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The clarifying masks for hair in house conditions: effective recipes

Many girls would like to change the hair color without prejudice to their beauty and health. Of course, without resorting to chemical means and the clarifying paints cardinally to clarify hair it won't turn out. But nevertheless to achieve easy natural clarification by perhaps natural means.

Today the % site %host as it is possible to prepare and apply the clarifying masks to hair in house conditions. We will consider the most effective and simple recipes.

Natural components contain the special substances influencing pigments in a hair. Usually these substances are various acids oxidizing pigments in a hair core, in a consequence of that hair start losing the color. They don't destroy structure of hair, and on the contrary look after them.

Also hair become susceptible to sunshine from which burn out and brighten in the natural way.  If it is impossible to achieve desirable clarification of hair all the same from application of masks a positive effect. Hair become soft, brilliant, well grow and in general look more beautiful.

It is worth understanding at once that from one application of the clarifying mask the hair color remains almost invariable. For receiving result it is necessary to do regularly a mask for several months. Many girls note excellent result after half a year of application of masks with an interval once a week or two. Clarification of hair natural means demands patience. However the result also depends on structure and a condition of hair, many girls note obvious clarification after one drawing a mask. If you are ready on it, we offer excellent recipes of the clarifying masks.

So, natural means which can clarify hair:

  • Natural honey. He contains the acids and enzymes helping to change a hair color, also excellently looks after them.
  • Cinnamon powder. Fragrant spice contains cinnamon aldehyde which possesses the easy clarifying action.
  • Juice of a lemon and its essential oil. Lemon juice contains a lot of acid under the influence of which locks of hair are considerably clarified and quickly burn out under sunshine.
  • Roots and greens of parsley possess the soft clarifying action.
  • Bearberry. Strong broth of a bearberry allows to clarify a few hair, the plant contains the substances which are washing away a pigment.
  • It is impossible to clarify hair a camomile, unfortunately. The camomile gives to hair a golden-yellow shade, looks after hair, but doesn't possess the clarifying property.

The clarifying masks for hair: recipes

In house conditions it is very simple to prepare masks which will not only clarify hair, but also to look after them.

Cinnamon and honey for clarification of hair

  • Fresh powder of cinnamon — 4 tablespoons;
  • Liquid natural honey — 80 grams. The quantity depends on length and density of hair;
  • Hair conditioner — 2 tablespoons;

If honey firm we kindle it on a water bath or in a microwave. Strongly it is impossible to heat it. We add 4 tablespoons of cinnamon to warm honey, well we stir. We add any hair conditioner to mix and again we mix to homogeneous mass.

The clarifying masks for hair in house conditions: effective recipes

To wash up hair shampoo, to dry up to slightly damp state. The mask is applied with evenly dense layer on roots, separating a lock and coating it with a mask, further is distributed on all to length of hair. Head skin doesn't need to be affected since the mask can cause a burning sensation. After the clarifying mask is applied on all hair to wrap hair in a film or to put on a plastic hat. From above to warm a thick towel or a warm cap. To hold a mask 4 hours. Then to wash away warm water with shampoo use, to dry up hair and to estimate result.

The clarifying masks for hair in house conditions: effective recipes

The video recipe of the clarifying mask for hair

To clarify hair a lemon

  • Lemon juice — 200 ml (which can be squeezed out of 2-3 lemons);
  • Essential oil of a lemon;
  • Water or broth of roots and greens of parsley, or a bearberry — 100 ml;

To wring out lemons, to filter to receive pure and fresh lemon juice. To part with water or broth of parsley in a proportion 2 to 1 since lemon juice has to be twice more. To add 10 drops of essential oil of a lemon. To pour in a spray, before application it is good to shake up. To apply on hair every day, before washing of hair, and also before an exit to the sun.

The clarifying masks for hair in house conditions: effective recipes

You already tried to do the clarifying masks for an ox in house conditions? What reached results? Share in comments!