessary to weave on a small braid and to fix silicone colourless elastic bands.
  3. Then also the space in 1-2 centimeters becomes and two more plaits are done. These weaving have to be symmetric from both parties.
  4. Further braids should be connected on a nape.

Locks which remained free with a forehead, too join braids. Ringlets are crossed and fastened with a hairpin.

 Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step

Hairdress in style of the princess

Princesses from Disney's animated films have the classical hairdress. And it is absolutely simple to realize it. To feel the princess hairpins on which all design will keep will be necessary.

It is necessary to begin with a podkruchivaniye of ringlets. It will make hair more volume and will give the necessary form to a hairdress. If hair very thin, it is possible to apply powder to volume. This means will help to set an unruly hair.

Further algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. At temples it is necessary to separate some thin ringlets.
  2. They should be connected in a small knot.
  3. The received knot needs to be fixed hairpins. They have to be thrust precisely in a texture of two locks - a cross on a cross.
  4. It is necessary "to tie" with the remained length of locks hair. Thus the tail which was braided thin locks will turn out.
  5. So it is necessary to do till the end.

If length of ringlets isn't enough for three-four turns, it is possible to hide accurately the ends behind and to fasten with a transparent elastic band. To continue weaving, it is necessary to take new locks.

The last knot should be fastened to other hair.

To make a hairdress of more magnificent, it is possible to pull for locks. The easy covering a varnish will increase firmness of a hairdress.

Easy hairdresses for every day the hands: photo step by step

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