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Make-up for brown eyes with the hung century: step-by-step photo

The hung eyelids – very widespread female feature, and a make-up of brown eyes in general is considered classics of a genre. But in practice many girls continue to make the same mistakes, without masking, and emphasizing shortcomings, choosing incorrect equipment and improper shades of shadows. Today the site %host of % will show as correctly to carry out a make-up for brown eyes with hung an eyelid. We will understand how to make a look open and bewitching – and at any age!

General rules of a make-up

To master the correct equipment of a make-up of eyes absolutely simply. For a start remember and apply five basic rules of professional makeup artists.

  1. It is possible to put shadows ONLY after drawing a basis! Any shadows can be hammered into folds of skin of eyelids and under eyes, emphasizing wrinkles. The first step of a make-up is a basis, the masking means or foundation which are applied on skin under eyes and on an upper eyelid.
    Council: If you don't use foundation, at least powder a face and eyelids before a make-up of eyes. Shadows emphasize rough tone and imperfections of face skin therefore easy toning is necessary.
  2. Or vrazlt well-groomed eyebrows of an accurate form with the raised arches visually "will raise" heavy eyelids. Therefore the second rule – watch a shape of eyebrows! Brown eyes allow more dark shades of a pencil for eyebrows, but it is better not to do coal-black eyebrows: they look unnaturally, do a face more rough and are more senior.
  3. Eyelashes have to be dense to counterbalance the hanging eyelid. But too long and bent eyelashes don't suit you, they accent a look on heavy centuries. Choose ink with effect of volume, thus it is necessary to apply it only on the top eyelashes, lower it is left natural.
    Council: For an evening make-up it is possible to use false eyelashes, but not continuous, and bunches and only at an external corner of an eye. It will give to eyes the extended almond-shaped form, the look will be attracting.
  4. 90% of shadows in your cosmetics bag have to be opaque and only 10% - nacreous, sateen or with spangles. Gloss is added by the volume which at the hung century needs to be masked. Shadows with effect of shine can be applied pointwise, on the middle of a mobile eyelid or under nadbrovny arches.
  5. For any palette of shadows at the hung century the rule – from light to dark works. The lightest shades in an internal corner of an eye, are closer to a nose and under an eyebrow. The most dark – on an external corner of an eye, are closer to a temple and on the line of eyelashes.
    Council: Accurate shooters of a liquid eyeliner or sharp pencil lines at the hung centuries are unacceptable. They don't allow to disguise a fold of an eyelid and to create a new form, and only emphasize shortcomings. It is better to avoid these receptions, especially in an age make-up of eyes.
  6. The rule "lips or eyes" remains actual. And as we do correction of a shape of eyes at which not to do without tsvetoperekhod and dark accents, lipstick has to be the most natural: pink-beige, peach, honey or neutral.

The cap fits!

Brown-eyeds look brightly at any age, but over the years skin round eyes loses elasticity, features are softened therefore also the palette of shadows has to leave towards pastel shades. Big plus of brown eyes – opportunity to use more rich colors of shadows, without doing a make-up vulgar and shouting.

Palette of shadows for the brown-eyed beauty

For a day make-up use all range of brown shadows – light bezh, coffee with milk, gray-brown, a shade of a faded rose, golden you apply on a mobile eyelid, and saturated coffee, chocolate, color of oak bark, color of cinnamon and other dark shades – on a fold and an external corner for correction of a form.

The make-up and green shadows which so suit brown-eyeds are admissible in day option. But they should be combined with gray or beige shades as light green color gives a sickly look. Green shades at light skin are also absolutely excluded. And here skin of olive or warm honey tone quite is in harmony with a "rusalochy" look.

Lilac, lavandovy, plum and other shades of violet color perfectly emphasize both dark-brown, and nut, and amber color of a raduzhka. But it is already evening make-up, pertinent in the meeting situation and at a suitable dress. The same belongs and to saturated blue and dark gray shadows – a beautiful make-up under an evening dress and ridiculous with jeans and a t-shirt.

It to you not all right!

The girl with brown eyes, don't use the following shades in an intensive make-up of eyes:

  • light blue,
  • bright white,
  • "deaf" dark gray,
  • black,
  • light pink,
  • the orange.

These colors are artful and can give to the face a sickly look. However as accent all of them are admissible – for example, black color in a saturated make-up carries out a ciliary contour and emphasizes an external corner. In the necessary proportion

Make-up for brown eyes with the hung century: photo step by step

We will consider stage-by-stage technology of drawing shadows at the hung century.

  1. Having prepared skin for a make-up, we put with a soft pencil of brown or gray color the line along the top eyelashes, having raised its tip to a temple. It is possible to use shadows and a thin brush.
  2. With light shadows it is covered all mobile eyelid.
  3. By dark shade it is done the With-shaped line (or a loop), thus the upper bound of color is located above a fold of an eyelid. We shade up, giving the form.
  4. We smooth transition between dark and light shades of shadows in the average color.
  5. We bring a lower eyelid the narrow line of dark shadows from the middle to top "With" or loops.
  6. We finish a make-up, having made up eyelashes and eyebrows by the rules stated above.
Council: It is necessary to put shadows at open eyes, differently you receive not so that result on which counted.

Make-up for brown eyes with the hung century: step-by-step photo

Video "Beautiful Make-up for Brown Eyes (the Hung Eyelid)"

Now you know how to make a faultless make-up of brown eyes at the hung century. Try, work equipment, receptions and different combinations of shades and your image always there will be perfect, and a look – irresistible!

What secrets of a make-up for brown eyes with hung an eyelid are known by you? Share in comments!